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Help with scheduling!

csksmlcsksml 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm about to go into my sophomore year of high school, and I'm planning my schedule ahead of time. Could somebody tell me if this schedule is realistic? My school doesn't let us do most AP classes until junior year, so I didn't have many options this year. I also want to know if it is a good idea to take AP Stats instead of precalc if I take AP Calc BC my senior year. I plan to major in mathematics/Chinese in college, and my dream school is Tufts University, if that helps. I currently have a 4.0 unweighted GPA, and a 99% average in math.

Honors Math II
Honors English
Honors US History I
Honors Bio
Honors Chinese II

Honors Math III (Algebra II)
Honors English
Honors Chemistry
Honors Chinese III
Advanced Band
[Self Studying AP Computer Science]

AP Statistics
AP Lang
AP Euro (might get rid of this if the other AP classes are too much)
Honors Physics
IB Chinese HL
Advanced Band

AP Calculus BC
AP Lit
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
IB Chinese HLII
Math Seminar (Semester 1)
Personal Finance and Consumer Education (Semester 2)
Intro to Business (Semester 1)
Psychology (Semester 2)

[Just out of curiosity, how likely am I to get into Tufts? I haven't taken SATs yet, but I normally do really well on standardized tests. I've gotten perfect scores on MCAS nearly every year since 3rd grade]
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Replies to: Help with scheduling!

  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2810 replies48 threads Senior Member
    The purpose of pre-calculus is to get you ready for Calculus. Taking Calc BC without pre-calc would be a bad idea, if your school would even let you. Take it instead of Stats.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 84658 replies752 threads Senior Member
    Also, if your high school is one where the honors integrated math 1/2/3 sequence is accelerated to include the precalculus topics so that you are ready for calculus immediately thereafter, it would be better to take calculus immediately thereafter instead of taking a side trip with statistics.

    Here is a quiz to help you see if you are ready for calculus: http://math.buffalo.edu/rur/rurci3.cgi
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43383 replies473 threads Senior Member
    You need precalculus to take calculus. That's kind of the point. If you completed it through Math III Honors, as indicated above, go straight into Calculus. AP Stats is a math elective.
    What colleges are you aiming for and what major are you thinking of?
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  • AlamereAlamere 143 replies17 threads Junior Member
    I agree with the others on here... you should go straight from Math 3 Honors to Calculus. The stuff you learned in Math 3 Honors, like finding asymptotes and basics of limits will be very applicable for the first unit of Calculus... I did the Math 3/CalcAB/CalcBC sequence and I have to say that going to BC right after helped me a tremendous amount. Do stats in your senior year :smile:
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