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How could failing AP Physics affect my chance at scholarships? Any advice. (Input Appreciated)

WestsideMilkWestsideMilk Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
Hello! I currently have a %61 in my AP Physics 1 course. (Too much Homework, too tasking, and it's 1st Period) I am a high school junior and and intelligent person, but see myself as an awful student and on top of that I am depressed. I'm afraid of failing the possible repercussion of that. How will Scholarship committees see 5 A's and one F? Additionally, I'm taking Dual Enrollment Pre-calc/Trig, AP US History, and Dual Enrollment College Art History, and have A's in all of them. (They don't assign homework every night nor do I have to study excessively for them) I procrastinate and don't have the motivation to do those things in Physics. For some background, I have a target GPA and ACT score I'm trying to meet; those being a 30 on the ACT and 3.75 high school GPA to get a full ride to the college I plan to go to (Colorado Mesa). I currently have a 3.82 and a 28 on the ACT. I live in an egregiously small town and we barely have anything in terms of AP classes we have no honors program (We have 4 AP Classes and as of this year, I've taken them all). We don't have weighted GPA's, so all of my classes are unweighted. I currently see 4 outcomes; best case scenario I pass with a C and take another Semester; I fail this semester and drop the course next semester; I get a C and drop next semester anyway; or I fail this Semester and show some perseverance on my transcripts and get a C/B next semester. What should I do? Any and all input is appreciated.

Replies to: How could failing AP Physics affect my chance at scholarships? Any advice. (Input Appreciated)

  • snowfairy137snowfairy137 Registered User Posts: 1,940 Senior Member
    You need to do your homework or drop the class now.
  • WestsideMilkWestsideMilk Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    It's MUCH too late to drop the class. You're absolutely right about the homework, I just can't find a way to motivate myself. I need help. :(
  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls Registered User Posts: 3,095 Senior Member
    edited October 2017
    I saw a high school junior who was taking 6 or 7 classes at a time spend around 15 or 20 hours a week on homework for ONE of them in order to avoid getting a B. It might take this much work or more for you to get a C. Sometimes that is what it takes.

    You might need to get a tutor or get help from the teacher after class.

    AP classes are not supposed to be easy. This is good practice for College, which isn't supposed to be easy either.

    If you can drop the class then this is something to consider. However, the ability to persevere and pull through in your toughest class is a strength that is just as important as the ability to shine in your best classes.
  • bearcatfanbearcatfan Registered User Posts: 798 Member
    My daughter is taking a dual enrollment physics class that made her and another student (a boy) break down into tears in front of the teacher during the first two weeks of class. Physics is a different breed entirely - more application than regurgitation - but it will be nearly impossible if you don't do your homework.

    She thought about dropping the class. She and I went in and talked to the teacher, and she felt better after that. But it takes hard work for her to currently have a B.

    She often spends large chunks of her weekends on physics (that's when web assign pops up) and several hours many nights with lab write ups. She and other students have figured out how to work together to solve the tough problems. She will finally go in and ask for help. She's got a gem of a lab partner after two duds. She failed the first test in spectacular fashion - most kids did. But she focused on what she had control over - web assign and those lab write-ups. And even she will tell you she's glad she stuck with it, and is learning coping skills that will come in handy at college

    @DadTwoGirls is right - some classes just take a lot of bandwidth. And @snowfairy137 is also right - do your homework or you will be forever lost and/or miss out on something that could raise your grade. I would also talk to the teacher about different ways to approach the class (she will probably say to do the work she assigns).
  • 4MyKidz4MyKidz Registered User Posts: 326 Member
    Are you certain that it is too late o drop the class? Have you checked with your guidance counselor? My son's school allows students to drop down to regular physics within a day of getting the reqd signatures. They don't want to see stellar students end up with the semester grades imbalances you describe.
  • bjkmombjkmom Registered User Posts: 5,108 Senior Member
    Stop right here: " (Too much Homework, too tasking, and it's 1st Period)"

    It's a COLLEGE class. Did you not expect homework-- lots of it? Did you not expect "tasking"-- I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that. But you knew it was AP. I'm not sure how this course is different from what you thought it would be.

    And I'm sorry, but "it's 1st Period" drives me crazy! A now-retired friend had a motto she used all the time with her middle school students; a lot of us have adopted it for high school: "Suck it up, Buttercup!" Life does not begin when you're good and ready to open your eyes. The kids in my 1st period class are absolutely expected to perform at the same level as 4th period ("I'm hungry.. it's almost lunch time") and my 9th period ("Seriously? Precalculus at the end of the day?") and every class in between.

    I was observed by my department chair yesterday-- can you imagine if I had asked him to move it to a later period because "it's 1st Period"???

    Nine years ago, I was in the midst of radiation treatments for breast cancer, and my observation came up. And, at that exact time I had a pregnancy scare. (Yes, after 6 radiation treatments. Do the math-- radiation and pregnancy are a bad combo. Oh, and did I mention I'm Catholic? I don't believe in abortion.) I could absolutely have asked that the observation be moved or cancelled all together. But adults do what they need to do. The class was a blur, but the observation was fine-- and I told my chair later about the (false) pregnancy scare.

    My point is that adults don't make excuses, they get the job done.

    Go see your teacher for extra help. Get an NHS tutor. Watch youtube videos. Do what it takes to get the job done.
  • itsgettingreal17itsgettingreal17 Registered User Posts: 3,059 Senior Member
    edited October 2017
    Just FYI, there’s no full ride at Colorado Mesa. Their full tuition award has clear minimum requirements for consideration. You jeopardize your chances of getting the full tuition award with an F - first, because most schools won’t want to reward a student who gets an F, and second, because an F May well drop you below the minimum GPA for consideration.

    Do your homework, study, and get tutoring if needed and raise the grade. Also counseling to help you deal with the depression.
  • WestsideMilkWestsideMilk Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Thank you all. Very constructive advice. I've taken very difficult courses such as AP Economics and gotten a 4 on exams but Physics is a different beast. I just need to change my mentality.
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