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Am I deserting my friends?

Echelon32Echelon32 703 replies56 threads Member
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So I will be taking this girl to prom. Who happens to sit at lunch at a table of her other girl friends. Usually I sit at a table with my guy friends. We don't really "cross-over" much at all, with the exception of myself and one other.

So here is my lame situation ahahahaha. Since I don't get to see my prom date really at all during school, I don't want to make my asking be like a hit-and-run and not talk to her for a month until the prom or something. However, if I were to join them during lunch, I would effectively be physically distancing myself from my friends. Would such a distancing be worth it?
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Replies to: Am I deserting my friends?

  • ChaiMexChaiMex 361 replies20 threads Member
    uhh, explain it to your friend.
    They'll understand, and probably make fun of you and encourage you.

    but then like... don't abandon them all together...if you don't have classes with them then just sit at one table one day and the other the next...problem solved :)

    so yeah, if shes good looking and you considering actually going out with her...then yeah its worth it...i would worry more about how my friends would make fun of me.
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  • Courtney8Courtney8 367 replies30 threads Member
    no wayy. your friends will last you a lifetime, you'll prolly never speak to the girl again after prom.
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  • CoCo 634 replies11 threads- Member
    *hears the sound of a whip cracking in the distance...*
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  • athenegoddessathenegoddess 794 replies86 threads Member

    just make sure to keep on hanging out with your guy friends. i'm sure they'll understand... especially if they too want prom dates.
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  • IlikeDiceIlikeDice 549 replies29 threads Member
    don't you see this chick you're going to ask after school at all? can't you talk to her then?
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  • sushant269sushant269 641 replies89 threads- Member
    umm well if you can, tell you're friends about it. Most of the time, they ll just notice ure going for the chick and give ya some alone time.
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