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5 AP Classes senior year?

doublerainbow99doublerainbow99 Registered User Posts: 189 Junior Member
edited May 2011 in High School Life
YIKES. So I've currently forecasted 4 AP classes for next year (AB Calculus, lit, french, and bio). But I'm thinking about adding euro history to that mix as well.

I really just want to take advantage of getting college credit, and possibly skipping a average year of freshman courses.

Would this be too overbearing? I only had one AP class this year (APUSH), and it overwhelmed me like no other, but only because I was in marching band, and symphony that had after school rehearsals for about 3 hours, and had saturday rehearsals as well.
I am planning on discontinuing band, and these would be my remaining ec (not set in stone):
President of Rotary Club
National Honor Society/French National honor society
Hospital Volunteer (one weekday, 3-4 hours)
Hospice Volunteer (one weekday, 2 hours)
Preparing for college + Scholarship app/essays

Would this be too much? I currently have a 3.98 GPA, and my english teacher really recommends me to American Lit, which I heard was pretty much death.

You can stop reading here, but I have calculated credits earned at a potential college:
Bio-earn 12 credits if I get a 4 (3 classes worth of credit)
Literature- earn 10 credits if I get a 5 (2 classes worth of credit)
Calculus AB- earn 5 credits if I get a 3 (1 class worth of credit)
French- 5 credits if I get a 3 (1 elective credit)
Euro- 10 credits earned if I get a 5 (2 classes worth of credit)

So as you can see, I'd be saving big bucks if I did pretty well on them. I am interested in the Occupational Therapy field, so if I was to drop an AP class, which should it be?
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Replies to: 5 AP Classes senior year?

  • chestercheesechestercheese Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    I did 5 senior year with track 2 hours after school every day. There is not enough time in the day for all this so u will have to sacrifice lots of social life on weekends and possibly a high gpa. Good luck
  • AUGirlAUGirl Registered User Posts: 2,890 Senior Member
    I did four this year (Euro, French, English Lit, and Stats) plus I did two band courses. I would suggest not quitting band (at least not symphony). When most people quit band, they end up missing it a lot.

    You can do it. You just have to be organized. Though I must say that AP French was hell on earth this year and Euro was my second hardest class.
  • doublerainbow99doublerainbow99 Registered User Posts: 189 Junior Member
    Well marching band is a package deal, unless you want to join a sport, which I don't have. It costs 600 dollars to be in that band, and I have to pay like 50 dollars for reeds. Also, I'm just not committed to doing it, and having all these after school rehearsals, and then have to go right home to study until 12 at night.
  • pjLloyd100pjLloyd100 Registered User Posts: 182 Junior Member
    I'm graduating next month and I took 6 AP Classes this year. Honestly, only take classes that will matter to your degree, major, or graduation requirement. For example, European History? Why the heck do you need that. I was the same way as a junior. I thought it would be a great idea to take random APs just for the sake of taking APs. Now I realize that I didn't really need most of them. If all of those classes will matter to you in college, go for it. If it doesn't matter, don't.
  • iluvpianoiluvpiano Registered User Posts: 2,033 Senior Member
    I'm a senior and will be graduating in 11 days! I took 5 AP classes this year, with 4 being at school and 1 as independent study/self-study for the AP exam. This past week sucked because all 5 AP exams were in the same week. I took AP Calculus AB, AP English Lit, AP European History, and AP Spanish at school, plus AP Psychology on my own. I think I got a 4 or 5 on each exam, except maybe Spanish because I felt my teacher did a horrible job preparing us and I didn't have time to teach myself outside of class after everything else.

    I also have piano- I am going to college as a music major, so I had college auditions this year and was gone from class. It is difficult to do 5 AP plus things outside of school, but just know that you will have to give up some social time and give up sleeping in til noon on weekends. It just wouldn't have worked without that. If that sounds good to you, then go for it. I had about the same GPA as you mention before this year, and my cumulative GPA will be less than it was, but not terribly bad- went from 3.94 and will graduate with 3.9 (unweighted).
  • hobbithillhobbithill Registered User Posts: 983 Member
    count bio as 2 APs. That's how much time it takes up >.>
  • doublerainbow99doublerainbow99 Registered User Posts: 189 Junior Member
    For those of you who took more than 4 APS, how did you manage your time? Were you stressed all the time? Did you have tests every week but in different classes? Did it affect your academic progress (fall behind in a class b/c of a huge test in bio, etc...)?
  • Lauren229Lauren229 Registered User Posts: 332 Member
    I only took 3 APs senior year, still got out of school earlier than the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen and had a nice amount of free time to see my friends and have a fantastic social life. Additionally, all of my other classes (except for the required gym) were honors courses. I would have taken AP Gov't as well or in place of a different class, except it wasn't offered until the year after I graduated. So, I would assume 5 would be manageable.
  • iluvpianoiluvpiano Registered User Posts: 2,033 Senior Member
    I had 4 APs at school, and one as independent study. At school- AP Calculus AB, AP English Lit, AP Euro, & AP Spanish Language. On my own- AP Psych. For non-AP classes at school, I had Physics and Theology (Catholic high school).

