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Graduation Requirements...

tacoperson123tacoperson123 Registered User Posts: 604 Member
edited August 2014 in High School Life
Ugh. We all know some of those pesky graduation requirements that are sometimes fun..and the latter.

Anyways, I was wondering what is your school graduation requirement list? Mine goes as follows...(excluding honors/AP equivalents.)

English: Communication Skills(It's like Pre-English I), English I(English 9), English II, English III, and English IV

Math: Math I, Math II, Math III(Those three classes are the integration of Algebra and Geometry), and a fourth math. The fourth math can be Pre-Calc, Calculus, any AP math class, or really any math class.

Science: Earth & Environmental Science(one class), Biology, and another science course. The other science course is usually Physical Science, since most people are lazy, and it's a prerequisite for Chemistry and Physics. You can also take, but aren't limited to, Anatomy, Forensic science, any AP class, bio-technology, and more.

History: World History, American History I and II, Civics and Economics, and another history equivalent. The fourth history requirement can be fulfilled by: American History III, Religious studies, Government, and others.

There are many unmentioned courses that you can take, but I listed the main ones for each category. In total, we must take five English, four Math, four History, and three Science. You aren't limited to that amount in each area. You can take 5 of each, 6 of each, or whatever you want.

P.S: We must have at least two foreign language as well!

Replies to: Graduation Requirements...

  • guineagirl96guineagirl96 Forum Champion Math/Computer Science, Forum Champion Richmond Posts: 3,856 Forum Champion
    edited August 2014
    For my high school (all classes are honors except otherwise noted, we don't get an option to take regular):
    English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12 (most people take AP lit or AP lang since english 12 isn't offered at my school).
    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geosystems.
    Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalc, AP Calc (either BC or AB).
    World History/Geography 2, US history (honors or AP), AP US Gov't, one other non-AP history (student choice, I took World History/Geography 1).
    3 years of the same foreign language (we only have regular, with the exception of AP of course).
    PE/Health 9 and 10 (we only have regular).
    Senior tech lab (including any prerequisites).
    Technology 9
    computer science (accelerated or foundations, you can also take a test to place directly into AP, which has a pre-req).
    some fine arts credit.
    Starting with class of 2015, personal finance (ap macro/micro suffice).
  • LAMunivLAMuniv Registered User Posts: 1,504 Senior Member
    Required courses are in parentheses.

    English: 4 years

    History: 2 years (Asia and US History)

    Science: 2 and 1/3 years (bio and chem)

    Math: 3 years (through at least algebra II)

    Language: 2 or 3 years (to level 3, at least two years have to be in high school)

    Arts: 1 year

    Athletics: 8 trimesters (must do a sport at least 2 trimesters a year)

    You'll be thankful for graduation requirements later.
  • Spiral7Spiral7 Registered User Posts: 430 Member
    English all 4 years
    Math all 4 years
    Science 3 years
    Social Studies: Modern World History, American Gov, 1 one semester elective
    1 credit in Electives... (Arts, Languages, Computer Sciences, etc.
    And the gym requirements (It takes up 1 period all four years!!! ;( I would much rather take a class!!)
    21.75 credits are required. I'll be leaving with 33, plus about 40 college credits. Sorry not sorry
  • QuadMasterQuadMaster Registered User Posts: 738 Member
    English: 4 Years
    Math: 3 Years
    Science: 3 years
    Social Studies: 2 years
    Electives: 4 Classes
    Language: 2 Years of the same language
    Gym: Was just 2 years, but now it's 4.
  • 17Angel17Angel Registered User Posts: 178 Junior Member
    English: 4 years
    Math: Up to Algebra 2 and another class
    Science: 3 years including Physical Science and Biology
    Social Studies: 3 years, World, US, and Gov
    Language: 2
    1 year of gym and health
    1 year of Art
  • dsi411dsi411 Registered User Posts: 2,323 Senior Member
    District Requirements:
    English: 4 years
    Fine Arts or World Language: 1 year
    Math: 3 years including Algebra I
    PE: 2 years
    Science: 2 years (1 Life science and 1 Physical)
    Social Science: 3 years (World, US, and Gov/Econ)
    40 hours community service

    But most people try to do the UC/CSU a-g requirements http://www.ucop.edu/agguide/a-g-requirements/
  • halcyonheatherhalcyonheather Registered User Posts: 8,987 Senior Member
    English - 4 credits
    Mathematics - 4 credits, minimum Algebra II
    Science - 3 credits (one physical and one biological)
    Social Studies - 3 credits (including World History, U.S. History, and American Goverment)
    Health - 1/2 credit
    Physical Education - 1/2 credit (two classes, because each one is worth 1/4 credit)
    Fine Arts - 1/2 credit
    Technology - 1 credit
    Career Search - 1/2 credit
    Financial Literacy or History of Economics - 1/2 credit
    You also have to pass the state tests and earn nine more credits in addition to meeting these requirements, but they can be in any subjects. No community service is required.
  • ThatPurpleKoalaThatPurpleKoala Registered User Posts: 568 Member
    School Requirements

