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Should I try out for my high school's volleyball team?

rosebud30rosebud30 58 replies35 threads Junior Member
So basically, I tried out my freshman year, and I didn't make it. I got better over the summer, but I was too afraid to try out when I was a sophomore. When I was playing in gym class, lots of the girls on the team told me that I was much better than some of the people that had made JV that year. This summer, I'm doing camps just because I love the sport, and of the 2 coaches that I've had, one told me that I could probably be playing for my school, and the other said that I should be. He said that he's seen my school's varsity team, and that I should be on it. He also said that at the very least, I should see if they'll take me as a junior on JV.
I wasn't really expecting this kind of response, and I was kinda taken aback. I mean, it would mean the world to me to play on my school's team, but I'm wary because as you know, it's kinda clique-y. Tryouts are in 2 weeks, and I haven't been to any of the open gyms! I'm also planning on taking 4 AP classes this coming year, and playing JV or varsity might make that a little bit tough.
I also have no experience playing really competitively. At camps, I can keep up with the girls that play varsity for their schools, but I've never played on a club team or anything. I've only ever played rec, and my school's team is pretty competitive (we won state championships 3 years ago). Please help me out!
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Replies to: Should I try out for my high school's volleyball team?

  • QuadMasterQuadMaster 725 replies13 threads Member
    I say do it. What APs are you taking? And what other ECs do you plan on doing this year?

    If you're taking some easy APs and only 1 or 2 extra ECs this should be pretty doable, tough but doable.
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  • PikidikitikiPikidikitiki 97 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited July 2014
    Try out. Talk to your coach before and let them know you are interested in joining. If you don't make it, screw it, go hard in your APs, enjoy your social life, etc. But if you do make it, it sounds like it will be a good experience for you. As cheesy as it sounds, you can't be afraid to fail. Think about it, this is HIGH SCHOOL. 10 years down the road, nobody will care who made the team, who didn't. If you can hang at the camps, you may have a legitimate shot, atleast try.
    edited July 2014
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  • Clarg17Clarg17 74 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Definitely do it! I play volleyball at my own school and although our team really isn't the best, its not the winning or losing that makes it fun but the fact that I have a team full of awesome girls behind me. We win together, we lose together. It can be tough to enter a team after being MIA (i know from personal experience) but at the end of the day everyone is there for the same thing to play volleyball and have fun! Besides, you'll regret not playing if you love the sport!
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  • HawkaceHawkace 2396 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Do it. You don't want to regret this when you grow older.
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  • Coriander23Coriander23 1070 replies47 threads Senior Member
    Go for it! I played volleyball in middle school and didn't make the cut as a freshman either. Instead of doing PE, I joined cross country to get in shape for tryouts the following year, and whaddya know, I ended up loving to run more than I ever liked to play volleyball, and that's what I did the rest of high school.

    So whatever your athletic endeavors, definitely go out of your comfort zone. Especially if you've been practicing and doing camps. I'm not very familiar with the volleyball scene, but if you did well at camps then I'm sure you have a chance. At my HS, most of the girls who made the team played club as well as school volleyball. Actually, now that I think back on it, they split us up into two groups during tryouts: club and non-club players. Almost everyone in the former group was offered a spot on the team as the coaches paid a lot more attention to them and they improved really quickly (even the ones who didn't actually play for one), so my suggestion is that if your school pulls anything silly like this, to go with the club players.

    You should go to the open gyms soon and become a presence to show that you're committed. I think that'd be better than just showing up unannounced on the first day of tryouts. And I wouldn't worry too much about the cliques--just go out there and shine! (sorry if that was cheesy)

    Best of luck :) Hope everything works out for you!
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  • rosebud30rosebud30 58 replies35 threads Junior Member
    @QuadMaster I'll be taking AP Lang, AP World History, AP Psychology, and AP Macroeconomics. I'm also in NHS, the Secretary of my school's volunteer organization club, and on SGA.
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  • QuadMasterQuadMaster 725 replies13 threads Member
    @rosebud30, in terms of class work AP world is the only thing that be might hassle. Other than that you should be fine. I hope you join the team and I wish you the best of luck.
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