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High school transfer?

goldd22goldd22 3 replies6 threads New Member

I really wanted to go to a specific school for high school (currently a freshman) last year but I was not accepted. This year, I tried again and finally was accepted. I am currently looking to transfer high schools from one Catholic College Prep to another. I was recently accepted into the arguably best Catholic College Prep in the state I live in, transferring from my current one (also respectable) to it next year. Should I do this?


1. The school starts at 8:30 versus my current one starting at 7:50. This is the main reason, as it really takes a toll on myself and my dad to get up and drive to school at 6:50.
2. Better Speech and Debate/Programs. My current high school has an arguably more decorated but newer team so far, but their program is way better at the event that I compete in. Additionally, I really feel like a fresh start in my program would go a long way to help me out. The program I would transfer to would have a somewhat losing streak currently :(
3. Nicer campus. This is pretty self explanatory.
4. Better teachers. While somewhat subjective, it is a consensus that the vast majority of the teachers at this school are of higher quality. I have talked to a plethora of students there, and they all generally agree that the school is excellent in teaching quality and care. It is something I'm feeling is lacking at my current school, as I constantly here complains from students about teachers not doing their job well. This is the biggest advantage in my opinion.
5. They allow me to take Calc BC before Junior Year, which would allow me to take AP stats my senior year, which is just a benefit I'm interested in. My current school won't allow me to do so.
6. I used to play ice hockey, and this school offers that program as a club sport for me to get back into playing again. I really wish I could do that at our current school, but there is not enough interest :(
7. It has a more prestigious feel, just a personal opinion.


1. I'm losing a leadership position in a small school club next year for pre-med. Arguably, I could start a pre-med club at the new school, but I still feel bad about losing it.
2.My school's current speech and debate team is more decorated as a program itself, which I feel bad about losing out on. (multiple recent state championships)

I'm really wondering if I should do this. My gut tells me it's a good idea, but I'm afraid losing this leadership position would spell disaster for my application, plus losing out on being part of a really s&d team. I also don't know if I can get some credit for being selected as an officer (could I put this on my application in future years?)

Additionally, would it be advisable for me to put on my application that my dad's health and wellbeing is the main reason I want to transfer? I really don't like making my dad get up so early in the morning, and it takes a toll on myself as well :(

P.S. It's an all-boys school? Do colleges hate/love this or have any feelings on it?

Any advice is welcome! I'm really feeling a bit lost right now.
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Replies to: High school transfer?

  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14504 replies106 threads Forum Champion
    edited May 21
    Is the cost the same?

    How are you at making new friends?

    How long does it take to drive to the new school? You may have to drive 45 min instead of 15

    Do they offer the same classes? Do they have the AP classes you would want to take? Do they have all the science classes?

    I would not worry about leadership as a freshman or sophomore. Usually that happens more as a Junior/Senior so you have plenty of time.
    edited May 21
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  • goldd22goldd22 3 replies6 threads New Member
    the cost is the same.

    im good at making friends + have friends at this school.

    better commute.

    This is the big problem, they cap APs at 3 for sophomores. 4 at Juniors + 4 at Seniors. It would be alright, but they also have a system where they wouldn't take any Physics' classes before junior year, making it difficult for me to apply as an engineering major and etc. The only physics class they would take is Physics 9, but I would have missed it as a freshman.
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  • lostpropertylostproperty 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited May 22
    Why would you want to go to an all boy school? Co-ed all the way
    edited May 22
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  • goldd22goldd22 3 replies6 threads New Member
    I personally couldn't care less about the gender thingy. I want the other benefits WAYYYYY more than I value being in a co-ed environment.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43231 replies471 threads Senior Member
    edited May 22
    - Colleges won't care that it's an all- boys school.
    - Use your experience at your current school to make the debate team better :) = two birds one stone (skill and leadership).
    - Leadership as a freshman/sophomore doesn't matter much compared to leadership as a jr/sr: it's not a criterion that should factor into your decision.
    - AP Stats after AP Calc BC is the easy way out - if you want to major in STEM, either do calc AB-> BC, or take BC-> Multivariable Calc or discrete math/linear algebra senior year. So, ability to take AP Stats or not should not be a criterion that factors into your decision.

    What I see: no downsides + the commute is better = easy choice
    (also, an 8:30 start time makes more sense wrt adolescent physiology and your dad too will thank you.)
    Basically, don't turn down an opportunity you've badly wanted for two years.
    edited May 22
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