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What's your daily schedule from the moment you wake up until you go to bed?

WishWashWishWash Registered User Posts: 658 Member
edited January 2009 in High School Life
Wondering how bad mine is compared to everyone on here.
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Replies to: What's your daily schedule from the moment you wake up until you go to bed?

  • sberlinsberlin Registered User Posts: 153 Junior Member
    6:15 (or 5:30 tuesdays/thursdays for morning practice, wed for calc lab) - Wake up, eat breakfast, make lunch, get dressed
    6:55 - Bike or drive sister and self to school, read newspaper
    7:35 - AP Gov
    8:30 - AP Calc
    9:20-9:30 - snack break
    9:30 - AP English
    10:25 - Physics
    11:15-12:05 - lunch/homework time
    12:05 - School-to-Careers Help Desk (computer tech)
    1:00 - AP Spanish
    1:55 - More School-to-Careers or do homework
    3:15 - Cross-country running practice
    5:30/6 - Bike/drive home
    6-ish - Eat
    6:30ish - Shower
    7-9 - Homework/computer
    9 - Bed (when done)

    There, a comprehensive picture of my life. Not really too bad...
  • zfox001zfox001 Registered User Posts: 1,212 Senior Member
    5:45- wake up....much too early

    6:50-Zero hour starts....Chamber orchestra
    7:48- 1st period- Orchestra
    8:45- AP Gov
    10:06- AP Calc
    11:11- AP Econ
    12:09 Lunch
    12:50- AP Lit
    1:55- Spanish 4
    2:50-go home and eat

    3:50-go for a bike ride.....I ride for a couple hours a night

    6ish-eat dinner/shower/watch TV

    7ish-start homework
    10-11- bed...

    Last year way HELL!!!....ii had no free time at all and was going from one thing to another to my desk every day.it stunk.
    I like senior year....sooooo soooo easy compared to last year... i have more leisure time....then again in the winter and spring I get really busy....the fall is my least busy time of the year
  • themagicalsporkthemagicalspork Registered User Posts: 302 Member
    7:30: get out of bed/ get dressed/ eat breakfast/ whatever else I need to do before school
    8:25 bike to school
    8:45: foods
    9:35: brunch
    9:50 creative writing
    10:45: AP bio
    11:40: lunch
    12:20 physics
    1:15: AP psych
    2:05: either hang around school or go home. depends on if I have anything to do
    3:15: XC practice when my knee doesn't suck
    4:30-5ish: go home if i had XC
    5:15: whatever I want
    6:00 homework if I have any
    7:00 dinner
    7:30: internet time
    11:00 bed
  • InvoyableInvoyable Registered User Posts: 3,582 Senior Member
    Haven't we done like 5 of these? (But no complaints here, it's refreshing once in a while).

    7:20 wake up (this alone probably exhausts all my energy and burns off at least 700 calories alone).

    School...the boring stuff except friends (I also try to get some hw done, since I'm actually trying to do hw this year, getting at least above a 60% in most of my classes)

    I arrive home around 3, I guess.

    3:00~4:00 Nap/Eat/Rest
    4:00~9:00 These five hours are a mix between gaming, computer, TV, movies, playing, sometimes hanging out with friends, a few workout sessions in between, and dinner.

    From this point on, it diverges:

    9:00 I either sleep here, or...
    9:00~10:00 try to do a little of hw and gaming.

    Then sleep. Never a single day with sleep after 10pm. My schedule's pretty generic for the most part on weekdays, although the 4~9 encompasses a lot of activities from playing games to hanging out with friends.
  • histrionicshistrionics Registered User Posts: 330 Junior Member
    6:25 - get up
    7:10 - leave for school
    7:40-2:36 - school
    2:40-3:30 - afterschool activity + travel home
    3:30-4 - snack, relax
    4-5 - check emails, websites, news, facebook, etc
    5-6:30 homework
    6:30-7:20 - dinner
    7:30 - homework + internet
    9:30 - shower
    10 - mondays, tuesdays = tv
    11: finish up whatever homework I have left
    usually sleep around 12 - 1.
  • musicallylatinmusicallylatin Registered User Posts: 3,814 Senior Member
    Sophomore Year

    6:00 am - Wake up/get dressed/etc.

    7:00 am - Arrive at school to on A days work on homework (I work best in the morning.) and on B days to practice my instruments

    8:00 am - School Begins
    A day I have Marching Band
    B day I have History (I wanted to take Honors, but not enough time in my schedule.)

    9:30 am
    A day - Latin II A
    B day - Honors 10 English

    11:05-20 (Depends on the school day. We have mentoring on vertain days that takes away from lunch.) Lunch I usually work on class work during this time or go hang out with my friends.