    Religion: 1 year for every year of attendance at (insert my school name here)
    English: 4 years
    Math: 4 years (must include at least 1 year in Algebra II or higher)
    PE: either 2 semesters of the class or 2 sports seasons in the PE Waiver program
    Health: 1 semester
    Social Studies: 3 years (1 year World History or World Cultures, 1 year American Studies or AP US History, 1 semester U.S. Government, 1 semester other social studies class)
    Science: 3 years (1 year life science, 1 year physical science, 1 year other science class)
    Fine Arts: 1 year
    Foreign Language: 2 years in the same language
    Electives: 3 years
    Computer Skills: either test out freshman year with Computer Skills Competency tests or take 1 semester of Computer Topics

    Luckily, the only requirements I have left for next year are senior religion, English, math, and U.S. Government (as it's a seniors-only class). For sciences, I *think* some form of Biology I is required as the life science credit, and most people take Physical Science freshman year as it's a) easy and b) fills the physical science requirement. Also, most freshmen test out of the Computer Skills requirement as it's EASY (seriously, I'm a slow typer and I passed the typing speed test).
  • NamelessOneNamelessOne Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    For our Standard Diploma we have:

    English: 4 credits
    Math: 4 credits
    Science: 3 credits
    Social Sciences: 3 credits (1 World History, 1 U.S History, .5 U.S Gov, .5 Econ)
    P.E and Health: .5 and .5 credits
    Fine Art / Vocational: 1 credit
    Elective: 6 credits

    Our Regents diploma is practically the same, but require that one math credit be above algebra II, and for two units of foreign language. At least two science must be lab sciences. There are only five electives for the Regents diploma.

    The Scholar diploma includes the requirements of the Regents, with an extra elective. It requires a minimum 3.5 GPA and at least 2 AP classes.
  • LosingCrayonLosingCrayon Registered User Posts: 569 Member
    English: 4 years (English 9, English 10, English 11, and 1 semester of World or English Literature and 1 semester of Composition. Also, Speech, which can be taken in summer school)

    Math: 3 years (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and a "quantitative reasoning" course like Probability and Stats, Trig, and even Physics)

    Science: 3 years (Biology, Chem OR Physics OR Integrated Chem and Physics, and some other random science class like Earth Science. Integrated Chem and Physics is for people who can't do math well enough for regular Chem and Physics)

    History: 3 years (Ancient/Modern World History, U.S. History, Government 1 semester, and Economics 1 semester. All of them except U.S. History can be taken in summer school)

    P.E.: Just 2 semesters and 1 semester of Health (Health is 10th grade and up. You can take the first semester of P.E. and Health in summer school)

    Personal Finance (10th grade and up, sometimes it's offered in summer school...) and 5 total semesters of foreign language and fine arts.

    Those were the regular diploma requirements though, there's a diploma that's less advanced, and two more that are more advanced. Surprisingly, most of the competitively smart people don't take summer school. I thought they would so they could have more room for APs >_<

    I feel bad for those of you who need to take P.E. for more than 1 year :(
  • tacoperson123tacoperson123 Registered User Posts: 604 Member
    @LosingCrayon, we need P.E for ONE semester, and we're done. And integrated Chemistry and Physics is actually called Physical Science. I'm not lying, it's a REAL class.
  • LosingCrayonLosingCrayon Registered User Posts: 569 Member
    @tacoperson123‌ Only 1 semester are you serious??? Is Physical Science at your school kind of like remedial science? :P Or is it like the Integrated Math?
  • ClassOf2015HSClassOf2015HS Registered User Posts: 2,060 Senior Member
    PE=2 Years
    English=4 Years
    History=4 Years
    Science=2 Years
    Math=2 Years
    Foreign Language= 1 Year
    Art=1 Year
    Elective=6.5 Years of classes
  • thesoxpride10thesoxpride10 Registered User Posts: 374 Member
    English = 4
    Math = 4
    Science = 4
    Foreign Language = 4
    Social Science/History = 4

    PE = 1
    Health = 0.5
    Philosophy = 0.5
    Art = 1
    Computer Science = 1.5
    Latin American Studies = 0.5
    Ethics = 0.5
    Civics = 0.5

    Some of these were just implemented so they dont apply to me but will for the underclassmen
  • Hannahbanana69Hannahbanana69 Registered User Posts: 681 Member
    My high school was small (my grade only had 54 students), so we had a lot of core classes as well as some electives. In order to graduate, I needed the following classes (asterisked classes were elective):
    Math: through Algebra II (math is mandatory in ninth and tenth grade- if you rare on the non-accelerated track then it's mandatory in eleventh as well if you haven't yet taken Alg II/trig, but if you took that in tenth then technically you're home free)
    English: core all four years (9th: intro to lit and comp, 10th: british lit, 11th: us lit, 12th: journalism and modern lit)
    History/Civics: some form all four years (9th: intro to wold civilizations, 10th: AP*/reg Euro, 11th: AP*/reg US, 12th: AP*/reg US Gov)
    Science: core 9th and 10th, some form of elective in either 11th or 12th (9th: bio, 10th: chem, 11th/12th: elective*
    Gym: 4 yrs :( :( :(
    Art: 9th grade (they actually just started making it mandatory for 10th as well but I'm doing this based on my time)
    Computers: all grades (Microsoft Office, Adobe, HTML, etc)
    Foreign Language: 4 yrs main language, 2 yrs secondary language
    Religious studies: 4 yrs
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