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4 ap classes too much? Will i survive?

aries nzraries nzr 9 replies12 postsRegistered User Junior Member
Im beginning to wrap up my junior year and took two ap classes this year. Im thinking of taking ap physics, ap gov, ap comp sci a, and maby calc AB. However with calc im taking pre calc over the summer for 6 weeks so i can be eligible for calculus. I know its terrible doing it online but i have no other option. I tried taking it at a college but couldn't meet their placements requirements :( . Regardless, i got A’s in all those honors classes from this year and the two ap classes. Really I'm trying to take AP calc so i can get to Ga tech as it seems to be a “requirement” even though they don't want to officially mention it. Do you guys think i can handle it? People say I'm really smart but... I'm ok, i just work really hard I'm not naturally smart but i will work a lot to catch up to the top. Im just not sure with two total AP classes under my belt i can make it...and the AP calc teacher hearing about my plan slapped me in the face with “i don't think you can do it, i don't recommend it”
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  • InPursuitInPursuit 568 replies2 postsRegistered User Member
    Is it uncommon for students at your school to take 4 AP classes in a year? At many high schools, this is very common among the top students. I would give some thought to whether this teacher's recommendation is based on what students at your school usually do or if its based on an actual evaluation of your ability. Has this teacher taught you before?

    If you think the AP calculus teacher is making an informed recommendation, rather than making assumptions, I wouldn't just ignore the advice. That said, keep in mind that taking 4-5 AP classes a year in the final two years of high school is average for Tech applicants. You already appear to have taken fewer AP classes than most applicants since you only took two during your junior year. This won't be a problem if your school doesn't offer many AP classes, since you would then be taking the most rigorous curriculum offered, but if your school offers 20 AP courses and you only took 6-7 during high school, admissions is going to see that your academic rigor is well below that of the average applicant, who generally has 10-12 AP or college-level courses on their transcript.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 1963 replies27 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    High performing students at our high school often (but not always) take 4 AP classes junior and/or senior year. However, you don't get there without a history of strong grades as well as thumbs up from your current grade teachers.
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  • explorer16explorer16 31 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    edited May 17
    You know yourself. Try it. If you don't feel like you understand precalc well this summer, change the plan next year. It's much easier to transfer "down" than up. Better to try than regret not trying.
    AP calc teacher doesn't know you and your work ethic. You will probably be one of the better students. Don't sweat it.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41595 replies447 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Can you take government honors instead of AP gov? This way you could focus on calculus, physics1, and comp sci.
    GTech is a high reach nowadays, so while it's good for you to have goals, you need to build your college let from the ground up: first, find two safeties you like and can afford, then 3-5 universities you like and can afford where you're near the top 25% wrt to test scores.
    Are you in state for Georgia public universities?
    What are your test scores (sat, act, subject tests?)
    What's your EFC? Your budget?
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  • scubadivescubadive 1091 replies3 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited May 18
    My guess is you are instate. Yes, take Calculus especially if you are a male. Go above and beyond this summer learning the material. Take the 4 ap’s. Math skills are especially important at GT and its sort of an unwritten rule in state because you are competing against students who have completed multivariable and linear algebra if they have the distance calc program.
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  • tchit87tchit87 79 replies15 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I took 2 AP's freshman year, 3 AP's Sophomore year, and 6 AP's Junior Year. Each year, I thought I was taking more than I could handle. Freshman year SUCKED for me with 2 AP's because I compared myself so much and I put so much emphasis on those two grades....... in the end, junior year was my easiest year. I say easiest as in I was able to complete my work. It wasn't "You have one major test every 4 weeks in this class you better do well on this oh no you waited till the day before and now you'll fail and not get into top schools", but instead "I just have to get through the material.... I'll end up doing the best I can, and I always have the possibility of doing better other classes if not this one." From 2 AP's to 4 AP's won't make much of a difference. I advise to take the classes, then drop if you really really hate one.
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  • daunt18daunt18 55 replies3 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I took 1 AP freshman year, 4 sophomore, and 6 junior. So I also made those +2 jumps, and I found that my best sources of help were Khan Academy and my own classmates. Find a few people to vent about your classes and help you through the times you're slipping behind (it'll happen), and build your support system. You'll find by mid-second semester your hard course schedule is normal, and you've found good study skills along the way. Take it and challenge yourself!
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 791 replies4 postsRegistered User Member
    4 APs is typically manageable for good students. However the fact that both the college placement test and your math teacher do not recommend precalculus makes it sound like your not a strong math student. I would worry that a 6 week course for a normally full year class will move way too fast. I would see how you feel after the class.
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