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LiistLiist - Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
edited June 2008 in High School Life
So I want input on how you think we should deal with overpopulation. It's probably one of the biggest reasons why we have so many problems. Everything from high oil prices, global warming, and several military conflicts can all be linked to overpopulation.
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Replies to: Overpopulation

  • ArtOfMind_21ArtOfMind_21 - Posts: 923 Member
    Not another thread on "overpopulation", LOL
  • KaznackKaznack Registered User Posts: 1,985 Senior Member
    Space colonization, anyone? It would actually take far fewer resources than most would imagine, since, once we get settled somewhere, it would cost NO terrestrial resources to sustain.

    Some estimate the cost at around $100 million to get a base set up. They call it a waste. What do you think? It's going to be what needs to be done in the end regardless.
  • proletariat2proletariat2 Registered User Posts: 3,519 Senior Member
    ^That's a good idea for the future. I think the main problem would be finding a place to colonize and getting there, though. Mars would be nice, but as that one famous astronomer pointed out, it's kind of like Antarctica.

    Well, humans will reach their carrying capacity eventually. Before that happens, instead of treating the root problem, we should treat the symptoms (which is counterintuitive, but it makes sense in this case, since we can't go killing people). I suppose we could promote homosexuality, but I'm not sure how that would work, since one can't exactly choose to be gay.
  • LiistLiist - Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    Make it more acceptable with catch phrases such as "take one in the fanny, save money on a nanny."

    Anyway, I think we've already discussed to death about the gay issue. Let's find other solutions. If you're going to have kids, join the military.
  • proletariat2proletariat2 Registered User Posts: 3,519 Senior Member
    I'm not sure that would be a popular idea. How about just consuming less so that overpopulation isn't an issue anymore in the short term? Then we can leave the problem to future generations. They might have the technology to do what Kaznack says.

    And I think abstinence would probably be more effective that trying to get people to "become" gay. I guess that since homosexuality is really a continuum, though, some people wouldn't mind as much.
  • TomHirschfeldTomHirschfeld - Posts: 283 Junior Member
    thank you thomas malthus. The way that overpopulation always solves itself is by lots of people dying. Every great massacre from the French Revolution to Rawanda and Darfur have their roots in a lack of resources (bread, water, food). I dont think overpopulation will be the problem, what we do with all the dead bodies will be though.

    Also, with dec 21 2012 and the return of quetzoquatl approaching, Im not sure if we really need to worry about over population.
  • LiistLiist - Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    Look at the statistics. We're outbreeding dead people by at least 3 to 1.
  • TomHirschfeldTomHirschfeld - Posts: 283 Junior Member
    Yes, and there will be a lot of wars that kill all of those babies. Pretty much all of those extra kids being borne are being born in developing countries and will soon die due to AIDS/Diseases/warfare over resources/famine/drought/natural disasters/sex trade/drug addiction/eaten by tigers. Overpopulation is not a new thing, the French were overpopulated at the time of the FR. At the same time, there was a 6 year famine that killed the wheat crop and the french refused to eat potatoes so lost of them died. They were angery, and they had a revolution and killed everyone then. Its more complicated than that, but the root cause was a lack of resources. At the end of the day, it is alot easier to kill everyone that is different than you than it is to plan some 50 year conservation project, or ship people to the moon.

    Finally, global fertiilty rates are actually declining as the world is becoming more industrialized, I suggest you to go this website

    Gapminder - Home

    and check out some of the gapcasts about this kind of stuff. You would really dig it, its all intl public health and demographics.
  • TomHirschfeldTomHirschfeld - Posts: 283 Junior Member
    I agree with that, but that was a different time too. After the people got control of their govts, its been very difficult to start a war without some kind of infringement/removal of resources.
  • proletariat2proletariat2 Registered User Posts: 3,519 Senior Member
    Not every war was about resources. Some were about egos, such as the wars for Spanish and Austrian succession.
  • TomHirschfeldTomHirschfeld - Posts: 283 Junior Member
    But that war was also a war for the control of power/influence which is a resource/way to gain resources.
  • TomHirschfeldTomHirschfeld - Posts: 283 Junior Member
    ^^ also, that was a different time, after people got control of their govts, it became very difficult for people to just start wars without in infringement on resources.
  • rmadden15rmadden15 Registered User Posts: 2,508 Senior Member
    Genocide is the answer, we can remove all the breeders, along with them idiotic Americans and those who don't work in Hollywood.This is for ^.
  • LiistLiist - Posts: 1,787 Senior Member
    I don't think we should get rid of breeders. If you're gonna have babies, make sure you're smart and strong. Then kill three undesirable people to be part of the solution.
  • rmadden15rmadden15 Registered User Posts: 2,508 Senior Member
    ^ Lol, but I was not serious. But look at his post on the thread "Gay People," and you will understand.

    But if I have to, I will hire a hit on a couple of hobos.
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