    What non-AP classes do you have on top of that? if you have several other classes, that would affect your ability to do 5 APs. Try to limit other classes so you can really focus on the AP stuff. Will you have a study hall? That was something my parents required me to have- leave one period free, I couldn't add another class, that was the condition for taking the 4 AP at school plus 1 on my own.

    Ok, so you're considering AP Calc AB also, English Lit, French, Bio, & Euro. I can help with some of those. AP Calc: If you're good at math, don't worry about it. I think I'll have a 4 for sure but somewhat likely a 5 on the AP test, and I didn't really work that hard in the class. Math is easy to me anyways, as in I hardly ever have studied for math tests in my entire life, like I maybe study 1 hour for a semester final, so I had to do a little more in AP but not all that much. If you're not good at math, plan on struggling in it, as I know people who got Bs in previous math courses and then had difficulty in AP, but I have always had As in math, and again have an A in AP Calc, but with slightly more effort than my previous non-AP math courses. AP English Lit: I'm not exactly good at analyzing literature that I find boring, but I definitely got better at it. We had lots of papers (like 1 each week) plus practice FRQs and tests. There wasn't a lot of homework, except for papers, but that would depend on your teacher. AP Euro- that was my most difficult class by far, but also the most interesting. We happen to have gotten stuck with the toughest possible teacher for this class in entire school (and anyone you talk to at my school would say that, guaranteed!- I'm not exaggerating here!); however tough, he's an excellent teacher, very few questions he didn't know the answer to about history. So, here it can be a difficult course, but I've heard at some other schools, it may not be any worse than APUSH. He told us at the beginning of the year to take our APUSH class grade and knock it down a full letter grade, as no one at my school has ever gotten an A in AP Euro, and that is not just kids talking- the teacher said it and he has taught that course the entire time my school has existed. So this course can be ok, or it can be horrible. AP French- I haven't taken it, so idk, but at my school, that class is a joke, but I don't know about your school. AP Bio- again, differences between schools, and I haven't taken it. I've heard it's a lot of homework, but not necessarily difficult to understand- just a lot of busy work, and people have 2-3 hours every night at my school and the people in it are constantly studying at lunch everyday before their daily quizzes. That class practically consumes their lives because of the amount of work, from who I've talked to, and my sister is taking it next year. I wouldn't take it because I hate bio, but people who are interested in it do fine in it. My friend who loves it got a 5 on the AP test last year, and that will be my sister next year I'm sure.

    I definitely see your point about getting the college credit because that's one of the main reasons why I took the classes I did. Although someone here said to only take APs that relate to your college major, I disagree with that. If you go to a college with lots of gen ed requirements and you took APs that you passed the exam for, you're gonna be glad you took those APs. I should have 1 year done of college credits if I passed all my AP tests this year and then add that to the AP credits I have from sophomore and junior years. None of those have anything to do with my primary major, which will be piano performance (although I'm probably gonna do a double degree with History as the second major, so AP Euro will help for that).

    I had the same thing junior year- 1 AP, and then went to 5. It's do-able, but it does take work. Give up a lot of social time and sleeping in on weekends to do homework, if you want to keep good grades, etc.

    Also, the one AP I had junior year was APUSH, just like you. I had that plus 3 honors courses and 6 other courses, total of 10 courses junior year. I dropped band and jazz band senior year for AP classes, partly because AP classes are gonna get me college credit, and because our music program at school sucks. I just do all my music stuff outside of school to get ready for auditions as a music major. Hope you did well on the APUSH exam!

    As far as how APUSH overwhelmed you, even with that being the only AP you took, I think APUSH has more work than some AP classes. APUSH, at least for me, had more homework than AP Calc, AP English, and AP Spanish definitely. AP Euro was more difficult (but that's partly just my school, really tough teacher, people fear taking the class, which is why there's only 3 people in it total whereas most other classes are 15-20 people per section of the class). APUSH had daily homework, whereas Euro didn't for me, but it had more studying when it came to tests and longer papers (I wrote research papers up to 30 pages).

    As far as if you had to drop one AP: I don't know which one to say, don't know which one would be least important to your intended college major, sorry.

