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PSP essay

LakeCloudsLakeClouds 530 replies54 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 584 Member
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The prompt is "statement of purpose indicating why you are a deserving recipient of the award."

How have people addressed this in the past? It's an odd prompt and overlaps with the main essay on the app.
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Replies to: PSP essay

  • murph365murph365 6 replies4 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 10 New Member
    I'd also like to know this. Also, do they look at our Harvey Mudd applications when deciding, or do they just look at our PSP app?
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  • musisatmusisat 415 replies12 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 427 Member
    I applied for this scholarship but didn't get it, but still I think you should remember that this scholarship is mostly for people who might be underrepresented at Harvey Mudd, like minorities, women, and first-generation college students. Try to write about why this scholarship would give you a chance that you might not otherwise get.
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  • kamzarrokamzarro 105 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
    @murph365 I emailed the admissions office and they said they look at the complete Common App/supplement (essays, grades, test scores etc.). Hope that helps!
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  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo 4880 replies386 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,266 Senior Member
    My son won a PSP scholarship. Golly, let me think about his essay. I am guessing he talked about leadership. He is a natural leader and he probably wrote about his love of working with others and his natural abilities that led to being a leader in various areas including music, athletics, chess, church, and academic competitions. I believe Mudd PSPers demonstrate leadership and that Mudd appreciates that.

    HTH a little.
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  • 1925Ronan1925Ronan 18 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 21 New Member
    sbjdorlo -- so your son won one of the Harvey Mudd PSP (full ride) scholarships in late April and turned it down to attend MIT?

    Must have had a FABULOUS weekend at PREFOSH in Boston!

    Just curious how you explained that to the Harvey Mudd Scholarship committee?

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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 36,935 Senior Member
    People turn down scholarships all the time to attend other schools for various reasons. I assume no explanation was required... I would not be surprised if every year they lose a few students that they award PSPs to. Those typically are going to be the most coveted students.
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  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo 4880 replies386 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,266 Senior Member

    Actually, my son didn't attend CPW. He was at Princeton's admitted student's weekend! Fortunately, he'd been to MIT for their WISE program in the fall. :-)

    Actually, his admissions officer was very gracious when my son finally emailed them and let them know he'd chosen MIT. The officer said he understood and that he had a cousin who graduated from MIT and loved it. Harvey Mudd admissions has class, for sure. It was a very close second on my son's list.

    I don't think there was a scholarship committee other than the admissions folks we met at the finalist weekend.

    Thing is, the scholarship actually complicated things in terms of finances, believe it or not. It's too hard to explain but it had to do with the fact that we qualify for a Cal Grant A and the fact that my son has a yearly NM scholarship.

    I am sure they chose another PSP winner besides my son. He was offered a full ride special scholarship at another school and I know that they were able to offer it to another student, so I am sure the PSP was awarded to someone else.

    PS. PSP isn't full ride; it's full tuition and at Mudd, the cost of room and board is *a lot*.
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