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Is this a good schedule for junior year of HS?

warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
edited February 2011 in High School Life
Since so many people are freaking out in my HS about junior year coming up, it's making me freak out too. Can you guys look at my schedule and give me some feedback?
Well here it is:

Honors French IV
US History I-II
Honors Anatomy and Physiology
Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
Art 1
Honors Physics
English 11

I'm not sure if I should take out Art 1 and replace it with AP Chemistry or not. I heard that AP chemistry is really hard and I'm afraid that I will spend A LOT of time doing that while I have other classes to take care of. Do you think that this is a fair/good schedule?

I need to take some art class to graduate anyways so should i do it senior year or next year?
edited February 2011
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Replies to: Is this a good schedule for junior year of HS?

  • thenerdyjewthenerdyjew 372 replies51 threads Member
    not even 1 AP class?
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  • bookworm522bookworm522 454 replies18 threads Member
    Well, for alot of colleges they want to see that you have chemistry, though yes, you do need the art, its a matter of what year to take what. I personally took chemisty HP sohomore year, but its too late for you to do that. That brings me to another thing, does your school offer HP Chemistry (honors level chem)? You still get the grade bump and its ALOT easier than AP, I heard from my friends that took AP Chem that it was a nightmare, really smart people i know ended up getting 1's on the AP. However, while my school pumps out GREAT AP english scores, i heard that our AP Chem teacher isn't that good so maybe you would have better luck. Ultimately, i think you should take Chemistry, either this year or next, and try to take HP Chem if you can. Also, regular Chem is better than no chem so don't be afraid to not take it as an AP.
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member

    Okay, but what's really the difference between AP Chem and Honors Chem? Because I haven't heard anyone say that they are taking honors chem (not trying to say its bad).

    I was also planning on taking apush but I got experience from apeuro right now and the amount of time I'm spending -.- guess history is too hard for me
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  • bookworm522bookworm522 454 replies18 threads Member
    There's a big difference, its alot easier and well, there isn't an AP test. If your trying to get more college credits then go for the AP and try not to die.

    and i took APUSH, it was ALOT harder than Euro and yet.. i got a better grade and a 4 on the AP even though i forgot to guess on any and expected a 2 XD i had a really good teacher, and I participated in debates and things. History is definetly not my strong suite, but ever since AP Euro i felt like i might as well continue on it which is why i took APUSH and im now in AP Gov (which, at my school anyways is eeee-zayyy i have a 100.98% =P)

    if it helps, this was my Junior year schedule:
    AP English 3 (got a 5 on the AP)
    Creative Writing
    APUSH (4 on the AP)
    AP Environmental Science (4 on the AP)
    Spanish 4

    and if your wondering, Senior year:
    AP Biology
    Film as Literature
    AP English 4
    AP Government
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
    Okay so I guess I am stuck with this. It's so hard to make decisions when it comes to this b/c now my friend told me that honors physics and I should take the regular one and I see everyone taking ap classes which makes me want to but I'm scared I'll do very bad.

    I just don't want to regret and drop a class in the end, because my school's classes are all packed and they say if anyone drops a class they will TA for the entire year....
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  • CPUscientist3000CPUscientist3000 5346 replies104 threads Senior Member
    the difference between honors and AP is also the pace.
    im in ap us history now and we are on chapter 29 while level 1 (theres no honors, but this is right under it) is on ch 10

    if this will help, this is mu jr year schedule (currently taking)

    honors physics
    AP calc ab
    AP us history
    AP statistics
    english 11 H
    latin unleveled.
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  • BazzleBazzle 97 replies9 threads Junior Member
    This is my current Junior Year schedule:
    AP Bio
    AP Lang
    Spanish 4H
    AP Psych
    AP US
    Pre Calc

    So obviously, I would go with at least taking 1 AP. I'm either doing it because I have interest in the class, or because I don;t want to take the class in college. Also, your guidance counselor has to check off a box about how rigorous your schedule was, and I want him to check "most rigorous".
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  • CPUscientist3000CPUscientist3000 5346 replies104 threads Senior Member
    i agree^^ it sucks now, but you'll be happy when you get into your favorite college.
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
    Okay, I guess I need to take an AP class all I have in mind is ap bio or ap environmental science and replace with art 1.

    I'm still thinking about regular physics or honors..
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  • porkpersonporkperson 1948 replies123 threads Senior Member
    An AP class is imperative.
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  • FrancaisalamattFrancaisalamatt 1818 replies21 threads Senior Member
    No...AP classes are for kids who want to get ahead in a subject. So, they're actually totally optional.
    If you try to counter with "But I want to go to a top college!" Those top colleges are for kids who want to get ahead. If you're too lazy to get ahead, you don't belong in a top college.

    EDIT: Not saying the OP is too lazy (AP Chem IS a nightmare, I've heard), and you shouldn't take an AP just to take an AP. Just choose one you think you'd enjoy.
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