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How long does Geometry online take?

NappeExoNappeExo 4 replies5 threads New Member
I'm a freshman. class of 2019. I'm in algebra 1 right now and i really don't know if I can stand the thought of being in pre-calculus senior year bcuz i don't acknowledge the fact that it probably won't look good on my transcript. I would like to take geometry online and my therapist recommended me taking it during the summer. I don't know how long it will usually take to complete an online course. 2 months? Idk really that seems like a short time to complete it before sophomore year begins. When should I take the class? Btw it's Florida Virtual.
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Replies to: How long does Geometry online take?

  • NappeExoNappeExo 4 replies5 threads New Member
    My guidance counselor says i should start before summer. But when exactly?
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  • PhantomlinkPhantomlink 210 replies1 threads Junior Member
    It'll take as long as it takes for you to submit assignments.

    I don't know how many assignments geometry has but for my AP Psych class we have 99 assignments and have to submit at-least 5 per week (~5 month finishing time) however if you are like me and submit 10+ assignments per week you can cut down your completion time by a lot.
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  • manspeak2umanspeak2u 172 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @NappeExo I took a summer math class last summer, Alg. II and it took 3 months. I started right after school ended and it overlapped with the next school year for like 2 weeks. All classes are different, depending on the amount of time the assignments take, but most give you a timeline with the dates everything should be completed.
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  • lolkarlolkar 144 replies8 threads Junior Member
    up to august some time before the placement test for you guys and when district requires transcript
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