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No AP English Lang senior year?

ElDoughBoyElDoughBoy 16 replies6 threads Junior Member
I'm debating whether to take AP Lang or Honors English for my senior year. People in our school said the AP Lit class is trash there so I'm not considering that class. Here's the classes I'm planning for next year:
-Honors British Lit or AP English Language
-AP Human Geography
-AP Calculus BC
-AP Physics C
-Astronomy (Sem 1). Horticulture (Sem 2)
-Culinary Arts
Does it really matter to colleges to drop down a level for english? I'm currently taking honors this year and my gut tells me to stay in honors next year because I'm not interested in the subject. I would only take this class because it would "look good" on my transcript and boost my GPA but idk if it's worth the burden. I'm definitely more a math & science based person and I plan on doing a STEM major in college. I'm aiming to get a accepted into a top 50 school.
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Replies to: No AP English Lang senior year?

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1944 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Yes, additional rigor will “look good”. Only you can decide whether it’s worth it.

    At the top of the top 50 you’ll probably be compared to students that are taking an AP English as part of a schedule with 3-5 APs.

    At the lower end of the top 50, that schedule with Honors English would probably be about average for an applicant.
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 911 replies7 threads Member
    Since your goal is a top 50 school perhaps ask your guidance counselor if AP Human Geography is a good option for senior year since it is often considered an easy AP taken by freshman. It could possibly look like your taking it just because it is an AP. However your taking culinary arts so it might not look like that. I personally think it is fine to stick to honors ELA - your not dropping down since you are currently in honors. Perhaps see if the guidance counselor will be willing to right that you had a stronger interest in British literature. The drawback is if you go to a school that gives AP language credit you can't get it. with honors.
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  • ElDoughBoyElDoughBoy 16 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Ok sounds good I'll see if i can talk to my guidance counselor about that. I'm taking AP Human Geography next year because I'm actually interested in that subject and it's only offered to juniors & seniors in my school.
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