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What to Join

pseudorealpseudoreal 203 replies17 threads Junior Member
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I am getting all the letters from the 'honors societies' and others requesting money to join their organization.

What should I join? I have not joined anything yet; they all seem pretty stupid and meant to be sent out to people who are not used to this and think they are special for receiving something in the mail.

ex) I just got something from National Society of High School Scholars requesting $45 for me to join. I mean it is just scholars, not even honors. Isn't everyone a high school scholar?

So the question:

What should I join if I get anything in the mail or what should I apply for?

BTW: I joined California Scholarship Federation for around $10 since it was requested to me. I do not know if this was a good decision.

BTW 2: If any of y'all do XBOX Live or subscription services, I bought a Visa gift card for $50 and XBOX has already renewed my year subscription for $49.99 twice. I do not know where they are getting the money but it is certainly not from me. Any opinions?
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Replies to: What to Join

  • EASDEASD 338 replies150 threads Member
    I have the same question. According top the majority of CCers, the National Society of HS Scholars is not worth it. However, my mom got excited and payed the 45 right away. It's not selective though. But hey, I guess we had some extra money...
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  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena 2790 replies54 threads Senior Member
    no. Don't join. These menial titles are not going to help you at all on your app, they just fill up pointless space. And if you decide to join, opt for one that you don't have to pay anything for. The only award you get for getting this award (i.e. who's who, national honor roll, national society of hs scholars) is a sense of self-entitlement. Pointless! pointless! If your mommy is happy to fork over the $$, then sure, why not. But don't put it on your resume or college app. Its not gonna help, for sure
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  • etranman1etranman1 111 replies54 threads Junior Member
    yea my mom paid it too...i told her it was a scam but she denied it...
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  • icinnamonicinnamon 133 replies23 threads Junior Member
    You usually get that spam/scams after taking your PSATs (or any CollegeBoard test where you say "OK" to the question about sharing your address w/ colleges). The people who send those out send it to EVERYONE! The CollegeBoard is NOT allowed to release your GPA or test scores. They know nothing about you besides the fact you took the test.
    If I was a college admissions officer and you put that as an EC, I'd feel bad that you got scammed. There is nothing else about it. I def wouldn't use them to "fill" your application
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  • galestormgalestorm 268 replies39 threads Junior Member
    Don't put them on apps. If I was an admissions officer and saw one of these on your app. I would first think "this person was dumb enough to pay for this?" I would then think "They didn't have anything better to put?"
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  • deeptin09deeptin09 273 replies65 threads Junior Member
    you had to pay $10 for CSF? my school only makes us pay $1 per semester. the only reason people at my school do it is cause we get super cool cords at graduation. same with math honors society. YAY FOR CORDS!
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  • pseudorealpseudoreal 203 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Ya the CSF probably is bullshiz and I don't go to any of the meetings anyway.

    How would you know how an organization got your info? Do they have any other possible sources except for College Board? Many of them do not say where they found out who you were.
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  • icinnamonicinnamon 133 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Almost none of them say where they got your info.
    But logically, when did the mailings/emails start? Right after you gave your info to the collegeboard...
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