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Transferring schools multiple times

sky000sky000 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm a sophomore in a private college prep hs. I just transferred to the Highschool that I'm currently at the start of this year and am doing fine there, but my parents want me to transfer again. The school I went to freshman year made me incredibly depressed (hence why I transferred). As I said before, though, I'm doing fine at this school. Still, my parents want me to go to a Catholic high school at the start of the 2nd semester and then the start of junior year switch AGAIN to another school. The school I currently attend is very far from my house, and my parents just don't like the school, and their reasoning for having me transfer my junior year again is because they know someone who goes there's, and it's supposed to be a good school. I couldn't care about the social elements of transferring etc., but what I am worried about is it affecting my college apps. Are colleges less likely to accept me if I transfer again? I doubt I would be able to go to the school I'm going to now next year, but I'm especially worried about the mid-year transferring and how they will view me transferring multiple times, especially since we aren't moving.
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