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I want to drop out of high school.

bcarvingsbcarvings Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
edited February 2008 in High School Life
I'm 18 in the state of Pennsylvania. A senior in high school with a GPA of 3.0 for the past 3 high school years (in all CP classes).

First my reason for wanting to drop out:

I am depressed and unhappy in school. It's not the academics, I just don't see why I should go to high school if I don't enjoy it when I can get a GED quickly. I have not made many if any friends through my entire high school career. I haven't gone out socially, often, for a long time. I go to a catholic school. It's not that I'm made fun of I just can't take a joke anymore. I'm just so depressed in school I feel like just walking out.

My reason for this post?

How do I drop out? How can I get a GED? Will I get into college with 3 years of high school and a GED? Do colleges care that I am dropping out of my senior year rather then junior? Will I have trouble getting into penn state's Wilkes-Barre campus? I have a 1480 on my SAT and 3.0 GPA? Do my 3 years of high school grades matter when I drop out?

I can't type any longer, please help.
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Replies to: I want to drop out of high school.

  • sparkle415sparkle415 Registered User Posts: 197 Junior Member
    I really felt the same way as you for all of high school. I didn't want a terrible senior year.
    Honestly, I would recommend transferring schools. Put some serious thought into it. From what I can tell, youre not antisocial really, but you just havent really clicked with anyone. I think that for college admissions, and to stick it out for senior year, you should try and transfer. I think it would really be worth it and you might get a fantastic senior year out of it.

    I was SO unhappy at my old school and I am SO happy at my new school. Just put some thought into it.
  • ebeeeeeebeeeee Registered User Posts: 5,199 Senior Member
    If you are really interested in a four year college, do not drop out of high school. Are there any dual enrollment programs in your area where you can take community college classes? Can you change high schools? Can you see a counselor about your depression? Is there an independent study program you can transfer into for the rest of your high school? You really need to find some options rather than dropping out and getting a GED.

    A GED will not be viewed the same as graduating by most schools.
  • fencersmotherfencersmother Registered User Posts: 1,975 Senior Member
    PA Cyber charter school. You can complete your high school career at home, or with tons of dual enrollment options. There are other cyber schools too - check them out. All free, with computer and they'll pay your isp.
  • bcarvingsbcarvings Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    I have for 1-8th grade gone to the same catholic school. Then for 9th grade I went to public high school. Then I switched to a catholic high school (where my few friends from grade school had all gone). Penn state's Wilkes-Barre campus is not very competetive. My SAT scores are in their range. My GPA is in their range. If you see the stats on collegeboards website for Penn state's wilkes-barre campus do you think I could get in? 1480 SAT w/ 3.0 GPA? I could go to a community college right? Theoretically if I take and pass the GED this month I could enroll in spring college classes? (Prolly at community college due to acceptance?)

    As for not liking school I think I've just given up. I've learned early on not to like it and at this point I just want high school to be over. Changing schools won't change anything. I could write a biography, but I've just had so many things happen that it would take years for you to understand the way my mind is working right now. I've always wanted to play football, I quit freshman year after 3 practices, then joined this year in June and quit again after 3-4 days. That was my last reason to be happy. I just don't know what keeps me going to high school...

    I would be happy if I could graduate a prestiguous college and raise a family.

    I am having the hardest time now in my life then I've ever had. I'm depressed but because I'm no longer a child I can't just ask for mommy's help and make everything alright...

    I need to at least know I have to option to withdraw and go into college...

    Thank you both for responding.
  • enderkinenderkin Registered User Posts: 1,667 Senior Member
    stick it out, or your options will drop significantly. i know its hard, but you gotta hang on somehow, man. high school is almost over--you might as well go the distance and just finish the race. write about your struggles in your essays. make the best out of crap. you won't regret it later.

    no matter what, you can always raise a family, under any condition. keep your hopes alive.
  • InthebizInthebiz Registered User Posts: 632 Member
    I think you should try to stick it out. It's "only" 7-8 months. ANd a high school diploma is better than a GED.

    I'm not a therapist, but what little you've told us sounds like your "diagnosis" of being depressed is correct. If you haven't already, you should talk with your doctor about seeing a therapist and, possibly, getting on anti-depressant medication.

    Your unhappiness sounds much broader than not liking your school. And if that's the case, college isn't going to cure it.

