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Honors Biology is Destroying My GPA

liluccyliluccy 0 replies4 threads New Member
We're about a quarter into the second quarter. I just bombed my test and ended up getting a 58%. What's the worst part? We only have one more major test coming up this whole quarter before midterms (we have a mini one next week but it's worth barely any points).

The first quarter I got a 76% and since the 58% is the only thing in quarter 2, my semester average is a 67%.

I independently study, take notes, FaceTime my classmates to study, and listen during class. I have all A-'s and above in all my other classes but this class is killing me.

The part that annoys me the most is how my teacher takes pride in failing students. They're constantly saying stuff like, "This test always makes people cry!" and other nonsense like that. How is that helping us? Just give me the classwork and tests, no need for extra comments like that.

I don't know what to do. We still have a whole additional semester left but I don't know how to get my grade up ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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Replies to: Honors Biology is Destroying My GPA

  • 3kids2dogs3kids2dogs 212 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Just about everyone has faced this at some point or another. Rather than guessing how to do better - go straight to the source.

    I would find some time to meet with your teacher before/after school or during lunch to ask them for additional study resources and/or suggestions on how to study more efficiently for this class.

    Show him/her your notes and explain exactly what you are doing to study for the class. Show how you go about taking notes from the book - how you incorporate class notes with your book notes; any additional resources you are using - everything from kahoot to quizlet, study guides, you tube tutorials - whatever it is you use and how you use it.

    And then ask directly - what would you do differently? There's only so many hours in the day/night, so just doing what you are doing (but more) is unlikely to yield the results you need. You need help in exactly how to study efficiently for this particular teacher/class.
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  • thatshot....thatshot.... 14 replies8 threads Junior Member
    does your school show semester grades on your transcript, or only the final grade received at the end of the year?
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