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volunteering at animal shelter

NarcissaNarcissa 3779 replies156 threads- Senior Member
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i volunteer at the local animal shelter and had just started some time ago since im really bored right now. it's basically just for fun and i can hang out with my friends too. however i don't want colleges to think this is all application filler. since my ECs are stuff are very science-oriented (especially bio/med) do you think this fits in well? thnx

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Replies to: volunteering at animal shelter

  • gbesqgbesq 1707 replies72 threads Senior Member
    If you are thinking that you might eventually be interested in studying veterinary medicine, it fits in very well. If not, I still think it's helpful because it demonstrates a commitment to service on your part.
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  • Courtney8Courtney8 367 replies30 threads Member
    ehhh you should try volunteering in a regular hospital instead of an animal shelter to show that you are interested in science.
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  • sigurrossigurros 1427 replies12 threads Member
    I wouldn't worry about and doubt it will have any negative effect on your application.

    DO NOT get a volunteer position at a hospital if you would prefer the Animal Shelter.
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  • fizix2fizix2 3388 replies182 threads Senior Member
    well yes because animals are fuzzy and adorable <3

    and it's not like it's a bad thing. if you're that worried, just don't write it on your application.
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  • fhgfhg 1338 replies38 threads Senior Member
    If you enjoy it, continue and write about it on your application. They don't want to see a million extracurriculars in different areas but it is possible that you are passionate about science and about animals...
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  • NarcissaNarcissa 3779 replies156 threads- Senior Member
    well, im doing it for fun, and animals sounds much more fun than hospital!!!!
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  • Courtney8Courtney8 367 replies30 threads Member
    yeahhhhhh i agreee.
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