    A day - Honors Algebra II
    B day - Honors Biology

    A day - Debate
    B day - Release-Time Seminary

    3:00 -
    Mondays/Wed./Fridays - Stay late to practice my instruments or work in the library
    Tues/Thurs - Academic Decathalon Practice

    4:00 - Head home

    6:30 -
    Tuesday/Thursday - Marching Band Practice

    7:00 -
    Wednesday - Youth Group

    9:00 - Get home

    10:00-1:00 am go to sleep

    There's generally more things added through out the week, but that's the ultra basic schedule.
  • MoodretsMoodrets Registered User Posts: 1,497 Senior Member
    My schedule changes on Fridays and the weekends, so I'll just post my average Mon-Thur regime.

    4:20 AM - Wake Up -- Bloody Dogs/Alarm Clock
    4:21 AM - Go back to sleep
    4:45 AM - Wake Up Again
    4:45 - 4:57 AM -- Toss around a bit, mull over whether or not to go back to sleep
    4:48 AM - Invariably wake up
    4:48 - 5:40 AM - Go to bathroom. Masturbate. Read an article from National Geographic (or popsci, or sciamer, etc.)
    5:41 - 5:48 AM - Shower
    5:49 - 6:03 AM - Wait to dry off, read another article
    6:04 - 6:15 AM - Make breakfast, or start making breakfast if it's fish and I need to broil it for like half an hour.
    6:16 - 6:30 AM - Read the newspaper, Browse the internet occasionally
    6:31 - 6:40 AM - Eat Breakfast
    6:40 - 6:45 AM - Dress. May take longer if I have to don a suit and tie and all that jazz and can't fin it, because I left it lying around somewhere and someone DARED to move it.
    6:46 - 6:54 AM - Loiter
    6:55 - 7:02 AM - Play a round of darts with grandpa, little brother, and mum
    7:03 AM - Begin driving to the AJ's parking lot near my school
    7:07 - 7:16 AM - Grrr traffic
    7:26 AM - Arrive at AJs
    7:26 - 7:33 AM - Walk the rest of the distance to school, particularly the library
    7:34 AM - "Hey Nick" "Hey Gabe" "Hey Ruka" "Hey Nick" "Hey Scott" "Hey Nick" "Hey Austin, Jarek, Sheridan, and Curran" (collectively) "Hey Nick"
    7:35 - 7:50 AM - Play tanks with Scott, Gabe, and Austin
    7:51 AM - Oh ****, JOURNAL ENTRY!
    7:52 - 7:53 AM - Read assigned bible passage
    7:54 - 7:58 AM - Write a 2 paragraph reflection on bible passage. Make sure it drips with a minimum of 2 liters of sarcasm and one full tablespoon of scathing criticism.
    ~8:00 AM - Arrive at "Jesuit Spirituality" class, "Hey Gregg" "Hey Nick"
    8:05 - 8:55 AM - Discuss Bible Passage. Listen to teacher ramble on about the nuances of catholic doctrine. Choke down disgust/laughter. On Thursdays, go to the chapel and sleep a bit.
    8:56 - 9:00 AM - Walk to next class period
    9:01 - 9:50 AM - Depends on the day of the week. Mondays I have Calc BC, Tuesdays AP Physics B, Wednesdays AP Psychology, and Thursdays AP Literature. Let's assume that it's a Monday. Arrive at Calc BC class, pull out homework, work on homework all period, ignoring the teacher completely in the process. Pat myself on the back for being so darn smart, cool, and diligent.
    9:51 - 10:10 AM - Go to the colonnade, repeat intros from library, eat some odd food, responds to Vinay's, Curran's, and Ruka's objections to my eating odd food (it's too healthy is a common one), talk a bit with everyone, dance and sing and be merry.
    10:15 - 11:05 AM - Arrive at AP Lit, and partake in discussion and stuff. Scoff at stupid comments. Use big words, and accept looks of astonishment, bemusement and (certainly) adulation. Roll eyes at person who sits two seats back and one seat left of me when he initiates some stupid argument with person one seat back and one seat right of me.
    11:10 - 12:05 PM - Attend Psych class. Snigger along with the rest of the class when teacher starts up some awkward activity or makes a peculiar sexual pun.
    12:05* PM - Accelerate to the ~speed of light and find myself at physics class, the next day. Talk with friends nearby, solve everything impeccably, and be frustratingly bored as we go over things that I learned on my own a number of years prior.
    12:05 - 12:50 PM - Enter wormhole leading to another dimension, find myself inexplicably at the exact time I was before my time traveling shenanigans. Go to colonnade, see if anyone interesting is there. Go to some random club meeting (whichever club I've been neglecting lately).
    12:55 - 1:50 PM - Study Hall! Try to do HW, but grow inevitable distracted by games, blogs, forums, and the odd email from IV.
    1:55 - 2:45 PM - Sports Medicine. Do menial labor for a bit, then tape up someone's leg or something.
    2:50 PM - See if anything tasty is being sold at the cafeteria, because the otherwise grossly overpriced stuff is sold cheap after school. Eat it.
    3:10 - 3:35 PM - Drive home.
    3:40 - 4:40 PM - Eat. Watch a tivo'd episode of House.
    4:41 - 6:00 PM - Go on teh internets!!11!one Frequent forums and other jazz, discuss random stuff and answer questions with IV, play a flash game or two.
    6:01 - 6:45 PM - Walk the dog to thirty fifth avenue, going through the park, double back, go through residential zone, wander aimlessly through park for a bit. Jog when the mood strikes. Sprint when it strikes harder.
    6:46 - 6:55 PM - Read another article.
    6:55 - 7:02 PM - Shower
    7:03 PM - Saunter nude back to the comp, plop arse down on office chair
    7:04 - 8:30 PM - Chat with IV some more, but if the convo's looking dull, stumbleupon some things.
    8:30 - 8:45 PM (may be a longer time interval, adjust accordingly) - Look at porn (softcore btw), masturbate again.
    8:45 PM - Get ready to go to be... Get distracted by Daily Schedule thread on CC
    8:46 - 9:40 PM - Spend time reminiscing about the day while writing an overly long post that not a single person will ever bother to read.
    9:50 PM - Waddle to bed
    9:51 PM - Crap, need to put invisaligns back on. Find 'em, and don 'em.
    9:52 - 10:15 PM - Watch the beginning of a House/Mythbusters episode (or a full episode of scrubs).
    10:16 PM - TV off
    10:22 PM - Doze off

