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Milton Academy Sex Scandal

runawaywithmerunawaywithme Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
edited March 2005 in High School Life
Fox News Live reported that there was a locker room sex scandal at Milton Academy. Five boys and one girl were engaging in group sex in the boys hockey locker room. The 15 year-old sophmore girl was freely giving oral sex to all of 5 of the boys. The boys got expelled and the girl had to leave school for a period of time. Because of the boy-to-girl ratio, Milton Academy thought it was wrong but I think the girl should have gotten expelled as well. She seems like a ho and she had no buisness in the boys locker room.
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Replies to: Milton Academy Sex Scandal

  • 3togo3togo Registered User Posts: 5,233 Senior Member
    edited February 2005
    Boston native here ... and this story is all over the news ... there is lots of missing information so it's impossible for the general public to know what really happened (for example, who's idea was this) ... so it's pretty tough to draw judgements on Milton Academy's decisions.

    One thing is clear is these guys needed to know Mass law ... the girl was 15 and the boy's are all 16 and older ... however the event started and occured what happened is apperently statutory rape in Massachuseets (a 15 y.o. girl can not give concent in Mass apparently no matter how old the boy is if he is atleast 16). Whatever happens at Milton Academy the legal consequences could be much-much worse.
  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    I do not agree with the use of the word "ho", but I also agree that she should have been expelled. Unfortunately, the law dictates otherwise. The 5:1 ration of boys to girls creates a "situation of pressure" in which the girl's yielding is not entirely her choice. It very well may have been, but by law there was undue pressure for her to commit the acts. She cannot be held wholly responsible for her actions.

    My understanding of our state law is that (in this case) the girl, or a legal guardian, must press charges for the boys' actions to be punishable as statutory rape. There is evidence that this might happen, as the girl seems to have been exonerated (she wasn't expelled, only left school as a protective measure).

    That Fox News calls this news, in the face of mounting political tension with Europe, two ongoing wars, and two pontentially imminent conflicts involving (existing) weapons of mass destruction, is a shame. What a despicable group of scandal-mongering wretches.
  • jthecanadianjthecanadian Registered User Posts: 340 Member
    Two other prestigious private high schools in New England made headlines last year after alleged sexual misdeeds by students. At St. Paul's School in Concord, N.H., 15 senior girls were disciplined for sexually-oriented hazing of younger girls. Police investigated but lacked the evidence to file charges. Trustees at the Groton School were indicted by a grand jury last summer on charges of failing to report a 1999 complaint by a 16-year-old who said he had been sexually assaulted by other students.

    Very interesting stuff here...
  • kevster1001kevster1001 Registered User Posts: 2,559 Senior Member
    I am very shocked by hearing these news. Wow, these things also happen in the top schools of U.S.A? St. Paul's???????????? -_-
  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    Speaking as an adolescent, I can make you a guarantee:

    Kids are as unsavory as their adult counterparts, regardless of school. Even upbringing only delays their discovery of both the world around them and themselves. What you need to do is foster a community of awareness. With awareness comes maturity. With maturity comes trust. An oppressive right-wing environment does not cure a community of its ails, it only censors them. Rather than be appalled, people need to learn a lesson from this mess. You should ask your children about sex and drugs. Odds are, they know more about the two than you do. What parents have is maturity and responsibility. Wisdom. That is what you need to share with your child in return, honest advice based on your own experience. A stuffy society leads to a generation of misinformed youth and disgusted adults.
  • fhshortie08fhshortie08 Registered User Posts: 744 Member
    well i dont go to a prestigious school but weve had sex incidents too. two years ago, a cheerleader was having sex with a wrestler in the boys locker room, but when they got caught she said he was raping her (not true), so he got sent off to jail :(

    and this year, a lot of freshmen have been caught having sex in the bathrooms and gyms. how disgusting is that? *heuk!*
  • carbfreenoodlescarbfreenoodles Registered User Posts: 252 Junior Member
  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    I'm not sure how "horrible" the act itself is, except that it was done on school property, during school, with a minor. But remember, her being a year underage doesn't make it the boys' choices alone. 16 is an arbitrary line in the sand. The minor was willingly engaging in the act, even if the law doesn't recognize the fact.

