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B- to an A?

CORECORE 147 replies33 threads Junior Member
edited November 2007 in High School Life
My biology honors class is really tough.
All my AP bio upperclassmen friends had B's in this class and have high
A's in AP bio, and they told me that AP bio is so much easier... T.T
Given these circumstances, it is half the marking period, and I have a B-, do you think its possible to pull it up?
edited November 2007
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Replies to: B- to an A?

  • MBPMBP 2469 replies40 threads Senior Member
    it depends. how comfortable were you with what you just did and how comfortable are you with what you're doing now.
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  • teenage_clicheteenage_cliche 3505 replies17 threads Senior Member
    It depends on the opportunities offered and how much specific things (i.e. tests, homework, etc) factor into your grade. If there are opportunities for extra credit, take it. If tests are valued more, study more and make sure to ask the teacher if you're unsure of a topic. Learn from the tests; teachers tend to ask similar types of questions, so figure out if it's more a matter of sheer memorization versus a matter of comprehension. Also, how are the tests structured? All these types of things that help you read the teacher will help you.
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  • mj93mj93 3438 replies163 threads- Senior Member
    B- = not good

    pull it up or take an easier class (if you are shooting for top schools)
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  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 3711 replies54 threads Senior Member
    Based on the difficulty of your class it's doesn't seem realistic to go up. A B is not the end of the world, though.(even for Harvard :) !) Just do your best and see where that gets you.
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  • A-CardA-Card 738 replies48 threads Member
    dunno depends on the grading. In ap physics i got an 82 to up to a 90.2. Hopefully i will end up with an A at the end of the semster.
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  • Miss SilvestrisMiss Silvestris 395 replies61 threads- Member
    Uh, if you had say, a month or two it would be realistic. I don't know how much you can do in one or two weeks though.

    It depends on how many significant assignments and tests you have coming up.
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  • andreaaaaaaandreaaaaaa 7864 replies66 threads Senior Member
    It depends on how many significant assignments and tests you have coming up.

    yeah. it depends.
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  • CORECORE 147 replies33 threads Junior Member
    yikes...gwad i am sooooo dead....
    at least everyone on this forum tells the truth, everyone around me is like "oh my god, your so smart anyway it won't matter" I was like aj;dlkfkjdcnjkf-3ee
    looks like my time at CC will be devoted to studying
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