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Online Classes (such as FLVS) vs. Actual Classes for APs

squ1rrelsqu1rrel 365 replies25 threadsRegistered User Member
I've been causing somewhat of a ruckus in my school the past year or so. My school is a large New Hampshire public school, with about 450 or so students in my class. But due to an overwhelmingly white population, I'm the only Asian in the entire grade (or, who actually cares about his future anyway). Looking through the past top ten, I haven't seen any other Asians.

I exhausted the school math curriculum this year (we only offer up to Calculus AB), and I've just realized how easy life would be if I took more classes on our online coursework provider, VLACS:


Which uses the same exact content that FLVS had (I don't understand what it is, it's free, but teachers who are just as qualified...maybe everyone should start using this????)

Anyways, our school accepts full credit for them and puts these grades into our GPA. We also get the HIGH SCHOOL credit. I've heard that some of these classes are an easy A according to this thread, yet still informative:


In school, some teachers are notorious for giving busywork and annoying assignments. If I can do the online courses and get away with the same GPA and better grade, but have more time to do other things, why wouldn't I do this? Do colleges care whether or not it was taken at school or online? To be clear, on my transcript, all that will show up next to the course name is (VLACS).

Studying for the APs won't be an issue; I've always been good at standardized testing, and if I feel like the content review wasn't thorough enough, I would just get a review book.

I've already signed up to take Calc BC and Computer Science A for next year, mostly because I have to. Junior year I need to commute an hour a day to the University of New Hampshire for Linear Algebra; thus if I take lots of APs online, I would benefit a lot as I lose 2/7 of my school day from Linear Algebra.

Thank you!
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Replies to: Online Classes (such as FLVS) vs. Actual Classes for APs

  • squ1rrelsqu1rrel 365 replies25 threadsRegistered User Member
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  • stress4collegestress4college 11 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    i'm taking honors chem online right now, and while I know that's not an ap class and thus isn't particularly helpful for you, my experience so far has been really good. granted that the school is accredited, colleges actually like to see that you took initiative and sought out information / accelerated your (insert subject) pathway in the form of an online class. and yes, most of these classes are easy a's, but you're still learning the material. finally, if you said you're good at studying for AP exams, you should do just fine in an online class!
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 811 replies4 threadsRegistered User Member
    @stress4college - one thing colleges do not like seeing is a student who takes extra classes beyond the regular school day at the expense of doing extra curriculars. Colleges are looking for students who can contribute to the school beyond just taking classes. Basically they don't want what some call academic drones. So in general colleges are not expecting you to go beyond what your high school offers so while it is fine to take some extra classes, don't do it to impress colleges.
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