    Rinse. Repeat.

    (lol, not really, I usually have some variety haha. This is the basic template though)
  • monkeygirlmonkeygirl Registered User Posts: 109 Junior Member
    6:30 - 7:50 - wake up, get dressed, breakfast, and go to school
    8:00 - 8:45 - Spanish class
    8:45 - 9:40 - AP Bio
    9:40 - 10:00 first break (lunch)
    10 - 10 45 - H. Physics
    10 45 - 11 40 H. Math
    11 40 - 12 30 H. Eng
    12 30 - 1 break
    1 - 1 45 AP World
    1 50 to 2 30 AP Engl. language
  • CC LurkerCC Lurker Registered User Posts: 592 Member
    Anytime from 5:30 - 6:30: Wake up, go through morning routine, & do whatever homework I didn't finish the night before (i.e., I fell asleep before starting it).
    7:20: Walk to school.
    8:00 - 3:00: Attend the biggest waste of time ever (AKA school).
    3:00-7:00: Depending on the day, I have Academic Decathlon or mock trial practice for an hour or two. If I don't have an AD meeting, I watch Gilmore Girls while eating dinner, lol. :) Any free time is spent on writing, CC, reading, and sometimes homework.
    7:00: Jogging/pilates if we didn't do anything in PE.
    7:30: Shower.
    8:00-10:00: If there's an urgent assignment that I didn't finish, I'll do it. Otherwise, I will slack off and then sleep at 10:00.

    Lather, rinse, repeat!

    Until you get to the weekend. Then my schedule looks like this:

    8:00 AM - 10:00 PM: Slack off.
    10:00 PM - 8:00 AM: Sleep.
  • zzzboyzzzboy Registered User Posts: 1,142 Senior Member
    12:00 PM wake up
    12:00-10:00 PM: eat, hang out, play games, shop, take a nap.
    10:00-2:00 AM: play games
    2:00-4:00 AM: forums, misc internet stuff, watch movies
    4:00: sleep

    yea college starts on the 25th..
  • lilygraceslilygraces Registered User Posts: 1,195 Senior Member
    6:00 - Wake up
    6:15-7:20 - Breakfast, shower, homework that I left for the morning/forgot to do
    7:20 - Leave my house to pick up 3 (well... now 2) friends.
    7:30 - Head to school
    7:45-8:30 - Chorus (odd days)/Band (even days)
    8:30-10:13 - AP Music Theory (odd)/SUPA Psychology (even)
    10:17-11:53 - AP Gov't (odd)/AP French Lang (even)
    11:57-12:43 - AP Enviro Lab (odd)/Free (even)
    12:47-1:20 - Lunch (odd)/Free (even)
    1:24-3:00 - AP English Lit (odd)/AP Environment (even)
    3:00-3:30 or 4:00 - Running around to various clubs like a headless chicken
    3:30-4:30 - Drive people home
    4:30-6:00 - Hang out with my dog (unless it's a Monday or a Wednesday. Then I do my SAT prep hw)
    6:00-8:00 - Dinner
    6:00-9:00 - SAT prep
    8:00/9:00-Whenever - Homework and online
    11:00/1:30-6:00 - SLEEP
  • herestothenightsherestothenights Registered User Posts: 361 Junior Member
    wow all of your classes are so long! mine are like around 43 mins each.

