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Do I drop history

ncubed014ncubed014 11 replies21 threads Junior Member
Hey guys I'm planning on doubling up in science next year, ap bio and physics 1, but I feel like I could end up overworked especially for senior year... I'm also taking Calc BC and ap lit .... So I was wondering if taking another science as a supplement for a history class (instead of) would be okay if I wanted to get into ivies? thanks!
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Replies to: Do I drop history

  • HamlonHamlon 1120 replies40 threads Senior Member
    I think skipping core classes will always hurt you in admissions. It won't make colleges outright reject you, but you are going for highly selective schools that require 3/4 years of history. How many history classes have you taken? I mean to be safe you should probably take a history class in the summer or online. I would also pay attention to the graduation requirements for your state. In Texas, if you skipped the Senior year history classes, there would be no possibility of you graduating on time. Why do you want to double up on 2 AP science classes senior year?
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  • ncubed014ncubed014 11 replies21 threads Junior Member
    I'm interested in bio but feel like I should be taking a physics class at some point in high school
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  • menloparkmommenloparkmom 12646 replies551 threads Senior Member
    The Ivys and other top colleges encourage applicants to have take 4 yrs each of English, Social Science[ history/ gov, etc] , Natural Science+ a Fr Language .
    And they want to see students be able to maintain a hi GPA while doing so.
    I recommend taking the Physics class, skip AP bio and add a history/ gov class.
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  • IAmNotCreativIAmNotCreativ 807 replies5 threads Member
    It's okay to not have 4 years of social science if you're going to double up in a different subject (if you were dropping history for a study hall my response would be different). As long as you did well in history classes before and do well in your classes next year, you should be fine. However, if you did badly in history prior to senior year, it looks like you are just trying to avoid taking history classes and reflects badly on you.
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