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What do you think about my junior year schedule?

tennis34tennis34 1 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
I have been working on making my schedule for the last 5 months and I have considered a variety of options.

Here is my tentative schedule for next year:
Dual enrollment English Comp.
AP Calculus AB
AP Physics 1
AP Chemistry
AP World history
Spanish 4
Intro to Web Development

I have put a lot of consideration into my AP class selection. I would prefer not to take two AP science classes in the same year but I don't have any other AP options like macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics, geography, environmental, or computer programming. Science has always been my strongest subject and I have doubled up in the past, just not on the AP level. I could take one of these classes online if I went the CTY route (a.k.a paying $1500 because I do not qualify for financial aid). I am happy with the rest of the classes scheduled but I It is also important to consider time for SAT prep next year. I need to boost my score by 200 points to be considered at most ivy league schools. My GPA is stellar right now and I would like to somewhat maintain it in this upcoming year.

My top three questions are:
1. Is this a realistic schedule for a high school student?
2. Will taking these classes make me stand out in the application process?
3. Should I consider making any changes?

Thank you for any help or suggestions that you may have!
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Replies to: What do you think about my junior year schedule?

  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41527 replies447 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    No, this won't make you stand out. Curriculum isn't how you stand out - there's no extra point or supermost rigorous category.
    The way you stand out is by being deeply involved in ECs that ave a positive impact upon others. Preferably, be kind, thoughtful, full of initiative and creativity.
    Make sure you can sleep 8-9 hours a night, have time to socialize, do homework and get involved.
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  • monkeymank1monkeymank1 6 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
    Being completely honest, I think it is hard but doable. Considering the fact you consider Science your strongest subject, I support the idea of doubling up on it as I imagine you would want to study something related to it in the future. However, you have two other AP classes which are core courses. If you are confident you can manage the course load, I would suggest doing the other 2 APs because you have a chance of earning college credit. Best of luck!
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  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 3845 replies83 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    The sched looks pretty good to me. The Intro to Web Design class sounds like a waste without knowing what you’ve taken before wrt computer classes and what is available.
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