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Need advice asap!

asterix123asterix123 15 replies5 threads Junior Member
Hey guys! Im currently an international boarder in a top boarding school and I’m a sophomore. I only moved this year, but I really dont like it and want to go back home next year. I just got my report card for last term, and I ended up with 2 Bs a B+ an A- and 2 As, but i got all As un my old school (I take calc bc and honors lang here). Im considering going back to my old school next year because I was so much happier there and much more motivated. But the obly thing is that I dont know how colleges will react when they see this move. How detrimental will this be to my college app when its time to apply? If I explain that I was miserable at my boarding school, will they understand? Thanks!
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  • joecollege44joecollege44 219 replies17 threads Junior Member
    maybe I am crazy but I actually think your boarding school experience and why it wasn't for you might even make a good essay...just don't sound too negative about it and don't throw the school under the bus. but some humorous anecdotes about boarding school.
    I can't see how it will hurt you too much to go to boarding school for a year and then back to your home school. Junior grades will be most important. You just have to convince them that it isn't because you aren't mature enough to handle being away from home...
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  • asterix123asterix123 15 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much! My only worry are my grades, that they went down at boarding school, but this is because im so sad here i cant focus on ac
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  • asterix123asterix123 15 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Oops i meant to say academics
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