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Will I still get into a good* college if I only take up to precalculus?


Replies to: Will I still get into a good* college if I only take up to precalculus?

  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    Most of those online classes cost a lot of money, and there isn't a specific one for new york like there is for florida. And the class wouldn't count unless I actually got credit from it. And since algebra 2 is a regents class, you need to have the NYS common core curriculum for it to count. My best bets are convincing GC to let me take alg 2 and geometry together or doing precalc before 12th.
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    Ok, my mom talked to the GC. GC said, quote, "taking two sequential math classes at the same time is impossible", so no doubling up. Now, from everything I've read on CC, doubling up IS possible, so she's either unaware of that fact or it's some kind of wacky school policy. Honestly, IDK. BUT, GC said that what I can do is take college algebra over the coming summer (as long as the material covered is basically the same and the school approves the course) and take the algebra 2 Regents in August. I would get credit for the class and everything, so there would be no problem there.

    As for chemistry, should I take a college class over the summer (as long as the school approves it) and take the Regents? would it be too much? I just really want to get ahead.
  • bjkmombjkmom Registered User Posts: 4,552 Senior Member
    edited September 12
    Stop. Doubling up is NOT possible IN YOUR SCHOOL. (Not yelling, just really trying to add emphasis.)

    Each school has its own policies, and that's one of the policies in your school. It is in mine as well, and my husband's. It's not "wacky." It's there for a good reason. It exists in many, many schools.

    Your guidance counselor knows her stuff. Please start to believe her.

    Make sure the summer course you take is Algebra II and Trig, not just Algebra II, if you're hoping to take the Regents.

    Question, though: what happens if you don't pass that Algebra II and Trig Regents? Personally, I've seen lots and lots of kids struggle with that coursework.
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    I know doubling up is not possible, and I do believe my guidance counselor.

    I'll make sure the course is alg 2 and trig. like I said, I can't just take any class without the school approving it, so I'll be taking the right one for the regents.

    If I don't pass the algebra 2 and trig regents, then I will take the class in 11th grade like normal.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 31,475 Senior Member
    I don't think Geometry and Algebra2 are sequential but they may be at your school - go ask your math teacher whether that's possible and then go back with your mom to tell your GC that it's not sequential if it's not.
    Also, college algebra is actually precalculus not algebra2, so you may struggle with college algebra and then struggle with commoncore algebra2.
    My guess is that your school is so small that very few students ever take calculus and finishing senior year in precalculus is considered normal and good enough for the most academically-inclined students.
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    Apparently, geometry and alg 2 are sequential at my school. I can ask, but like I've been told a million times, I don't want to be that pushy student and have that in my rec letters.

    I understand that I may struggle, but I am hardworking and resilient. I KNOW I can do it if I set my mind to it.

    You're right in that few students take up to calculus, but I want to be one of those few. I don't want to go for "just good enough"; I want to do what I KNOW I am capable of doing and should rightfully doing.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 31,475 Senior Member
    edited September 12
    Ok, that's good. So you have a solution: you'll learn everything you can in Geometry (perhaps you can work on some Regents stuff online to prepare for Algebra2+Trig?), take College Algebra in the summer, and take Calculus senior year.
    That's settled.

    Can you list the rest of your 4-year schedule, as planned (ie., POSSIBLE classes, not "let's jump through hoops to make that happen") for:
    Foreign Language
    History&Social Science

    Also, would you be allowed to dual enrolled at the CC at some point? Does your CC have two summer sessions or just one?
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    Living environment
    Global 10; self-study APWH
    English 10
    Spanish III and IV(DE) (1 semester each)
    Select vocal
    DE intro to sociology
    DE public speaking

    Summer: college algebra

    Precalculus; DE stats
    English 11
    DE Spanish IV/V
    Select Vocal
    DE intro to environmental studies
    DE career and financial mgmt

    DE Calculus 1 and 2 (school only has AP AB but I wanna take a harder class so this is my option)
    AP bio, DE Physics
    U.S. government honors, econ (1/2 semester each)
    AP English Lit
    DE Spanish V
    Select Vocal

    If I can, what I'd like to do is do well enough in alg 2 that I can test out of precalc and take calc junior year.
    My math teacher gets all her curriculum from this website, eMathInstruction, so I'm printing off the alg 2 notes and hw every day to practice.
    Yeah, I think I can dual enroll at the local state university or CC. I don't know if it has 1 or 2 summer sessions, though.
  • IAmNotCreativIAmNotCreativ Registered User Posts: 801 Member
    Are you certain that you are allowed to take these DE courses? Are there any limits on how many you can take? How much will they cost? Is there anyway to offset this cost?
    Are you allowed to take courses through dual enrollment if they are offered at your school?
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    yes; most of the DE courses are already offered at my school; you don't have to enroll by yourself (does that make sense?) Calc 1 and 2 are the only ones that aren't already offered by my school. There is no limit that I know of. The classes are at a reduced price for the ones through my school. I guess since my GC said I could do DE algebra for alg 2 that I can take a DE course even if the normal course is offered at my school.

    should I take college chem over the summer, too, so I can advance to another science class junior year?
  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    I would double check that college algebra is precalculus.
    At the community college my daughter attends math goes:
    college algebra which is algebra 2
    precalculus (seemed to include trig from what dd said)
    Calculus 1
    also the kids have to pass a college placement test for math before being allowed to register for math

    Another option was some sort of business calculus after college algebra but I think it is more of a limited combo of precalculus/calculus just covering certain topics

    My dd is not allowed to take more than 1 de per semester along with high school classes and can't take any at all until the start of her junior year. She can take 5 per semester with no high school classes. The classes are free including books and all are located at the college. Summer classes are not free. She didn't take any since she doesn't want to do school work over the summer. My daughter can take anything though needs to complete high school graduation requirements. For instance at the high school she needed to take a modern world history (could be ap, honors etc). At the college she took World Civ from 1500 which counts for high school.
  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    you mentioned that the de classes are held at your school? Are they taught by high school teachers or are they traditional college classes taught by college professors with college students from anywhere taking the same class. I'm only asking this because some colleges will not accept de classes taught as a high school class even if they are through a college.
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    The classes are held at my school. and taught by HS teachers. As far as I know, there is no limit on the number of DE classes one can take per semester. Even if the credits are not accepted by colleges, it still shows a more rigorous course load than if I didn't take those classes.
  • futurecollege00futurecollege00 Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    Should I take college chem over the summer to get ahead?
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 31,475 Senior Member
    No. Focus on your college algebra class and do very well in it. You're going to cover one week of high school math in a day and have the related homework so don't plan on doing more than that.
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