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List of Top, Prestigious Awards


Replies to: List of Top, Prestigious Awards

  • 5toryt3ll3r5toryt3ll3r Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    TASP is so prestigious because the acceptance rate is 3%. Further than that, the reason the rate is so low is because the admissions committee specifically looks for candidates who they believe are, essentially, special snowflakes. They go beyond looking at grades and test scores (though most who get in are stellar in these areas) to choose students who they believe are passionate and, above all, interesting human beings. Colleges want people like this, so they consider TASPers to have been already vetted, beyond what university admissions committees can already ascertain from their transcripts.
  • kjake2000kjake2000 Registered User Posts: 1,219 Senior Member
    speaking to someone earlier about CMU SAMS, I got in but I ended up turning it down. Should I still list it on my app? This is obviously a hard program to get into, especially because I am an Asian male and its a minority program lol
  • elsaknightelsaknight Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Is it possible to add USSYP, Girls/Boys Nation, and Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship Student Congress in here?
    They're all government/politics related, *prestigious, and are nation-wide for their acceptance. I'd like to know where in general these three programs would be.

    *Personally, I wouldn't put them all on the exact same level, (I put them in descending order from what I've experienced)
  • gdnjmogdnjmo Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    Can someone add NYO, NSO SMI, and National Young Arts? I think this was mentioned before but I might as well bring this up again.
  • InxightInxight Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    10: Congrats

    D1 athlete
    Intel STS Top 10; Siemens Finalist; ISEF Top 3 Grand Prize; Google Science Fair age group winner
    History Day National Winner
    Single/First Author in High Impact Factor Journal
    Special performance/Solo at Carnegie Hall
    International Competitor in a Sport
    Boys Nation President

    9: Almost a ticket to a prestigious school

    Siemens Westinghouse finalists; Google Science Fair Finalist; MOP; Intel STS Finalist; ISEF Best of Category
    NFL Nationals winner
    NCFL Nationals Winner
    RSI (Research Science Institute)
    Published in a relatively prestigious journal

    8: Amazing accomplishment; Large boost

    TASP, USAPhO/USNCO/USABO/USACO National Finalist
    Google Science Fair Semifinalist; Siemens Semi-finalists; Intel ISEF 1st-4th place category; Intel STS semifinalist,
    Running your own *successful* business
    USAMO qualification
    AMC 12 Perfect Score, Presidential Scholar, Davidson Fellow
    Writing Portfolio Gold Award, Presidential Scholar of the Arts, Scholastic Art
    FIRST Dean's List winner, top 5 at FIRST World Championships,
    Google Code Jam Round 2, 3 Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
    Facebook Hacker Cup Round 2, 3 Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
    MIT PRIMES Participant
    International Public Policy Forum Top 32 team
    All National Band or Orchestra performer
    Boys Nation Participant

    SSP, Simons, CMU SAMS, NIH Research, and MITES and other selective programs
    Science Olympiad national medals, EUCYS prizes
    State governors schools with acceptance rate <15% (PGSS, NJGSS, most other science governor's schools)
    USACO Platinum Division
    ARML Tiebreaker Round / Top Team, YES Competition (Young Epidemiology Scholarship), USAMTS Gold Medal
    Intel ISEF Finalist, History Day National Level
    Scholastic Art & Writing National Gold Medal. NFL Nationals (speech and debate) "breakers" (elimination rounds), Tournament of Champions (debate) "breakers," Congressional Award Gold Medalist,
    International Public Policy Forum Top 64 team


    USAPhO/USABO semifinals, Science Olympiad Nationals qualification
    USACO Gold Division
    AMC 10 Perfect Score
    Less competitive governor's schools (Acceptance rate between 15% and 25%), any other scholarship summer programs not aforementioned
    Congressional Award Silver Medalist, NFL Nationals/Tournament of Champions Qualifier, FBLA Nationals
    Science Bowl/Ocean Science Bowl/NAQT winners, Technology Student Association Nationals
    FIRST Dean's List finalist
    Top 5 FIRST Super Regionals (FTC)
    Scholastic Art & Writing National Silver Medal
    Academic Decathlon State (CA) Honors Top 3
    (6.5) Google Code Jam Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)
    (6.5) Facebook Hacker Cup Qualifier (Vast majority of Competitors are College students and professionals)

    5: Pretty good; will complement an already strong record

    USNCO semifinals
    National Latin Convention 1st Places Academic Contests,
    All-Eastern/all-regional music, State History Day top 3 place
    Top 5 FIRST State Championship (or Regionals for FRC), JETS TEAMS National Finalist, Skills USA Nationals
    State Science Fair Winner/Top Award
    Academic Decathlon State (AZ/TX/MA/WI), Nationals Top 3 Honors & California Event Golds


    USACO Silver Division
    Science Fair Regional winner
    Science Olympiad state medals (depending on what state you're from)
    Science Bowl national qualification
    Perfect Score (Multiple Years) on National Latin Exam
    State awards (all-state music, etc)
    Academic Decathlon State (AZ/TX/MA/WI) Event Golds
    MUN Gavel
    AMC 10/12 school winner (depends on your school)
    Art and Writing Regional Gold award
    Top 5 FIRST Regional (FTC)

