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Model UN

soccerstar18soccerstar18 312 replies60 threads- Member
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Okay, so I'm currently enrolled in a Florida High school where we don't have A MUN in our school. I do hear alot about it and I'm in debate, and hear it's similar. I'd like to start up a Model UN program at my school so if anyone can tell me info about it. Like :
How are the competitions run?
Is it similar to speech and debate?
How many people are needed?

Or just general ideas on how it's run and stuff.

And websites don't help me. haha.
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  • soccerstar18soccerstar18 312 replies60 threads- Member
    Bumpppp.. Ansersss?
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  • princessbellprincessbell 1927 replies151 threads Senior Member
    Do a google search and look up the conferences in your area. It's not really like a debate, because you're not looking for one person who is right, but rather trying to combine common interest so that everyone is happy while simotaneously promoting your own interests. I just joined this year, so I haven't personally been to a conference yet, but I have heard that it is very similar to other academic competitions. The number of people needed for each competition depends upon the country you're representing. For example, if you're the United States, you'll need like 25 people, but if you're Sierra Leone, you'll need much less. All of this information and more will be provided once you get in contact with a particular conference because only they will have specifics.
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  • sirajomansirajoman 66 replies36 threads- Junior Member
    sup man,

    i did the same thing i live in texas. it took me about 3 weeks to find a sponser, and ask some school officals to get it ready, then i put up posters for the meeting date. its basically that easy.


    I was there 15 minutes early in the meeting room the day of the first meeting i was so excited. I sat down, ate one of my donuts i brought for everyone and waited. and waited. 130 minutes later no one was there and the bell rang for school to start.

    I was kinda sad it didnt work out cause everyone here is an antigovernment conservative pussy.

    Im kinda happy cause i can say i was the president and founder of model Un, no one came tho. :D
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  • ptoncollege09ptoncollege09 215 replies6 threads Junior Member
    ^ no one??
    anyway you can start small, about 20 people is ok.
    it's reallyyyy helpful to have an advisor educated in international politics and how the UN works;;

    your club/advisor register with a conference, normally associated with a university,... pick a country.... research your topics... practice speech. then go. Hahahahaha
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  • runspotrunrunspotrun 48 replies1 threads Junior Member

    it owns model un
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  • TaggartTaggart 1459 replies27 threads Senior Member
    I am such a Model UN fan.

    Howe'er, those questions are long, extensive, and hard to answer, so my answers will be genral. Competitions are run with assigned groups, or "committees" as the actual terms go, and are run by the Dias (the chair, the assistant chair, and a myriad of others -- this is rather arbitrary, and wholly depends on who runs the conference), and have a few topics assigned for debate. Each school entering sends a bunch of students and they are divided up via committee of choice. Each delegation (single/pair of students in a committee) represents a certain country and are supposed to debate/offer up solutions accordingly. Before most conferences, students are required to write a position paper, detailing their country's position on the topics being debated.

    It is similar to speech and debate, yes, as in, you have to have speech and debate skills, but also, it is more extensive in that you have to draft resolutions and articulate, through writing, your ideas.

    I don't know how many people are needed, since you haven't said for what. Any number of people is fine. I remember sophomore year, the club got dissolved because our adviser ran out on us, and a group of around 10 of us skipped school and went to UNAUSA instead.
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