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Am I totally screwed over?

quidditchcatquidditchcat Registered User Posts: 2,894 Senior Member
edited November 2012 in High School Life
I'm a junior at a competitive public school on the West Coast. Hopefully that's more specific... Don't want to give away too much. I would like to go to such schools as the Claremont Colleges, UCSD, Wesleyan, UChicago, Dartmouth, Wellesley, Bryn Mawr, Yale, and Emory. Sigh.

So basically... here's my situation. I currently have a 3.54 UW GPA which really sucks, considering I'm Asian. But it's probably gonna go down even more. :'(
And my SAT is terrible, too. 2150. NOT EVEN 700 on math!? But I got an 800 on the writing section.

So I say my GPA is probably going to go down because first of all, my AB Calc teacher (I wanted to go to BC Calc but couldn't b/c it was "too stressful" for me which is total BS) freaking has some vendetta against me. So right now I have a F. A freaking F----. Yeah, and the semester ends in 3 weeks. For Physics APC, I think I can get it to a B. Otherwise, my classes should all be As. I'm taking 5 APs this year, and one honors class. For senior year, I plan on taking 4 APs.

My ECs are average, I guess. (PS Most are grades 9 to present unless otherwise noted)
-Volunteered 100+ hours (still less than 200 though) mostly at the same places.
-Participated in NaNoWriMo for the 3rd year this year
-Science Fairs since 6th grade, some awards in middle school, this year, Siemens semifinalist
-Science Olympiad Club member, will be an officer next year
-Charity Art Club member, will be an officer next year (sell artwork in magazine form, donate to charity)
-Cello - in 9th and 10th grade, participated in local youth orchestra, now kind of on hiatus. As in, the bow hair fell out. T_T Not taking private lessons currently. Been playing since I was 6.
-Participant in various team science competitions (other than SciOly)
-Sports: did swimming in freshman year, wasn't good anymore. This year I'll be doing track - did in middle school, and went to practices last year but didn't compete. Pretty fast.

I really, really, really want to get into a summer program designed for student research. This past summer, I did a computer model for my science project, so it worked by just emailing the professor. "Not professional" they said. So yeah....

But I probably won't get in anyway.

However, I do have some extenuating circumstances. For most of my first half of high school I suffered from depression. I still have the lingering effects, but mostly, it is under control. And yes, I was diagnosed; I even stayed in the hospital for nearly two weeks. So while that may explain some of the worse grades in freshman and sophomore years, this year is different.

Sorry for the long post, but I really feel this is important.

Thank you
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Replies to: Am I totally screwed over?

  • quidditchcatquidditchcat Registered User Posts: 2,894 Senior Member
    Um, ok here's a summary:
    GPA: 3.54 UW, will go down since teacher hates me (F in AB Calc with only 3 weeks left)
    SAT: 2150, probably will retake, 800 in writing, beyond horrible in math/CR
    ECs: 100+ volunteer hours, Siemens semifinalist, particpant in various science competitions, NaNoWriMo "winner" for two years - will be my third year this year, cello, charity art publication, kind of fast in track but did swimming in freshman year.

    Want to go to a good summer program and produce something Intel STS worthy

    Was depressed (and still kind of am) first half of high school.

    So, um, what would top 25 colleges, UCs, and top 25 LACs think? Is this OK, or (please be brutally honest) total waste of time?
  • thermalsthermals Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    The reason you think your teacher has a vendetta against you is because you suck at math and don't want to admit it. You're just pushing the blame onto him/her. You have this over-inflated ego about you that you are somehow good enough for Yale, Dartmouth, and Chicago yet you can't even break 700 on SAT math, are failing calc, and refuse to take personal responsibility for it. If I had to place a bet I'd say you'd get rejected from each and every one of the schools you posted except ucsd.
  • preamble1776preamble1776 Registered User Posts: 4,731 Senior Member
    Oh my God, so harsh! LOL. Anywho, I have to agree with thermals - whenever someone blames their low grade in a class on a teacher who supposedly hate them, nine times out of ten, it isn't the case, and the real reason behind the low grade is essentially the student's own inability. (However, I won't go on to elaborate on what thermals calls your "over inflated ego", because that's a little too subjective for me, lol)

