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Help Me on a Scheduling Conflict

lovenck23lovenck23 7 replies2 threads New Member
I have a scheduling conflict for next year. I originally wanted to take AP World History, Alg 2 Honors, and this Science Research program at my school. But I just got emailed back that I won't be able to take all three.

Alg 2 Honors and AP World are offered only in 1st and 2nd hours. And the science research program is offered only in 1st hour.

The research program is something I really want to do and in order to get into the program, I wrote essays and went through an interview to get accepted.

So the options I have are:

1. Take Alg 2 instead of honors
2. Take Regular World History
3. Drop Science Research and take some other random elective
4. Take AP World online

I am not quite sure about taking AP World online, because I don't know if an online class would be a good fit for me. Also, the cost is pretty high to take it.
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Replies to: Help Me on a Scheduling Conflict

  • LivvyxoxoLivvyxoxo 96 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Are you stronger at math or history? Is there one you prefer more than the other?
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  • lovenck23lovenck23 7 replies2 threads New Member
    I am planning to major STEM.
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  • momtogirls2momtogirls2 990 replies7 threads Member
    Can you take honors history?
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  • lovenck23lovenck23 7 replies2 threads New Member
    We don't have honors in any of the history classes at my school.
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  • inthegardeninthegarden 1777 replies31 threads Senior Member
    edited June 1
    In would say to go with your strengths and take Algebra 2 honors and the science research class, (which seems exciting) IF you will also be able to fit in a class each in bio, chem and physics during high school and preferably one science AP (if possible). I’m assuming you will not be a senior next year so you should have plenty of chances to take other non-STEM APs that are well-regarded such as AP US History, AP Lang and AP Lit. Missing one AP history course for scheduling reasons shouldn’t matter in the long run. Possibly your guidance counselor could briefly mention scheduling conflicts whenever you apply to college (though it probably wouldn’t be necessary to mention for just one course). Whatever you decided, I don’t think you should drop honors Algebra 2 for regular Algebra 2 since you will be a STEM student.
    edited June 1
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43231 replies471 threads Senior Member
    As a STEM student you need to take algebra2 Honors. The science research program sounds like a good opportunity.
    Could you take AP Euro instead of AP world? What are your other AP choices?
    Have you taken or are you taking bio, chem, and physics (honors)?
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