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Tell me my chances for Harvard, actual students


Replies to: Tell me my chances for Harvard, actual students

  • ronlivsronlivs 371 replies49 threads Member
    nah, i don't think he's fake. His stats/ECs arent THAT ridiculous, although they are fantastic. JSA is a national high school organization (Junior Statesment of America) and there are state/national positions kids can campaign for. To be a governor is quite a leadership position, since you're overseeing all the chapters in the state. I don't know about the nader rec...maybe he has connections. But those are his only and main ECs, which is reasonable since they take up ALOT of time. In my opinion, you're extremely qualified for Harvard
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  • E1leenyE1leeny 6 replies2 threads New Member
    good job! ur stats really motivate me!!

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  • magicmagic 80 replies15 threads Junior Member
    ron's right.

    i go to something similar to JSA. the state elections are huge and really emotional. the losers and winner cry. it's really competitive. campaigning, getting people to like you, it's rough. then the responsibility
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  • UserNizzleUserNizzle 173 replies11 threads Junior Member
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  • Harvard WannabeeHarvard Wannabee 17 replies3 threads New Member
    noooo....i didn't lie.
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  • lamgeolamgeo 26 replies3 threads New Member
    You are not going anywhere if you keep visiting CC instead of
    hitting the books.
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  • Hyper2400Hyper2400 673 replies97 threads Member
    You are extremely qualified in academics and test scores...but these days admissions are pretty much a crapshoot (Harvard Undergrads I know describe it that way)...but I think you have a great chance

    Best of luck :)
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  • zephyr151zephyr151 1604 replies55 threads Senior Member
    magic, what is this thing "similar to JSA"? I'm curious.

    Don't diss JSA, anyone!
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  • LegendoftheWarriorLegendoftheWarrior 338 replies33 threads Member
    zephyr151: Maybe magic is talking about his state's Association of Student Council. I am involved with my own state's Association of Student Council, and the elections are REALLY INTENSE.

    Am I close, magic? Or no?
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