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AP Chemistry, ACP Chemistry, or AP Biology

biochemsurgeonbiochemsurgeon 12 replies26 threads Junior Member
This will be kinda long so bare with me. I liked honors biology when I took it but the only the molecular genetics, cell biology, human biology, and biochemistry parts of it. I hated the developmental biology, microbiology, plant and animals, evolution, ecology parts. However, I loved honors chemistry. So, it made sense to me that I'd take AP Chem for my junior year and AP Bio for my senior year. But, I have heard that AP Chem is extremely difficult and even though I know I'm good at basic math and chemistry, I am doubting my ability to get an A in the class because I can't find anyone else who has taken it.

So, I'm back at the drawing board:
- I can either take AP Chem next year as Junior, but take the risk of not getting an A
- I can take AP Biology, which is what most of my friends at my level are doing and not really enjoy it
- OR I can take ACP Chemistry, which is said to be easier than AP Chem, and receive dual credit from IU. My only concern about ACP chem is the fact that it's not going to transfer to any school out of state because at IU it is a chemistry course for non-science majors. But at the same time, I'm not necessarily looking for credit from the class, but depending on where i go AP Chem will allow me to take the honors chem 1/2 at some colleges
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Replies to: AP Chemistry, ACP Chemistry, or AP Biology

  • biochemsurgeonbiochemsurgeon 12 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Also, I've seen that some colleges, like Tufts, don't accept college credit unless you took the class at a college and with other college students.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83477 replies741 threads Senior Member
    A non-major's chemistry course does not seem like a good use of time if you want to go deeper into chemistry beyond your previous high school chemistry course.

    Have you taken any kind of physics? If not, why not take physics next year, then AP chemistry or biology in 12th grade?
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43234 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Have you taken physics, honors physics, or AP physics 1?
    That'd be the logical class to take if you haven't - with AP Chem senior year.
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  • biochemsurgeonbiochemsurgeon 12 replies26 threads Junior Member
    yes iv taken honors physics
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  • biochemsurgeonbiochemsurgeon 12 replies26 threads Junior Member
    I took honors bio in 8th, honors chem 9th, and honors physics this past year. I am eventually going to take some higher level chem and ap bio and just do not know which first
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  • Sam-I-AmSam-I-Am 670 replies25 threads Member
    You loved honors chemistry so take AP Chemistry as a junior so you will know whether you want to major in it. Study some over the summer if you are concerned about getting an A.
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