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High School Class of 2021


Replies to: High School Class of 2021

  • stanford200381stanford200381 Registered User Posts: 178 Junior Member
    @pldmua2003 I'm taking AP computer science.

    My school changed one of the courses I signed up for to a year long course, that means they'll have to take that course off my schedule or drop another one. I really don't want a study hall, but I'm just waiting for schedule pick up day on Monday then I'll talk to the counselor about changing my schedule. I don't think they should change the length of courses after everyone has already done scheduling.
  • CavsFan2003CavsFan2003 Registered User Posts: 119 Junior Member
    I'm taking an Environmental Science class and studying AP Environmental Science along with it. I'll probably take the exam.
  • raventhemageraventhemage Registered User Posts: 380 Member
    My school doesn't offer any APs to freshmen, and frankly, I'm glad I don't have to deal with that sort of thing when I'm being acquainted with high school. I'll be taking 2-4 AP classes a year from 10th to 12th grade, which I think is sufficient to be competitive in any top-notch school. Besides.... I kinda wanna focus on getting on the Science Olympiad team freshmen year....hahahahaha hopefully.
  • raventhemageraventhemage Registered User Posts: 380 Member
    Is it a bad thing I'll be missing freshmen orientation? I'll be away visiting family when it's taking place...hopefully I won't miss anything important.
  • stanford200381stanford200381 Registered User Posts: 178 Junior Member
    My school messed up my schedule. My honors English teacher emailed me saying I wasn't on her roster. So they put me in regular college prep classes, I can't even get it fixed because it's the weekend now and Monday is schedule pick up. I'm going to have to go talk to the counselor after I pick up my schedule if it's wrong. Im not even sure if they're going to put me in honors now because my first semester grades in 8th grades weren't so good (I had health issues) but got the help I needed and did amazing second semester so my mom talked to the school to make sure I was placed in honors. This is going to mess up my chances at a lot of things and I already did the summer assignments.
  • CavsFan2003CavsFan2003 Registered User Posts: 119 Junior Member
    I'm officially in Student Council and Spanish Club! I want to do Quiz Bowl but I'm not sure if it'll coincide with basketball.

    Basketball workouts start soon, and I'm incredibly excited. I love basketball.
  • chrysalismchrysalism Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    edited August 19
    Had a decent first week (even getting up at 5:30 am doesn't suck as much as I thought it was going to.) Been pretty easy so far - DE Precalculus teacher gives tons of extra credit, aced first Chinese test, choir conductor is less evil than usual, H English and H Chem are super easy to grasp, AP World teacher is amazing and I want her to teach all my classes (she also teaches AP Psych, which I'm selfstudying probably, so I can ask her for clarification on things if needed.) Three out of my six classes are with all sophomores/juniors - in two of them they kinda ignore me, but in Precalc everyone is super smart/nice to me and I'm now friends with the older sister of this one girl I know.

    Also had four JV crew practices - got back from the last one a few hrs ago actually. It's soooo much better than middle school crew, and my starting ERG (rowing machine) score is surprisingly decent despite not having rowed all summer. Joined Speech & Debate this week, and I'm gonna join Science Olympiad, Mu Alpha Theta, an out-of-school choir, and (possibly) MUN and this one tech club my friend wants me to join next week?

    tl;dr 10/10 would first week of high school again. Good luck to y'all :)
  • stanford200381stanford200381 Registered User Posts: 178 Junior Member
    Had schedule pick up today! They were able to make me a schedule the same as my last. Tomorrow is orientation, my school is so big and confusing me and my friends couldn't find our classes. They had tables for some of the clubs out, so I got papers for art club, key club, and speech and debate (because my English teacher made me).
  • applejuice007applejuice007 Registered User Posts: 167 Junior Member
    edited August 22
    I'm trying to cram a month of running into 9 days so that I can make JV field hockey (which won't happen I suck haha). I'm reviewing all of my summer reading and also Khan Academy-ing Physics, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II in hopes that I can switch to a different class. I'm trying to figure out flights and hotel rooms and what I want to see in my hometown before I leave. I also have to pack. I spoke to my Choate mentor about the club that I wanted to start.