    Anyway - I think a 3.54 is pretty much a deal breaker for all of the schools you listed.
  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 Registered User Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    Basically what everybody has said, your GPA is just too low. Your scores are good though (can we trade), Bryn Mawr will probably be realistic, the rest not so much...
  • Niquii77Niquii77 Registered User Posts: 10,104 Senior Member
    I agree with thermals 100% about not taking responsibility. If you know your stuff your teacher can't fail you. They'll probably make it hard for you to get an A, but you have an F. Take some responsibility. You don't know the information.
  • preamble1776preamble1776 Registered User Posts: 4,731 Senior Member
    ^relevant - I knew a guy that flunked Honors Geometry when he was a Sophomore... and blamed it on the teacher not liking him. A teacher CANNOT flunk someone because they aren't fond of you. If you know your shtuff, then you'll pass. Easy as that.
  • valeasvaleas Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
    If u dont pass cal, kiss emory good bye.
  • quidditchcatquidditchcat Registered User Posts: 2,894 Senior Member
    No, actually. Unless you do every thing exactly the same way she does it she takes off all points. Not even partial credit. Even if you get the correct answer doing it a way you learned outside of class. The thing is this, so many people come to me for help, and I help them. However, on tests, since there's no partial credit there's not much I can do. The people I help, however, have a different teacher and they get full credit for doing something that I did on my tests. My teacher just doesn't want to see another way. It's just really stupid. It's math, there should be more than one way to do it. And if it gives you the answer faster, easier, and accurately, then shouldn't it be allowed?
    I was actually in a higher "lane" of math last year and they moved me down to AB Calc this year, claiming it was going to "stress me out too much" if I were in BC Calc. Here's the truth: We did Calculus A 2nd semester in last year's math class and I DID VERY WELL. There's the same material on my tests this semester AB Calc and because I don't do it exactly how the teacher wants, I am failing.

    Does anyone know what happens if you take Calc somewhere else?

    And also, I just haven't gotten an 800 DURING high school. Too bad in middle school they don't count the SAT.

    Hey, OK, I don't mean to come off as a total brat, but those are the only places that my parents would actually be OK with me going.
  • ArtsyGirl13ArtsyGirl13 Registered User Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    That is actually a very common practice. My freshman year you did not receive partial credit if you answered a question in a method other then the one taught in class. It is used to encourage learning a specific procedure, all though other options may currently be correct you will often experience issues with them in other classes. This happened last year in chem when we were doing easy problems and people chose a different procedure that involved writing less things out. They did fine at first then we reached complicated problems and they completely fail.

    As for the SAT calm down, go take the December or January test or really any SAT this year.

    Good luck and don't let the pressure of your parents get to you.
  • quidditchcatquidditchcat Registered User Posts: 2,894 Senior Member
    Thanks. :)

    I guess I'll talk to my counselor and probably will end up taking Calc outside of school. And audit the course I'm currently in.
  • preamble1776preamble1776 Registered User Posts: 4,731 Senior Member
    3.5 GPA is still a serious detriment... regardless if you do brilliantly in AP Calc and get an 800 on the math portion of the SATs...
  • TwainaddictTwainaddict Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    People are being really harsh. Colleges take a holistic approach; they're not going to look at one bad grade and throw you into the rejected pile. That said, the entire thing with the teacher hating you is probably not true. I'm not going to jump to conclusions and say that you are trying to make up excuses for your poor grade, because that's not for me to judge. You are the person who knows whether that is true or not. If it is, do your best to bring your grade up, and if it doesn't happen, no biggie. You have next semester.
    And as for your depression, I hope things have gotten better. If this helps you to calm down, having to deal with mental hardship isn't something that will simmer down over one or two years. It carries on, and I'm surprised to see you taking on such a big AP load, after dealing with all of that.
    Stay positive. You never know how things will turn out, and always try your best!
  • quidditchcatquidditchcat Registered User Posts: 2,894 Senior Member
    Twainaddict, thank you for your kind message. I hope it's true...
  • wavetechwavetech Registered User Posts: 68 Junior Member
    Twainaddict is right in that one bad grade won't kill you, especially with "holistic" reviews. However, for this level of colleges, a "bad grade" is something like a C. An F is a really bad grade, and getting one in a core class such as Calc will basically remove you from contention.
  • sakacarsakacar Registered User Posts: 273 Junior Member
    Look, don't let the b******s get you down here. You are probably not Ivy-bound, but you have some interests and strengths. Clearly, you are a writer, and have three finished novels. Forget that you are Asian for a little while, take it easy on the math and find what you love. Look at a place like Oberlin. Talk to your parents. Get some realistic goals, and take care of your mental health. Most importantly, don't ask people to chance you - it will just cause you unnecessary stress. Hugs to you.
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