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High School Class of 2020


Replies to: High School Class of 2020

  • onlyworthypotatoonlyworthypotato Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    @cherryturtle That was the course I was supposed to be on but this past summer I took Algebra 2 H and to be frank with you, I like math over the summer a lot better than over the school year, some food for thought. So now I've managed to get myself to Math Analysis H which is basically Precalc and Trig combined, its weird but that's how my school does it :))
  • hsstudent13hsstudent13 Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    I didn't know it was possible to take SAT subject tests as a sophomore...

    @onlyworthypotato did you find HA2 to be very much harder than honors geometry? Also did you find that it got easier as the year went on? I'm taking it and honestly I'm hoping the review chapter is the hardest part, I have a B in the class and it's freaking me out. I didn't take Honors Alg1, so HA2 is a bit of a step up from usual, do you have any good recommendations to get back on track with everyone else? Sorry for all the questions lol
  • onlyworthypotatoonlyworthypotato Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    @hsstudent13 Yes I even took the Bio Subject Test as a freshman and scored well!

    Honestly, I preferred HA2 to geometry. That may have had a lot to do with my teacher (the woman should be teaching grad students not hs students she's got like 7 degrees!!! :o) but at the same time the concepts overlapped in every chapter so there wasn't a ton of new info every time. It built on what you learned before so that was nice. The best way to improve your grades, don't procrastinate. Everyone says this but it applies to everything you do. See for me, the first chapter was the hardest, by far. But that was because I didn't know any of those new concepts, then afterwards when everything started to build, it got a lot easier, but I had to put the time in to see with my teacher if I didn't understand anything. I also had a nice study group with people in that class so I helped them and they helped me. If all this doesn't help, go for some tutoring. My school gives free tutoring after school to anyone who needs it, so check and see if your school has a program like that or at least if your GLC knows some good tutors for your subjects. Khan Academy also helps if you've hit a wall sometimes. You got this my dude! It's just gonna be a bit challenging, but you'll make it
  • Microsoft_NinjaMicrosoft_Ninja Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member

    I totally agree with high school limiting me on occasion. I wish they were more lenient with AP's
  • hsstudent13hsstudent13 Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    @onlyworthypotato thanks so much!! I really like my teacher this year which is good, it really makes such a big difference. And Khan Academy has been my best friend lately haha
  • nick3162nick3162 Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member

    I chose the same route, taking Alegbra II H over the summer of my freshman year. I felt like the self-study was so much more straight-forward and effective than any class would have been.

    This year, I'm planning on taking Spanish 7/8H, PrecalculusH, English 3/4H, APUSH, AP CSP, Chemistry H, and Health. I'll have to see how the rigor settles in, but my current plan is to take the US History & Math II subject tests at the end of the school year.

    Good luck with all your courses. I go to quite a poor and uncompetitive high school, so it's been a challenge to stay motivated. Let me know if you have any schedule suggestions, from eye-to-eye since we seem to both be in a fairly similar situation :)
  • thehhs12thehhs12 Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    I hate my stupid counselor. She put me in all College Prep classes, because I fought with her.
    My schedule:
    Algebra 2 CP
    Chem CP
    English 2 CP
    Global Studies 2 CP
    Spanish 3 CP

    She says I might have this schedule in December 2017
    Algebra 2 H
    Chemistry H
    English 2 H
    Global Studies 2 H
    Spanish 3 CP

    The first schedule is the easiest schedule at my school.

    If I am stuck yearlong with it, I am going to self-study the Honors versions, and take APES.

    I am probably the dumbest sophomore on CC, so don't worry.
  • thehhs12thehhs12 Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    Also, my high school is extremely competitive for Ivies and the other top-ranked schools. So, my schedule really hurts, :( .
  • anthonytheboyanthonytheboy Registered User Posts: 292 Junior Member
    I feel you, @thehhs12 My school is like that too. If you ever need anyone, don't be hesitant to talk to any of us. We're all in this together.

    Have a good day!
  • MahindraMahindra Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    You guys all go to really good schools!
  • nerdy01nerdy01 Registered User Posts: 95 Junior Member
    Oh wow. I really wish I had gotten to take APs in freshman year. We had only 1 available to us (AP Psych), since it was a junior high school and now I'm taking 3 APs in sophomore year and regretting everything.
  • onlyworthypotatoonlyworthypotato Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    @thehhs12 DUDE! She's legitimately mental she can't do that! Legally and officially, she isn't allowed to make decisions for you. Her JOB is to advise you, period. Dude I was asking my GLC whether or not I should take AP Euro and he legally, wasn't allowed to give me a straight answer, it took me a while to realize it but he was constantly going along the lines of, AP Euro is a great starter to Junior year and to IB especially, it's a great course and you would be able to handle it just fine. He never point blank told me, take AP Euro, just told me in vague terms that that would be the best course of action for me.

    Dude, go to another counselor for another grade say you need to speak to them about something urgent and sit down with that counselor and just spill. Tell them that you wanted to take blah blah blah courses and there must have been an understanding (you don't want to accuse her of anything because more often than not, they'll side with her rather than you) and you got placed in really low courses that you don't feel are challenging enough, and just aren't right for you. Most probably, he'll sort it all out for you.

    If not you get your parents in there and you raise all living hell. I'm entirely serious. You should be able to take the classes that you want without being limited by a damn pretentious counselor. If raising hell at the school doesn't work take it up to the district office, at that point you should see results. Don't feel embarressed at all about doing this man! It is YOUR life, and these courses will go towards YOUR future and hopefully great college. It isn't fair in the slightest that she should be able to decide whether you are priveleged enough to recieve these courses. So you get out there, and you better damn well FIGHT for what you want, and you'll be damn sure to get it.

    You got this man!!!!! FIGHT! =D>
  • thehhs12thehhs12 Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    Thank you. I forgot to mention, I mistakenly got placed into Keystone Literature Lab, which is a remedial English class. The worst is that school starts tomorrow, and it is to the point that I do not want to go. My counselor said I can not fight that one. I am freaking out as a result. The sad thing is that my parents trust the school over me, and use the excuse that they have more experience, and basically permit them to put my future on the line. They accuse me of being placed into it, and not the school. I have no idea what I should do. I am stuck going to the classes tomorrow.
  • thehhs12thehhs12 Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    Can anyone give me advice? Including @onlyworthypotato. Thank you.
  • Microsoft_NinjaMicrosoft_Ninja Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    Do what you believe will be the best course of action. Go to your counselour (or another one because yours is sketchy) and give them proof you don't need to take literature lab, like last year's English class grade. Good luck.
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