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Can you offer advice to a confused freshman?

nnyyyuunnyyyuu 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hey guys! I just had a couple questions regarding course rigor and extracurriculars. As for my schedule, my classes are:

English 1 Honors
Biology Honors
World History Honors
Spanish 2
Introduction to Business

I was just wondering - for a freshman, are these classes too basic? During first semester, I got all A's, but I don't know if these classes have enough rigor. Moving on to extracurriculars... Right now, I am not involved in many things. I am on my school's golf team, softball team, and forensics (speech/debate) team, but I don't know if this appears as a lot to colleges. I also tutor middle school students and volunteer at a nursing home.

Alright, so, that about wraps it up. Is there any advice anyone can give me regarding any other extracurriculars I can do, or things that can make me "stand out" to colleges? I know it is still a long time away, but I would love to get things going right now! Thanks.
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Replies to: Can you offer advice to a confused freshman?

  • daunt18daunt18 119 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Point yourself toward something(s) you genuinely enjoy doing. Not everyone loves loading up on 17 APs. If you know you're going to do business, do Deca, S&D, FBLA, start a business club, etc.
    Do something you love and do it well.
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  • h8annahh8annah 271 replies25 threads Junior Member
    I don't think there's an issue with your schedule. Freshman year is usually basic and limited. I see some Honors classes which show that you are challenging yourself. If you don't feel challenged enough, you can talk to your GC and see if there are any AP or harder classes available to sophomores for next year.

    As for ECs, its quality over quantity! If these are activities you are passionate about and will stick with, then they're good enough! Focus on getting leadership positions and finding ways to stand out with these activities.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2830 replies65 threads Senior Member
    Your classes are perfect. You have the 5 cores, which is what colleges want to see. I assume that rigor comes in time. In DD's high school, for example, AP classes replace most honors classes in 11th and 12th grades. While hers does offer three AP classes to freshmen, two are electives. Some schools don't offer AP classes in general until junior year.

    If you are a STEM hopeful, I would see about moving to an honors math class IF you think you can do well in it.

    If high school frehmen are inclined to prepare for college, I would suggest reading your course catalog and mapping out a four year plan of classes. When it is on paper, the increase in rigor should be evident. You'll also be able to check to make sure you have the necessary prerequisites for some of those higher level classes. Expect that plan to change as new opportunities crop up or any assumptions you made happen to be proven false (both of which happened to DD, but with a preliminary plan in place, she could make a quick decision, without sacrificing what was most important to her).

    Also, this is the year to try out as many activities as your heart desires, with the expectation you'll cull some of them next year as you narrow down your interests and favor activities in which you would like to make a greater time and emotional investment.
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  • nnyyyuunnyyyuu 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you! I'll keep that in mind.
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