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AP Economics

rodneyrodney 9267 replies139 threads Senior Member
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Does anyone have a good, comprehensive website that they have used for explanations?

D has awful AP Economics teacher who basically throws powerpoints up on board without explanation.....She is using the Barron's Prep book for help, but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas
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Replies to: AP Economics

  • futurenyustudentfuturenyustudent 5303 replies63 threads Senior Member
    Try the Barrons book and buy another one.....Kaplan or something. That should do. If she has any questions I may be able to answer them....got a 5 in AP Micro, 4 in AP Macro, so I know econ inside out, upside down and backwards.

    And I'm not trying to be a pompous ass. I'm simply offering to help.
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  • kxliukxliu 259 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I'm sure your D can self-study. I agree with futurenyustudent. She should probably get the Barrons or PR book - I heard those two were the best for AP ECON.
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  • rodneyrodney 9267 replies139 threads Senior Member
    Thanks to you both....I'll have her pick up the other review books...

    futurenyustudent: I may have her take you up on your offer!!
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  • smilodonsmilodon 199 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I got fives on both tests, if she has any questions. In addition, try the five steps for a five book, it was far more helpful than the others.
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