  • applejuice007applejuice007 Registered User Posts: 167 Junior Member
    I'm actually really sad because internally I feel like I'm still 10 and four years flew by too quickly :(
  • stanford200381stanford200381 Registered User Posts: 178 Junior Member
    @applejuice007 Well good luck , hope you make the team!

    I hope we get more freshman on this thread when school starts back in most states. It would be nice if we could be really active like the other high school threads.
  • pointelessnesspointelessness Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    edited August 25
    Hi guys! You guys are so lucky to have such wide selections at your schools.

    This year I have:
    English I
    Advanced Math ( after algebra II and before Precalculus)
    Chemistry (sophomore year)
    French I
    Elements of Fiction
    Writing Workshop

    I'm in an arts boarding school, hence the weird classes haha.

    How do you guys have so many course offerings? Are you guys from public schools or...?
  • pointelessnesspointelessness Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    OH yeah, I'm going to Interlochen Arts Academy as a creative writing major. I'm from the Philippines (I'm Chinese, though). I'm so happy to be on this thread!
  • stanford200381stanford200381 Registered User Posts: 178 Junior Member
    @pointelessness I got to a public school, are course offering is okay we only have like 5 AP classes.

    School starts on Monday and I got most of my supplies. I'm getting kind of nervous, my school is really big and it's hard to find classes. Also I don't think I will have time to go to my locker a lot, and I think I have to much to carry. I'm planning on carrying my folder, two 5 subject notebooks/ notebinders, planner, and pencil case.
  • CavsFan2003CavsFan2003 Registered User Posts: 119 Junior Member
    My Environmental Science is going on a river rafting trip with the Intro to Agriculture students. I'm excited for it. We're going to take a raft down the river for a few hours and then we're going to test the water and soil to learn what goes into it and stuff.

    We've got Homecoming coming up soon and that means we have a parade and dance. Since I'm in Student Council, that means I get to help design the 2021 Float. I want to do something related to basketball, but I know that probably won't happen. More importantly, though, is the semi-formal dance. I really want to ask this boy but I don't know if he likes me. We've been friends for years and people say he likes me and would go with me but I'm fat and stuff so boys don't look too fondly on that. Oh well, he's still my friend, so if I never end up asking him I'll just go with my friends.

    I have basketball pre-season workouts starting next week! We've been chatting in the GroupMe about our player packs. Apparently they're $200 and we're going to get a t-shirt, a warmup suit, a pair of shorts, a bag, and a pair of shoes. The team is going to do pumpkin sales so we can pay off our money. I'm hoping to be a JV starter but I know there are like no chances of that happening. Meanwhile, I have 2 friends who are probably going to be Varsity.. That doesn't matter, I'm just excited to play.

    Tomorrow my mom and I are going down to visit my sister at college. We're going to have lunch with her, walk around the campus, and look at her dorm room now that she's all moved in.

    I have all As right now which I'm pretty happy about. Lots of kids in my English class have Cs but I'm hanging on with an A. I have a 129 percent in Algebra 2! I do a bunch of extra ALEKS topics a day so I'm really padding my grade because my teacher gives a lot of extra credit for each topic done. I've already finished 50% of the course! I hope to be done early so I can take Pre-Calculus online the second semester and during the summer. I like my Spanish teacher a lot. We have two Spanish teachers- one teaches Intro, 1, and 2, and the other teaches 2, 3, and 4. I have the teacher that teaches 2, 3, and 4. She's a really good teacher and explains the grammar really well. Right now we're working on imperfect verbs. Environmental Science is really fun, but not because of the coursework (the work's not bad). There are two juniors and two seniors I sit by and they're really funny. One junior does rodeos and people clown with him a lot. It's incredibly funny.

    Sorry, this was really long, I just love talking about school!
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