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Respect nerds only!?

flower161flower161 Registered User Posts: 532 Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
Yeah well this is kinda of a rant/ question thread cuz I was reading one of the threads about how nerds are treated in school and while my school is very competitive (anything less than an A is a bad grade), there is a group of nerds that include the gifted kids (started taking AP courses as freshmen or skipped a grade) and smart non gifted kids.

While most of them are fairly normal and respected by all, there is a good amount of nerds that talk badly about those who dont know as much about science, math, politics, among other subjects as they do.

So this made me think, since most of us are pretty intelligent, do you think less of people who are not as smart as you? Be honest!
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Replies to: Respect nerds only!?

  • CSIHSISCSIHSIS Registered User Posts: 3,413 Senior Member

    Particularly in my school where I believe one must actively pursue any grades below a 90.
  • JazziiJazzii Registered User Posts: 1,600 Senior Member
    No, I actually get very defensive when people make comments about non honors students. There has been two occasions where I've almost had to be removed from the classroom. One was when a girl said "I knew regulars kids were dumb, but I had no clue they were THAT stupid." and another when a girl said "The only reason this HS has these programs ( career/technical/votech school) is because the students here don't give a ***k about anything" Mind you, this area is one of the poorest in the state.

    I however, do not consider myself super smart anyway. I think I get offended too because I've always been in partial honors ( English, Language & Social Studies) where I was always in non-honors math or science (DO NOT get me started with the teacher who asked if I was 1/2 smart)
  • enfieldacademyenfieldacademy - Posts: 2,321 Senior Member
    compared to people that are smarter than me? oftentimes, sure.
  • Cens10Cens10 Registered User Posts: 732 Member
    Not most of the time. I think a lot of people have something different they excel at. But to the others that are really the ones that don't try at all or have no desire, then yeah.
  • PicktownPenguinPicktownPenguin Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    I think less of the people who don't try at all and then complain about how the teacher doesn't teach.

    I'm no super smart kid, but I think if you're not trying in school and don't have a plan for the future that you are just plain dumb and don't deserve as much respect as the hard workers. I still treat people the way they should. I just wish they understood that those Cs Ds and FS are digging them into a hole!

    This may sound mean, but I won't date someone with less than a 3.5 GPA. I think that is extremely easy to do! I want to be with someone who won't be an anchor on me in my future! If the girl has less than a 3.5 she better have an excuse! Like she should be a really good ballet dancer or one of the best athletes or something of that sort! At least have some sort of plan for the future! Hana sorry I'm ranting.
  • ShadowMistShadowMist Registered User Posts: 473 Member
    There's a difference between the people who genuinely TRY and those who are slackers. If a person is not in Honors/AP classes (or even if they are), but spends hours studying, goes to the teacher for extra help, etc. and still has a B/C average (I get Bs too, so I don't think bad of Bs), I don't look down on them. They're trying as hard as they can and it's actually pretty admirable that they're working so hard.
    If a kid is a slacker - yes, I have to say I do think that I'm better than them/look down on them (oops, shouldn't say that :rolleyes:). They don't care about school, and I typically don't associate with those people anyway.
  • CE527MCE527M Registered User Posts: 4,989 Senior Member
    I know a lot of kids who are smart in their own way and genuinely TRY and I`ve got nothing but respect for them, but those who are druggies, constantly get in trouble, and alwys ask the smart kids for answer, no mercy there. But I don`t actually "look down" on someone unless they are truly bad and don`t try.
  • pinklemonadeNEpinklemonadeNE Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    I think I only look down on two types of high schoolers 1. those that don't try at all, and 2. those that are only slightly above mediocre in terms of intelligence, but brag about and show off how "smart" they are all the time. Those are my personal feelings. I have a lot of respect for someone in no honors classes and gets mostly Bs, but still tries hard to maintain their grades.
    Side note, the lack of respect for people who don't try in school does NOT apply to us seniors after we get into college (;
  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 Registered User Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    I agree with ShadowMist. I understand that not everybody is a genius or has a good GPA (well at my school you have to get a 2.5 or you get kicked out so we have no extreme cases of low grades) but you should at least try. That being said, being honest I judge non-honors students when they complain about how hard the work they do is (by the end of last year my math class had covered twice as much material with more assignments and projects and went more in depth on every concept, there are some other classes that are also like that). I also get a bit annoyed/judgy (I am ignoring that judgy is not a word) when students that should be in honors are in non-honors classes so that they can have a higher GPA.
  • halcyonheatherhalcyonheather Registered User Posts: 8,987 Senior Member
    No. There are so many people in my school who insist on calling themselves nerds and pretending to be intellectual just to have the label. I kind of prefer the people who don't care. They're more down-to-earth.
  • Semelsam13Semelsam13 Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    Yes but I go to a public school where there are some real idiots.
  • enfieldacademyenfieldacademy - Posts: 2,321 Senior Member
    ^ ahaha :D

    i detect a lot of uniformity among these answers
  • goodnoodlegoodnoodle Registered User Posts: 1,532 Senior Member
    Yes my thread inspired this one!

    I actually prefer the normal kids (not the really dumb ones like juniors in algebra 1 and earth science) to "smart" kids.

    Some of my friends are so pretentious. They think that any one who doesn't take the hardest course load is subhuman. And they're so petty. I have the highest Euro grade and my "friend" told me today "you didn't work as hard as me so you don't deserve it." I think he actually wanted to punch me. And I'm so sick of hearing this all day "I want to be an anesthesiologist." 99% of them have no interest and in it and lots of them say they're scared of needles. Just want money.

    But back to the subject. I told some friends awhile ago, that I prefer being around normal people. They said "oh yeah me too, they're really easy to manipulate and control." I was like "no they're much less petty and carefree and fun to be around."

    It's just my class that has this attitude though. The smart people in 2012 were so chill and fun. 2014 13 and 16 are also much better about this.
  • SerenityJadeSerenityJade Registered User Posts: 1,226 Senior Member
    Is that what gifted means at your school? Here, gifted is the nice way of saying high IQ...
  • CE527MCE527M Registered User Posts: 4,989 Senior Member
    I know a few smart kids who are quite arrogant.
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