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Winning awards

annanaannana 432 replies33 threads Member
I've seen a lot of people posting on CC about their awards/how good they are/whatever. Here's the thing, I hate competitions and therefore I probably won't be going to many. I don't want to do things I don't enjoy just to pad up my résumé and in reality colleges will probably see through it if I do. Will it really hurt my chances if I don't have any big awards? (Btw, I'm not applying to any ivy leagues and all my choices have acceptance rates over 30 except MIT)
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  • IBscholarIBscholar 179 replies2 threads Junior Member
    There are many awards one can get that don't necessarily demonstrate competition in the head-to-head sense. Awards like AP Scholar (whether National, with Distinction, etc.), National Merit, and some scholarships even (e.g. Coca Cola Scholar) are awards that have to do more with stats/achievement than competition, so there's that avenue.

    In the end, anything you do in terms of helping yourself grow as a person or doing stuff you like to do can only really be seen as a positive thing. Make that distinction, though; doing stuff for the purpose of padding one's CV isn't a good idea because colleges can see right through that.
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