    3: Some effort involved, but not uncommon

    Winning at local/regional science fairs
    All-County music,
    Eagle Scout, National Merit Finalist
    Head of a competitive club that you did not found (ex: Mock Trial, Model UN, Science Olympiad)

    2: Your average go-getter

    Bank of America Awards
    Local awards/trophies
    Essay Contests
    Regional History Day

    1 : Common activities

    National Honor Society
    Beta Club
    School Departmental Awards
    School Honor Roll
    Key Club, CSF, Interact Club
    National Merit Commended
    Member of a club with no distinctions earned

    0: A dime in a dozen; meaningless

    Who's Who, National Honor Roll, National Society of High School Scholars
  • 5toryt3ll3r5toryt3ll3r Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    I think someone asked this way back, but how do we quantify the awards that we have? For instance, I have a solo performance at Carnegie Hall (10), TASP (8), and a Scholastic Art & Writing National Gold Medal (7). Do we add them up (10+8+7=25) and the higher a score, the better?
  • gkdudtlffjgkdudtlffj Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    Honestly guys, the list created above is just filled with bunch of bias. It's not legit. Stop using this list to determine your self-worth in the admission process. College admission officers don't see your achievements in numbers.. they prefer the passion you bring to the table from your achievements and you unique personality.

    I wouldn't be really saying these things if the list was 100% legit made by Ivy Leagues or Stanford but these are made by high school students who don't know the exacts in the admission process. LIke really though.. All Nationals Orchestra and Band shouldn't be compared to Google Science Fair Semifinalists. Not all the talented musicians try out for All Nationals due to its expensive fees.

    In addition, state awards (in music, athletic, and etc) should be placed at 5 or 6. I don't get why it is stuck at 4 because placing at state shouldn't be comparable to winning regional in Science Fair. Students participating at state competitions already won their regional competition. Not to mention that more students participate in those music and sports competition compared to science fairs, making those competitions more competitive.

    Thirdly, SSP should not be considered a "7" because its prestige is compared to that of RSI. Although RSI is more selective, SSP is the second most selective summer program in the United States.

    As a conclusion, students who are applying to colleges should not deem their self-worth in the admission process based on this list. Admission Officers from Ivy Leagues do like these achievements but without any characters, the officers won't pick you. This list contains numerous amounts of errors that I didn't specifically call out and it's really based off of bias from people. For example, a male student who was a president for like 4-5 clubs, was in a swim team, was in an orchestra (both school and youth orchestra), and organized many public events went to Harvard. He didn't have any of those crazy prestigious awards (Research paper getting accepted to high impact factor journal.. which is unlikely unless you are literally a Tony Stark) or have those big accomplishment by winning these National science competitions. He simply just loved the passion of helping and leading people in those clubs + events. Another scenario is that a guy who participated in crazy amounts of clubs such as FIRST Robotics, DECA, FBLA, Speech and Debate, and etc. He went to State for FIRST Robotics and participated at Nationals for DECA, FBLA, and Speech and Debate. Crazy right? He even had insane test scores (bunch of perfects) to back up his accomplished extracurricular and honors. However, he got rejected from all of the schools he applied to.. except for a state university. To summarize the whole thing, this list is inaccurate as it underrates and overrates many of the items... just stop using this list.
  • gdnjmogdnjmo Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I agree with gkdudtlffj in that extracurriculars aren't everything in college admissions and that some of the activities listed above are misplaced. However, I think that it's in general a well-crafted list (most things are probably within 1 category of where they actually are) made with good intentions and a lot of experience.
  • tomatojuicetomatojuice Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    I had a handful of 3's and 1's, rejected from every prestigious national summer program I applied to, didn't even pass the AMC, never played sports or instruments (can't swim or ride a bike), and I was accepted REA to Stanford and received a full ride merit scholarship to Duke just for being myself. Stop worrying about college because it's all the same at the end of the day. Be amazing for yourself not your university.
  • MahindraMahindra Registered User Posts: 415 Member
    It depends on what major you are going into. If you are going into STEM, then a national olympiad or major science fair will drastically increase your chances of admission. That is why you see probably half of the STEM students that attend the top schools such as Stanford, CMU, Caltech, and MIT are USAMO, USACO, IMO, Intel ISEF Finalist, etc. These extracurriculars play a larger role in admissions in STEM, focused schools.
  • esperantistesperantist Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    Where would awards at slightly less prestigious international science fairs go (a bronze medal at ISWEEEP)?
  • esperantistesperantist Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    Also, where would a presentation about your research at a prestigious mobile technology conference be placed (ACM Mobicom)? What about less common honors like if our representative (from the house of representatives) gave a speech to Congress about our research? I don't see JSEHS or NSHS (the science honor symposiums) on there either.
  • applejuice007applejuice007 Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
    edited September 2017
    Where would Vex robotics go, like getting to world's
  • kj2002kj2002 Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    How prestigious is getting a patent?

    It would depend on what region your from and how common it is to get into VEX.
  • esperantistesperantist Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    @kj2002 A design patent or utility patent? I would say it's definitely something that distinguishes you, but I'm not sure where it would rank on the scale.
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