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High School Class of 2018


Replies to: High School Class of 2018

  • ak2018ak2018 Registered User Posts: 2,840 Senior Member
    AP Comp Sci A is going really well. I though the work would be hard, but I guess my prior coding knowledge is really coming in handy. I'm currently at a 99% in the class. Also, I just applied to the CMU Fly-in the only one I'll probably get into.

  • frazzledazzlefrazzledazzle Registered User Posts: 646 Member
    I was going to sign up for the SAT for October, but I'm going to visit colleges out of state and out of country that weekend. Now I'm retaking it in November. Good because I have more time to study, not-so-good because I won't be able to take it another time before RD deadlines (I'm retaking subject tests in December).
  • carmen00carmen00 Registered User Posts: 206 Junior Member
    I just finished my first draft for my common app essay! I kept pushing it off because I couldn't find a good topic, and once I did, I was scared that it wouldn't sound good when I put it on paper. But I finally forced myself to just start writing, and I like the way it turned out. I'm going to wait a couple of days before coming back to it to edit.

    I made a complete checklist for when I want my applications submitted by and the actual due dates. I've been so busy so far this semester with applications and college classes, but it's nice. It's also good to know that it's going to calm down a little second semester.

    I took the ACT this morning. Not sure how I feel about it, but I'm hoping I get a 33. I just need that extra point.

    I also scheduled my USC interview. It's still my top choice, but I probably won't get in, and if I do, it'll be too expensive. But I can dream, right?
  • aspiringgirlaspiringgirl Registered User Posts: 481 Member
    I finished my Common App essay, and I like it 100x more than my current QB essays. The deadline is in less than 20 days *cue tears*
  • r2v2018r2v2018 Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    Hey all, I'm a 2018 grad (just like all of you) and here's my schedule:

    AP Art History
    DE College Algebra + DE Elementary Statistics (3 credit hours apiece)
    AP English Literature
    DE Personal Finance + DE Intro to Business (3 credit hours apiece)
    AP Chemistry
    AP US Government (online)
    AP Macroeconomics (online)

    I also plan on taking additional dual enrollment courses through Blackboard second semester to work towards my AA (I will have at least 44 college credits for all of my prospective colleges (not planning on going OOS) not counting the 5 AP exams I will be taking or any dual enrollment class for 2nd semester that I have not listed already). Last year, I did manage to get all As and 1 B+ 1st semester (the B+ was in DE US History I) and all As second semester, but I put in what I feel like was too much effort. I was so paranoid that I would go to these crazy Saturday morning study sessions for extra credit, when I would have still ended up with an A otherwise. I'm also really pissed at my school because they stopped offering Spanish IV. I want to major in Spanish in college and I already took 3 years and loved it. Unfortunately, most of the other kids in my Spanish III class hated it and I and this one other kid were the only ones who wanted to go to Spanish IV this year, so they scrapped it entirely.

    In terms of grades, here's where I'm at right now
    AP Art History - 88 (lol we had 2 tests before we even got the book rip)
    College Algebra - 103 (2 quiz grades and 1 test, homework is extra credit and classwork combined is a quiz grade)
    AP English Lit - 100 (only the syllabus is in the computer)
    Personal Finance - ???? (it's not even on my online schedule rn)
    AP Chem - ???? (nothing is in even though we've had a lab safety test, a lab equipment quiz, and several homework assignments)
    AP Government - 96
    AP Macro - 89.7=90 - (and it's been dropping recently; pls send help)

    Keep in mind that school started almost a month ago for me. Also, we have had an impromptu 6 day (and growing!) weekend due to the hurricane, and I have an AP Chem test Thursday, a College Algebra test the day after we get back (whenever that is) and a third AP Art History test (we finally have the book). I also have two AP Chem lab write-ups due the day we go back to school.

    Currently, I'm trying my hardest to not freak out over college apps. So far, I'm looking at UF (reach), FSU (match?), and UNF (match). My GPA is actually above the 75th percentile for UF (4.4ish UF GPA), but my ECs are trash, so I'm not expecting an acceptance from them. I'm currently in the process of entering my applications online via coalition, but I haven't started the essays or anything.

    that was a long post lol oops
  • IridescentgazeIridescentgaze Registered User Posts: 88 Junior Member
    @r2v2018 Hey another Florida resident, welcome to the thread! There's no school until next week Monday if you live in Broward or Miami-Dade. I think you have a chance with UF given your GPA and assuming your ACT/SAT score is good.

    I lost power for two and a half days and it was brutal. Because of that, I haven't really been able to study for the ACT like I've wanted to but I'll have tons of time now that there's no school until Monday. The fact that my ACT test center will most likely reschedule for next week Saturday worries me. I won't be able to have my scores on time to determine if I want to pay for the October ACT. I probably will pay for it anyway to just be safe, but those expenses are going to add up. Will universities be generous to extend deadlines to Harvey and Irma victims given our circumstances?
  • ak2018ak2018 Registered User Posts: 2,840 Senior Member
    Hey Guys,
    So I really miss my old counselor now. I've literally spent the last two weeks getting my new counselor up to speed and it just really missed how my old counselor would just take care of things so seemlessly. She's a volunteer at our school, now that's she retired, so I'm​ probably just going to try and talk with her more because she's been more helpful.