    6:30- wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, do my hair
    7:40- go to school
    8:05- school starts, homeroom
    8:15- u.s. history
    8:59- a days:gym and b days: physics lab
    9:40- physics
    10:27- art
    11:08- keyboarding, a terrible class required to graduate.
    11:52- lunch
    12:14- spanish
    12:58- ap english
    1:40- precalc
    2:25- schools over
    2:30-3:00- chill with whoever at someone's house
    3:00-5:00- practice for whatever sport, depending on the season
    5:00-? shower, homework, tv
    go to bed between 10-11ish
  • pianistapianista Registered User Posts: 580 Member
    5:30- Wake up. Put in laundry. Finish hw.
    6:00- Put laundry in dryer, more hw.
    6:30- Shower/Rinse, start getting ready for school.
    7:15- Change clothes, breakfast, head for school.
    7:45- School
    2:45- School's out! Tennis starts
    6:30- Get home from tennis. Shower
    7:00- FB/Email/CC/Blowdry hair
    7:30- Dinner
    8:00- Piano
    9:30- Start HW
    11:00- Journaling
    12:00- More HW
    1:30- Sleep

    Or some variation off of that putting in lessons or club meetings from like 7-10-ish.
  • insubvertinsubvert Registered User Posts: 216 Junior Member
    7:00- wake up.
    7:30- school. we have block scheduling, so it changes from day to day. 7 periods, about an hour each.
    2:30- school ends. go to clubs/teachers.
    4:30- home. procrastinate. start hw.
    7:30- dinner.
    7:45- do more hw. freak out over physics and call people for help. procrastinate more.
    11:00- done! surf the internet.
    11:30- shower.
    12:00- read for lit.
    12:30- go to sleep.

    wow. i never realized how boring my life was until right now.
  • sushi_lubsushi_lub Registered User Posts: 215 Junior Member
    hehe...this is fun...
    6:15 alarm clock goes off...smack it till it turns off, go back to sleep
    6:18 phone alarm goes off...turn that off, go back to sleep
    6:20-6:45 wake up occasionally, but am too cold to force myself out of bed...finally get up
    6:45-6:55 put hair up, put in contacts, wash face, brush teeth, put jeans and shirt on, take hair down
    6:55 grab something to eat (had an amazing breakfast today of a veggie pattie in a wheat bread bun :) ), say bye to mom and dad
    7:00-7:05 go downstairs, put on shoes, get in car, drive to school occasionally cussing out bad morning drivers
    7:15-7:20 get to school park, walk down to school, sit with friend doing homework that not important enough to do at home
    7:45 get into classroom for math class to start
    (school schedule is extremely prone to change but a 'normal day' is what follows)
    8:20 AP spanish...forced to speak spanish
    9:30 AP English....embark on a discussion that always revolved around existentialism...yay...leave being depressed
    10:30 Hnr Pre-Calc, awesomest math class ever...learn more than necessary, get good grades
    11:40 AP Chemistry, laugh at horrible puns, do lab, listen to teacher
    1:00 math class...more math. yay.
    1:30 AP US history take notes
    2:30 prepare myself with the worst class...physics...get good grades and hate my teacher's guts
    3:20 kajfkpajiopfjkls;an..finally
    if its a t, or th i rush out and run to my car rushing to work and then working till 6...if not i stick around school and rant to friend or learn more math
    mondays- go to library till 6ish till i get to hungry to ignore
    tuedays - go to work...work till 6ish when i'll be ridiculously hungry
    wednesdays- go home..have home to self (PARTY) catch up with tivo-ed shows till 6ish
    thurdays- work again
    fridays- go somewhere with friends
    might have a chem lab for 3 hours...depends
    might have SAT practice...depends
    6:30 eat something resembling dinner, get on computer...facebook, e-mail, and CC
    8:00 bore you guys with my life :)
    8:15 do homework with lots of breaks, call sister and talk for a bit (rant)
    9:00 shower, pj time
    9:15 read, homework, sit and stare
    now that i think about it, i don't really know what i do
    10:00 have some ice-cream or orange juice (usually oj)
    11:00 take out contacts, brush and floss, surf computer
    fall asleep sometime later
    weekends are awesome
    fridays- pretend to do homework, watch tv (numb3rs)
    saterdays- go to work or habitat build or some math or science thing
    sundays - sleep lateish (around 10) do homework, dance class, eat, go somewhere to do something...
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