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Extracurriculars don't match!!

AlaskahVAlaskahV 1 replies3 threads New Member
Hi everyone, I am in a dilemma. For the first two years of high school, I gathered extracurriculars in science-oriented things because I thought I'd go into premed or something health-related. Now, in junior year, I realized I don't want to go into science but perhaps corporate law or something in the law field. The problem is, I can get internships and a summer program but I don't have any related extracurriculars. I have a neuroscience club and participated in the oncology olympiad, but I have not participated in things like debate or Model UN. This could hurt my chances, right? Should I apply as a science major and switch after I get accepted? Has anyone else experienced this?
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Replies to: Extracurriculars don't match!!

  • oldlawoldlaw 324 replies14 threads Member
    edited March 24
    You're a current HS student, correct?
    As a practical matter, law schools don't care what your HS ECs are. If anything, that's a matter for college admissions.
    Regarding law school admissions, you can major in pretty much anything, as LSAT and GPA numbers are key. There's an argument to be made that since so relatively few science majors apply to law school, being a science major is an advantage(if the GPA and LSAT are sufficient, that is).
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  • AlaskahVAlaskahV 1 replies3 threads New Member
    @oldlaw Yes, I am a high school student, but I 'm more afraid that colleges that I'm interested in will think I'm not consistent. The problem is, I'm not interested in science at all anymore. I don't want to study it in school. Would colleges find an issue with this?
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  • oldlawoldlaw 324 replies14 threads Member
    Reading your post, I thought you concern was about law school, and law schools won't know and won't ask what your HS ECs were.
    For college admissions, the nature of the ECs isn't as important as the quality/depth of participation. In other words, it's better to be able to concentrate fully on a few things than participate in many different thing. More specifically, having science ECs won't hurt your college applications.
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