    Also, to my low-income, high-achieving guys and gals, a reminder that you SHOULD NOT let application fees, or other fees associated with applying to college, kill your college application season. For those of you that have the option of fee waivers, USE THEM! My motto throughout the entire application process is: every dollar counts! I would imagine that most everyone on CC knows about College Board/ACT fee waivers. A great thing my counselor said is to make sure to CHECK the requirements to see whether or not you're eligible. There are a lot of kids out there who don't even know half the things us CCers know. One of the potential class valedictorians literally knows nothing of flyins and he applied to Questbridge. There are also a lot of low-income, high-achieving kids at my school who, like me, commute miles away from their zoned schools in order to get an education at a school they feel would be a more conducive learning environment than the school they were zoned. There is actually a trend in my county where some of the kids who are zoned to go to the more "problematic (a friend used that word)" schools (which tend to be in the southern part of the county) are applying to speciality programs at schools in the northern to mainly get away from the environment of the southern county schools. Anyway, I would encourage telling any senior you know that isn't very wealthy about these opportunities. Tell them about opportunities that wouldn't normally be found on some guidance counselor bulletin board. Especially first-gen students, similar to my situation, who are getting little to no help throughout all of this.

    Also, the biggest word of advice from my old counselor that I've recently learned and have witnessed in terms of fee waivers: THE VERY LEAST YOU CAN DO IS EMAIL A SCHOOL, EXPLAIN YOUR SITUATION, AND ASK FOR ONE. So far, I've emailed around 30-40 schools and while most of them want my counselor to write on my behalf, some schools (Northwestern, UPitt, Bowdoin, and Williams) have outright given me a fee waiver with just one email. Just by emailing them, I've saved my family about $300+ on college apps and SAT reports. I would especially look into the Questbridge partner schools (mainly the non-Ivies) even if you don't qualify for Questbridge because they seem to generally give some waivers if you simply ask (Northwestern, Bowdoin, and Williams) and, at least for some of the schools, can give pretty good financial aid packages.

    Lastly, I would highly consider looking up "schools with no application fees". Try and see if you can find some schools with know fees on here that you might want to apply for.

    And, for those who are still in the College Board Student Search (and are constantly being bombarded by emails from random with an urge to put them all in the junk mail folder) look at those emails VERY CAREFULLY. Some emails might a couple fee waivers and personalized apps that you can finish in minutes, send in everything, and get a decision within a few weeks. If you actually kind of like those schools, it could be a really big morale booster knowing you at least got in somewhere.

    Anyway, that's​ what I've got to say. I apologize that most of it was geared to low-income kids, but I really think this needed to be said. Please correct me if any of the information I've talked about is inaccurate. Remember, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!
  • frazzledazzlefrazzledazzle Registered User Posts: 646 Member
    edited September 12
    @ak2018 I've been looking into Bowdoin since it's in my state (literally 2 hours down the highway from me). Regardless of where you're from, if you are applying for need-based financial aid at Bowdoin they will waive the application fee. No questions asked. Colby College, also here in Maine, is a great LAC and it doesn't have an application fee. It's a great school to look into and consider.

    Crazy thing happened over the past few days. My mom came into my room yesterday and told me of some schools that she thought I should look into. One of them being Cornell. She looked into the school more today (I was busy at school) and saw that astronomy wasn't relegated to the sidelines. The website for the astronomy department was super cool and the school's event for the end of the Cassini mission was on the front page. Needless to say we're visiting Cornell Indigenous People's Day weekend...and I started looking into the school yesterday.

    I'm also going to be visiting Boston University and Dartmouth that weekend, not just Cornell, so if you guys want me to tell you about the schools and my visits there, just let me know!
  • acomfysofaacomfysofa Registered User Posts: 297 Junior Member
    edited September 12
    @ak2018 Something that's been on my mind was how fee waivers work for low-income internationals. From what I know, SATs and ACTs aren't waived for low-income internationals (only US citizens), and taking an SAT I and 2x subject tests is pretty expensive ($1000+/- with prep books). Not sure about application fee waivers from colleges.

    SAT scores come out in 5 days! I hope I get the score I want, because I didn't know that international test dates don't have late registration deadlines, so I'm not too keen on paying $200 for an international waitlist SAT!
  • kassh4kassh4 Registered User Posts: 883 Member
    The man the myth the legend is back. @wcao9311 started this thread.
  • snowfairy137snowfairy137 Registered User Posts: 1,857 Senior Member
    @wcao9311 turn off email notification or send CC emails to spam.
  • r2v2018r2v2018 Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member

    Hey, nice to meet you. I don't live in Miami-Dade or Broward; I live in NE Florida, but school has been cancelled for us through Monday as well. We have debris (mostly tree limbs) in the street and some flooding going on, and the police have put a 7 p.m. curfew into place, but we're just glad we were lucky enough to not have any major damage to our home. And I did lose power, too, but was lucky enough to get it back in "only" 12 hours.

    On the topic of test scores, I got a 1300 on the SAT (720 Reading/580 Math) during my first/only attempt in March, which is apparently about average overall for UF, so I'm not sure if I want to retake it, even only the math portion, since I don't plan on going into any math-related fields. I didn't really study the first time, though, and I'm curious to see how I would do if I did. Also, one of my potential schools (UNF) apparently gives automatic scholarships to students with certain SAT scores and my math score has kinda bottlenecked me. Also, I really do hope universities, especially in-state ones, take into consideration the damage from the hurricane when handling app deadlines--I'm behind enough already, and I'm sure there are still people out there who are physically unable to access their apps due to power outages...
  • MichegunMichegun Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello, everybody. Do I want to know how in relative to the newcomer? my son is so shy and would like to know how he will be met.
  • snowfairy137snowfairy137 Registered User Posts: 1,857 Senior Member
    edited September 13
    Edited bc I feel like I've posted enough on this forum that someone could identify me.
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