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Harvey Mudd CompSci Majors are 55% Female


Replies to: Harvey Mudd CompSci Majors are 55% Female

  • insanedreamerinsanedreamer 1533 replies3 threads Senior Member
    This thread appears to have opened up a can of worms ...
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  • CaliDad2020CaliDad2020 1011 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Such an interesting series of responses from @Coloradomama

    I always thought it odd that until about 1985, CS was very gender balanced. Then the % of female participation seemed to fall off a cliff. I always thought that was interesting.

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  • CourtneyThurstonCourtneyThurston 1376 replies14 threads Senior Member
    "I think the thing about the male students is that they tended to dominate the classroom discussions, often with arcane questions that were often more to show off their "chops" than actually advance the topic the class was covering."

    This x5000000
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  • SkepticalOfMostSkepticalOfMost 128 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2017
    ^ Which brings to mind a fair % of the 'Chance Me' posts here on CC...the showing off, that is.

    edited January 2017
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  • profpapaprofpapa 10 replies0 threads New Member
    I wonder whether Coloradomama has substantial data on how many HMC female CS graduates were rejected by PhD programs at the mentioned universities. Also, how many percents of female CS graduates from other places (USC, MIT, UC Berkeley, CMU, etc.) were similarly rejected. And getting a few rejection doesn't mean that the graduate didn't finally end up being accepted to one of those places. There have been more women in CS at HMC, but the total number is still very small. So not having seen them dominating the industry is trivial, but that doesn't mean that they don't get a good job. It's easy to generalize things from a personal perception. But I doubt that an outsider really has substantial information about what majority of HMC female CS graduates are doing and has it objectively analysed.
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    My kid is physics with a CS concentration within the physics major. She has been accepted to six PhD programs so far out of the 11 grad school programs she applied to (no word yet from the other 5, and as far as is evident online, at least 4 of those have not sent out their first wave of acceptances yet). That poster has no clue. My kid does not have a great GPA, but has very good test scores, great research experience, and strong rec letters. Mudd is well known in academic circles and in tech hiring.
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