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ferzzz8ferzzz8 0 replies1 threads New Member
I’m currently a freshman and started looking to what I plan to do with my life. My mother wants me to be a lawyer since she believes I am good at writing (I write and read a lot) but part of me is quite interested in anesthesists, I took Harvard’s online course “Justice” last month so she believes that it is what I’ve decided to study for, but I’m not sure about that. What would you do in this situation?
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  • happy1happy1 24036 replies2408 threads Super Moderator
    There is absolutely no reason to choosing a careen path now. Continue to take a variety of HS courses and see where your interests take you.
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  • biochemsurgeonbiochemsurgeon 12 replies26 threads Junior Member
    DO NOT just choose a career path because your parents want you to. Doing so will likely lead to an unfulfilling life. I do agree that it is early, just take classes that interests you and over time you'll be able to have a clearly sense of direction you want to go.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14507 replies106 threads Forum Champion
    Take as many honors courses in HS as you can do well in. See, over time, if you gravitate toward English/History classes or Math/Science classes. or both.

    Do know that for pre-law or pre-med in college you can major in whatever you want... (but for pre-med you have to take Bio, Chem, Phsyics, Org Chem, Calc etc)

    Investigate medical type classes if you can as well. When you get older, volunteer at a hospital or other places that you can explore possible interests.

    I assume your mom wants you to have a good career and may have noticed you argue/read/write a lot...if she asks about careers then just say that you are still exploring options including law and medicine.
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