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Back to school shopping...


Replies to: Back to school shopping...

  • sunsh0werssunsh0wers 160 replies7 threads Junior Member
    $0 on clothes (I don't buy clothes just for school haha), ~$50 on supplies
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  • ErenYeagerErenYeager 528 replies9 threads Member

    HW folders are not effective for me. I prefer to have a finder for each class, and split each binder into 5 categories:
    Notes, Warm-Ups/Practice, HW worksheets, HW bookwork, and returned tests. Then when I get home I pull all my binders out, see if I have HW, and when I'm done with HW/studying for that class, I put the binder back in to my backpack. I also have a planner which I write down my HW in and what classes I need to study for.

    Then again I'm organized to a ridiculous degree.
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  • afroninja26afroninja26 347 replies12 threads Member
    All you need to buy is paper, pencils, gum, and a few folders
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  • CornballCornball 170 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I've bought about half my school clothes. I more or less shop throughout the year though.

    For supplies I use one 1.5 inch binder for ALL my classes. I have a section for each class, and the dividers have folders in them. Things I take out a lot (formula sheet, reference sheet, HW due that day, etc.) go in the folder. Every week or two I take out things I don't need (WSs, graded things, notes from old units, etc.) and I put them in manilla folders which I label as I go along (Gov reading notes, Physics problem sets, etc.). I've found I have no reason to keep notes from one unit in my binder when we're in a different unit. I also carry all my stuff (said binder, pens, pencils) in a small drawstring bag as opposed to an actual backpack.

    Teachers try to get me to have a separate binder for their class, but I've never once needed something that wasn't in my binder, unless they did a stupid notebook check.
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