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Senior Prank Ideas!

jawaad87jawaad87 - Posts: 111 Junior Member
edited August 2013 in High School Life
Its that time of the year again, to organize another prank. We're the senior class, and we need to leave something "special" to out schools. I need ideas, heck, we all need ideas so we can either continue the tradition or even start the tradition.

Here's what I have so far:

Senior prank ideas so far:
1)spray painted handicap symbols on all the teacher and administration parking
2) Alarm clocks in every locker
3) put goldfish in dixie cups filled with water and put the open ends on the floor. When someone tries to take it off, the cup is suctioned ot the floor, so it explodes.
4) don't do the 1,2,4, pig/chickens/ ideas its well-known now
5) saran-wrap cars
6) Put the school building up for sale in a real-estate ad.
7) Super huge smiley face
8) Put hundreds and hundreds of dixie cups filled with juice all over the floors, so that no one can will be able to leave (while we are outside of course)
9) Let out thousands of bouncy balls on the floor
10) Park the cars in the shape of maze
11) Mark the freshmen with big "F"s (so they are F'ed lol)

Keep in mind that all pranks are alright as long as they don't cost the school thousands of dollars (don't glue the doors, or burn down the school or pul the fire alarm --- this is stupid, especially since you have computers they may be damaged. Nothing felonious <---- ha ha cool word felonious)
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Replies to: Senior Prank Ideas!

  • cantstandmenowcantstandmenow Registered User Posts: 255 Junior Member
    dump cooking oil in the entrances. though this carries the risk of someone falling and breaking thier neck and then the adminstration will really be looking to kill.

    or perhaps get some haystacks and pile them up in front of the doors so no one can get in.

    get a bunch of 25 cent fishies and put them in ALL the toilets. see if anyone flushes them.
  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom - Posts: 13,158 Senior Member
    okay- as a parent I would be very angry at: blocked doors, blocked halls, spray painted anything, animal abuse, cooking oil, anything that could cause injury or problems leaving building in an emergency,

    alarm clock is funny, during graduation ceremony, we all had a marble in our hand, and when we shook principals hand, did it so he was stuck with marble...it was funny
  • jamimomjamimom Registered User Posts: 3,278 Senior Member
    Also, I hope the seniors clean up any ensuing mess. The idea that the janitorial crew is the one on the hook is not one that I like at all. I am dreading this year, as S is a senior, and this is really his specialty.
  • jawaad87jawaad87 - Posts: 111 Junior Member
    Water Balloon Launchers!!!
  • polter93157polter93157 Registered User Posts: 767 Member
    bouncy ball idea sounds good. :D

    saw some show about senior pranks. this one school welded half a car to the flagpole... weird.

    how would one be able to get access into the school during the night (when else can you set up the preparations)? locks can be picked, but there is the security alarm issue
  • allenaallena Registered User Posts: 1,716 Senior Member
    Anything is good... Just remember to be orignal and not cross that very fine line between funny and illigal. :)
  • polter93157polter93157 Registered User Posts: 767 Member
    its a very fine line. so fine, i can't see it, rather i can't even begin to imagine where that line may be... i'll either cross it or just pull a lame joke

    is it traditional that the senior prank involves the whole senior student body, or just you and a couple of buds? if i wanted to enlist the aid the whole senior student body, how could i get the message across without the message getting into the hands, or should i say ears, of the faculty? realistically i mean
  • gianievvegianievve Registered User Posts: 1,821 Senior Member
    Hehe #6 is good.

    If your school has a pool - dye it purple.
  • polter93157polter93157 Registered User Posts: 767 Member
    or create a pool... eh ? :rolleyes:
  • cANDYmancANDYman Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    our school is pretty close to some cows, so the best thing would be to put a cow on the stairs, since cows can only go up, not down. and if its a really big cow, its gonna be tricky getting him down, bc you cant really get a lift inside the school.
  • starynight5starynight5 Registered User Posts: 207 Junior Member
    Rent a snow machine and fill the parking lot. Easy day off. ;)
  • CC AdminCC Admin Administrator Posts: 32,477 Senior Member
    1. Sucks
    2. Too expensive
    3. Kinda cool, gotta make sure to watch out for anything that can be seen as illegal though, administrators could say animal cruelty or something.
    4. ...
    5. When the hell are you going to saran wrap cars? You mean at night when nobody's in the parking lot or in the afternoon when people are watching?
    6. No one would notice
    7. Vague
    8. Pretty good
    9. Expensive
    10. You have enough kids with enough cars that you don't think are bad drivers that you want to do this? Didn't think so.
    11. Stupid

    Try this one: There's got to be some way into your school at night. Get in, take all of the desks and chairs, get someone with a ladder and put them on the roof.
  • tagran86tagran86 Registered User Posts: 464 Junior Member
    okay as far as getting into your school at night, not that i am encouraging this -- my friends and i talked about this a lot--don't kmnow if your schools is anything like mine, but yeah.

    our main idea was to park a car in the middle of the hallway so nobody could get by. The way we were planningon doing this is finding a code to the locks in the school, which we had--this turns off the alarms in that wing, though a lot of schools arent like this. you can go james bond style if you want: in our school the ceilings are metal and the motion detectors are right up by the ceiling, at the end of the day you go through the halls walking from end to end with little mirrors with magnets attached to the top and attach it in front of the detectors that will be in your area. When you open doors, at least the way ours work you can really just tape the latch closed with duct tape and it wont lock, or use the code method. when you open the door to get the car in, bc they need to get big tables in and stuff, the middle metal post on doors can be removed usually--this is how you drive the car in. we had the whole thing planned out perfectly, everything worked that we tested bc we accidentally got locked in the school one night so we tested the alarms...and then left. Anyway, the reason we scrapped it is bc we were worried about not getting caught, but gettting the car traced. either A it's your car and you have to get it out, or B it's a crap car that you bought for 200 bucks with your friends but there's a paper trail. So we decided that we werent so up for that.

    Our other idea that we're going to shoot for is tapping into the PA system and playing music through a cd player on loop hidden away somewhere in the school, our chem teacher did this in high school and we thought it would be a pretty cool idea, unfortunately we really have no knowledge in how to do this, so if anyone wants to teach me a little bit i'd be interested. We have theories but we havent really tested anything, oh well. Help with that would be appreciated.
  • jawaad87jawaad87 - Posts: 111 Junior Member
    ha ha security is tight in my school. I should know. in 8th grade i opened a nonsecured door to the school while the school was closed by accident, because iw anted to get a gatorade.

    well i got in, but my friends wanted a gatorade too, so i let them in, in a different door which WAS secure, and that triggered the alarm.

    Funny thing was that my freinds ran out the building (the whole tennis team was there), but I waited to get my gatorade before i ran out.

    Endedup costing the school like 10,000 dollars because the police came and they had to inspect the entire school, some liability crap.

    so no infiltrating the school at night or puttng desks on the roof or cars in the hallways. too difficult and too risky.

    however, that PA system thing would be awesome. how would one do it if the speaker is in the main office?
  • polter93157polter93157 Registered User Posts: 767 Member
    rewiring. that would involve either

    a) tracing the wires from the office microphone
    b) full understanding of circuitry and getting hold of building wire schematics to tap
    c) tapping directly into the PA system
    d) by wireless router that most likely won't happen

    none of which are likely. our school has a marquee which would be cool to control (i know some 'privileged' kids who work on our school network over the summer), but it is located only in the cafe, and no one ever bother's to check.
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