    Good luck!!
  • ebeeeeeebeeeee Registered User Posts: 5,199 Senior Member
    OP, I've been thinking about your post. Please think about seeing a doctor or counselor and please consider the cyber school route.
  • bessiebessie Registered User Posts: 1,818 Senior Member
    Please talk to a therapist. In the meantime, do not drop out. Pleanty of people are miserable in high school! Try doing a combination of home schooling and classes at the high school if your district allows it. You can also take as many one semester classes at your local community college as you can that your high school will accept for HS credit. They usually count for a year of hs classes. If you have ROP at your school, find something you are interested in and take a class that puts you out in the real world doing something you enjoy. Minimize the time you actually spend on campus and just get your HS diploma. You can also probably graduate at the end of the first semester if you plan ahead. Hang in there. College is worth it. Good luck.
  • PA MomPA Mom Registered User Posts: 975 Member
    A lot of great advice here. Hopefully it helps. I know that high school is not a great situation for some kids.

    If you do decide that you want to take the GED, it doesn't mean you can't meet your goals. Many colleges accept GED and your test scores would help as well. Once you are in college nobody will care whether you had a ged or a hs diploma. Once you get that college degree nobody will care.

    Good luck with whatever you decide - remember that high school is a very small portion of your life - it will get better!

    I agree that talking to a professional could help - please consider it.
  • CelitaCelita Registered User Posts: 576 Member
    If you are really intellectually motivated, and just can't take the school itself, consider the book "Teenage Liberation Handbook" its a great book for teenagers who want to go beyond school and teach themselves. Though I'm not sure if its too late for you on that since your 18 already... but not sure. I mean, there's college if you plan on it..
  • compaq10compaq10 Registered User Posts: 264 Junior Member
    May be you should talk to a counselor at your school to make an arrangement so that you can take the remaining courses at a community college. If you have to drop out, you can still go to a community college, complete the lower division courses and then transfer to Penn's State for the upper division couses. Best
  • TarhuntTarhunt Registered User Posts: 2,138 Senior Member
    Ideally, you would have sought early admission last year and finished your high school diploma in college. I don't believe that's an option at this point.

    Look, if I were an admissions officer, I would be very concerned about a kid who dropped out of senior year and got a GED. A GED is simply not a high school equivalent for college prep. You will lose a year of English, math, science, etc. that most schools would consider important prereqs. There is a good likelihood that this will mean attending a community college (a lot like high school, unfortunately) and then transferring.

    Your high SAT score, relatively low grades, and dropout would absolutely scream depression or some other emotional disorder. Red flags would go up all over in any admissions department with which I've had contact.

    To echo some others here, I'd say your real problem is depression. You need to get that fixed. Believe me. I cannot urge you to see a therapist strongly enough. Depression is a debilitating disease and many people die of it. If they don't die, they most often lead cheerless lives in a sort of purgatory on earth. You don't want to live your life that way. You really don't.

    Good luck.
  • bunny27bunny27 Registered User Posts: 280 Junior Member
    Ok, believe me, I have almost an identical attitude towards high school. I have been miserable all three years. The kids in my school are for the most part rude and arrogant, there are only about 100 or so kids in my grade (most of whom I've known since I was very very young) so there is no one new to meet, I live in the middle of nowhere so there's no where to escape, and it just makes me miserable. I haven't been able to switch schools because I feel terrible for making my parents pay money for a private school. I too have had thoughts of dropping out, but I haven't because I know I can't. My first two years of high school were so stressful that I could barely keep up with the academics, so my average will be lower than it could have been. HOWEVER, if there is one thing I've learned, it's that when the emotional aspects of high school get to be too much, just keep repeating to yourself that it will be over soon. As hard as it may be, try to put all your focus on your studies and just ignore the social part of high school. June will come, it does every year. =)
  • FredFredBurgerFredFredBurger Registered User Posts: 1,425 Senior Member
    1480 out of 1600 or out of 2400? There's a big difference on which schools you can and will be accepted to. If it's out of 1600, I wouldn't worry too much, because you're obviously bright enough. In the end do what feels best.
  • bcarvingsbcarvings Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    My SAT score was out of 2400. What about getting an online diploma? Because I spent 3 years at a regular high school could I still graduate from an online school? Do online schools have grades and stuff? Would colleges frown on an online high school dimplioa?
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