    You have a fine GPA to start with. Just know that it probably will go down a little. For me, junior year 1st semester unweighted GPA I got a 4.0 and 4.11 2nd semester, and this year, 1st semester I got a 3.723, and this semester, all the grades aren't done yet, but I'm predicting a 3.833, with a final cumulative GPA around a 3.9 unweighted, so it didn't do that much damage for those classes plus being gone for piano auditions.

    "How did you manage your time?" Come home, practice piano, homework, go to sleep=life everyday. Weekends= get up, homework, piano, more homework, sleep (plus piano competitions for me and auditions in which I was gone). Set out a schedule and don't procrastinate. If your teachers give you a list of assignments weeks ahead of time, consider that a gift and plan out your time, listing out each week and what you need to get done each day and weekend. Then I had to deal with AP Psych self study. I had worked on that the previous summer, so I didn't do that during the year except for Christmas, Easter, and Spring Breaks review stuff.

    "Were you stressed all the time?" I deal with stress well, probably better than the average person, because I just say like "well, I gotta do all this crap, might as well get it done instead of complain, freak out, and stress out about it"- the freak out thing would be my sister! I'm tired and everything, but I've made it through, and on Thursday after my last final, I'm coming home and sleeping, because I need to. I've been up til midnight almost every night this semester. 2nd semester was by far worse than 1st semester, probably just because of AP test prep in addition to normal homework.

    "Did you have tests every week?" I think I did. Some classes more than others. AP Calc, we had quizzes 4-5 days a week, plus tests every 2-3 weeks, and take-home AP quizzes that we submitted online. AP English- only 4 tests the whole year because the focus was on polished writing assignments about literature and analysis stuff. AP Euro- only 2 tests a quarter (4 a semester), so that and 1 paper a quarter was all that was in your grade, which made those tests pretty important. AP Spanish- random tests and quizzes, really unorganized teacher. So yeah, I had something every week. Plus Physics and Theology, but those were easy.

    "Did it affect your academic progress?" Did one class affect my progress in another? Sometimes I had to focus on one, like when I had an AP Euro test I tried to do minimal work on everything else. Other than that, not really cause I still got As in everything except AP Euro (since no one does, all you can hope for at my school is a B).

    Yep, that was long, but I think I answered all your questions, the best that I can anyways for now.
  • iluvpianoiluvpiano Registered User Posts: 2,033 Senior Member
    Some other advice: Christmas Break, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Easter Break, etc. = review AP stuff, because it will help you not freak out too much during AP exam week, especially if your AP exams end up being everyday. That's what I had- 5 this last week, 1 every day.
  • doublerainbow99doublerainbow99 Registered User Posts: 189 Junior Member
    Thanks iluvpiano!
    If i were planning on taking all the AP classes (and if it fit into my schedule) it would look like this:
    AP Calc AB
    AP Bio
    AP Euro
    AP Lit
    AP French
    Peer Mentoring (going over to elementary school to tutor kids-counts as volunteer hrs as well)
    Global Lit (possibly because it may get cut b/c of budget, it's a class that focuses on helping humanity and doing charity work), if that doesn't work out, I might take a release, or aerobics or something.

    We're having 49 minute everyday classes next year, b/c of budget (we're on every other day 1 hr 30 minute classes currently), so if I took a free period, I'd probably just go to the school library to study.

    Next year I am planning on creating schedules for everyday like from 3-4: study for bio, etc...
  • howiegrangehowiegrange Registered User Posts: 200 Junior Member
    It's fine. I know a guy who did 5 aps junior year and he did fine on all of them. Just manage your time wisely.
  • FallenAngel9FallenAngel9 Registered User Posts: 2,429 Senior Member
    Honestly, Euro shouldn't add too much extra time. If you are already planning on Bio and Calc (the two most time-consuming out of your list) then I would go ahead and throw Euro in there too.

    I took six APs this year (Lit, German, Stat, US History, Physics C, and Psych) and with the exception of Physics C this year was really not too difficult in terms of workload.

    Speaking of which, I am currently typing this post in order to procrastinate on the four physics labs and packet due Tuesday and the AP exam tomorrow that I haven't started preparing for. Should probably get back to that.
  • raza68raza68 Registered User Posts: 785 Member
    I am in the same situation... I will be taking AP Lit, AP Psychology, AP stats, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C and maybe AP Chem... plus I will be a president of a club and part of 2-3 other clubs.. not to mention applying to colleges.. It is gonna be a fun year.....
  • GoodbyehelloGoodbyehello Registered User Posts: 1,065 Junior Member
    It all depends on how hard you are willing to work. I've taken 6 AP courses, Marching Band, participated in numerous clubs...

    So, ya in the end it depends on how diligent you will be.
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