    We must separate the three issues in our minds to avoid sensationalizing the story:
    1) There was a sexual act involving students, within the school
    2) There was a sexual act involving a minor
    3) There was a sexual act involving six individuals

    Taken one at a time, this whole situation seems pretty benign. The students made a stupid choice, but only one of these three issues is explicitly punishable by law. Even that one seems questionable, given the petty age difference between the girl and her "rapists".

    I find it distasteful, personally, but we can't let "scandals" like these get in the way of private freedoms. The attention these stories get, in national news, is dangerous.
  • thomaschauthomaschau Registered User Posts: 510 Member
    I believe the law is a bit unreasonable. It is really unjust to expel and suspend some kids engaging in sexual acts due to a slight age difference. Amend it.

    But in this case, it's good that the administrators were kind enough to give them a punishment to avoid the legal consequences.
  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    The law IS unreasonable, but that's because there's no clearly better alternative. Government could keep the age at 16 and add a two year grace-period, but this would leave adults wondering why they cannot have intercourse with a 14 year old, too. If an individual is mature enough to make the choice to have sex with a 16 year old, why can't they decide to be with an 17 year old instead? What about a 19 year old? 35? 50? There's no solution to even consider putting in an ammendment yet.

    At any rate, the school's punishment is probably not because she was a minor. That is only, in my opinion, why she herself was not expelled. Fornicating on school grounds is enough for the boys to be expelled. Milton Academy is in no place to interpret the law, though, and the law still dictates that the boys can be charged with rape.
  • runawaywithmerunawaywithme Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
    Nom- Sorry you don't agree with my term/expression of "ho". Whatever you want to call this girl or however you toss it up, she's a ho. You can say promiscuous,trashy, loose, skanky, slotty, whore, whatever. My point was that she wasn't acting in a classy manner. I both agree and disagree with your thinking of this situation as " a situation of pressure". Whether the pressure was more felt on the boys or more felt on the girl, either could have backed out at any time. If these kids truly knew it was wrong they should have followed their better judement. All 6 of these students involved are in the wrong and all she be equally penalized. I think it is absolutley wrong that the girls' punishment is only "administrative leave" and the boys will be charged as rapists. The girl could very well come back to Milton and just screw some other guys while these boys are tarnished with the stamp of being rapists. I wholeheartdely agree with your statements of the law being unreasonable.
  • tappingpreptappingprep Registered User Posts: 338 Junior Member
    we could say she was promiscuous to satisfy everyone on this thread....but that's so long.

    does this happen a lot and no one usually is found out?eek!
  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    In response to runawaywithme:
    I was only objecting to the word. I did, however, say that she should be held to the same expectations as her male partners. I put "rapist" in quotation marks to show my disdain for the uneqal punishment of the girl. The law exists for a very legitimate reason, but I question its efficacy in situations like this one.

    Now, you misunderstood my comment on pressure. I was only describing a law, in the context of how the school and state each determine appropriate punishments. That is, they don't overlap in jurisdiction and each follow their own guidelines. In short, and thomaschau should read this too, the school is not in a position to arbitrate a rape charge against the boys. Also, according to the Boston Globe's summary of the state law, the girl could not have consented to the acts even if she had been of legal age. That's most of what I said.
  • runawaywithmerunawaywithme Registered User Posts: 239 Junior Member
    Nom- I fully and completley understood what you said in both your objections to my word choice and also the comment about " situation of pressure". I'm not trying to get hostile with you about what I said in my thread, I'm just giving my point of view.
  • NomNom Registered User Posts: 968 Member
    No no, I'm not trying to escalate either. I was just clarifying what I had said. I wasn't sure you totally understood me, since you implied that I _personally_ thought she was pressured into the act. T'is all. Thanks for clearing this up.
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