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Going from regular calculus to AP calculus AB

idkanymorelolidkanymorelol 25 replies14 threads Junior Member
Okay, so I think my plan for next year (junior year) may be taking regular calculus (depending on what I get on the honors precalc/trig final). My question is, if I take regular calculus next year, could I go and take AP calc AB senior year to feel more prepared for a major in stem? Or does taking calculus then AP look too redundant? Thanks!
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Replies to: Going from regular calculus to AP calculus AB

  • MarylandJOEMarylandJOE 62 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I think if you take regular calc next year a better course might be to take AP calc BC senior year.
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 1923 replies31 threads Senior Member
    The early years of teaching Calculus are relatively well defined - the difference is the speed at which it’s taught. So you’d probably have covered everything you’d see through at least the first half of the year, probably more.

    BC does a quick review of everything in AB to start. If your school offers the option of going right to BC, then the first 6 weeks or so would also be refresher to get up to speed.

    If students have to follow the AB then BC path, it may like our school where that review is jammed into 4 weeks you’d be jumping on a moving train with students who are a bit further along.

    So it depends on what is offered and how you do in your regular Calc class. You teacher at the time would be a good resource to ask.
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  • happy1happy1 23356 replies2313 threads Senior Member
    See if it is even allowed in your HS. You should discuss with your teacher and guidance counselor.
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