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AP Classes

msjessiebluemsjessieblue 2 replies2 threads New Member
I am going to be taking AP Literature next year and took APUSH this past year. Should I also take AP Computer Science Principals? I am heavily considering it. I generally have an average of 85 and suck at math. Thoughts?
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Replies to: AP Classes

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83412 replies741 threads Senior Member
    AP CS principles is generally considered to be not that hard, and can be useful for non-prospective-CS majors to understand the basics of CS and how it relates to other things.
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  • ChezCurieChezCurie 235 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Check out the beginning units on Khan Academy for AP CS Principles. It'll give you a good idea of both the content and the level of the material covered. It's not a math heavy course (Collegeboard recommends only Algebra I as a prerequisite), but it does require analytical skills or "computational thinking."
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  • biochemsurgeonbiochemsurgeon 12 replies26 threads Junior Member
    In my school, AP CS Principles is considered the 2nd easiest class you can take. As long as you have basic algebra skills, I think you should take it if you want to.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14503 replies106 threads Forum Champion
    Are you taking a Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Foriegn Language? Would this be instead of any of them? If not, and if you are interested in CS (it is a good thing to know about), and if you have room, then why not? Don't take it just because it is an AP course. Don't take it instead of math.
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