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Using the Bathroom During Class is Scary.

WishWashWishWash 539 replies119 threads Member
edited November 2008 in High School Life
When I was in Middle School, I was always afraid to use the bathroom during class because I thought there would be 8th graders in there waiting to make me smoke cigarettes or pound me into the stall and give me a swirly.

Today, 5 years later, as a junior, I went into the bathroom in the first 5 minutes of first period, and there were two "ghetto" guys in there and when I walked in they were all "yo uh i finna get ya up on dat window and we finna be gettin yall blah blah blah" and I was just like wth and proceeded to pee, but when I was standing there, I could feel them staring at me and then they started pounding on my back for no apparent reason. (I'm 6'5, and they were like 5'7, and sophomores.)
They kept yelling the whole Ebonic thing like"yo you be sellin out wit lafanda and keesha dont play dat blah blah" and I finally yelled "get the **** out of here" and then they left.

And it was an epic wth moment.

It wasn't scary, but just really "creepish."

Do you ever feel afraid to go into the bathrooms during class? You never know who/what may be on the other side of the door...
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Replies to: Using the Bathroom During Class is Scary.

  • ASCASC 541 replies56 threads Member
    White boy is scared of black kids, eh?
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  • ComputerizedComputerized 332 replies29 threads Junior Member
    Haha, that's kind of funny actually. No, I'm not afraid of going to the bathroom; our school doesn't have thugs. Even if there were, they wouldn't hang out in the washrooms - the stench is horrible.
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  • musicallylatinmusicallylatin 3593 replies221 threads Senior Member
    I'm afraid of school bathrooms in general. They're disgustingly dirty. I don't really have to worry about "thugs" though. My school for the most part doesn't really have those.

    Last year though, speaking of student sin there during class, we had a girl set a fire in the trash can. She was smoking pot, someone walked in while she was doing this, and to try to hide it she throws it in the garbage still lighted. Oh well, it got us out of class for a few minutes while the fire trucks came. That's about the closest thing I've ever heard at my school to something "against school policy" (had to put it in quotations because that phrasing always makes me laugh).

    Bathroom germaphobe right here!
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  • MoodretsMoodrets 1423 replies74 threads Senior Member
    Haha, *** at your story? And @ the 2nd poster, what on earth does that have anything to do with it? Did you read the OP?

    Anywho my school is a rather elitist private school and we really don't have any of this "ghetto" business, lol, so I've never been afraid of going to the bathroom. Plus we're a rather tightly knit class and very rarely have conflict of any sort, much less this unprovoked, freaky kind.
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  • InvoyableInvoyable 3525 replies57 threads Senior Member
    White boy is scared of black kids, eh?
    Haha, *** at your story?
    Seriously. You're afraid to go use your restroom, and you're 6'5? LOL
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  • WishWashWishWash 539 replies119 threads Member
    Invoyable, You have NO idea how ghetto my school is.
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  • ansaransar 1973 replies98 threads Senior Member

    They're always empty during class time at my school.
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  • WishWashWishWash 539 replies119 threads Member
    It's like this:

    When you walk into the Men's bathroom at my school during class, you will either:

    A. Be lucky, and get it to yourself. Happens 5% of the time.

    B. Witness a drug deal in progress, and be stared down by those taking part. Happens 15% of the time.

    C. See a guy and a girl in there together. Happens 10% of the time.

    D. Get your a$$ beaten up for no reason. Happens 20% of the time.

    E. Be offered a cigarette, or other illegal substance to minors. Happens 15% of the time.

    D. Be offered drugs. Happens 34% of the time.

    E. Get raped. Happens 1% of the time. (Actually happened in 04-05.)

    I just don't bother.
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  • kelperkelper 203 replies28 threads Junior Member
    There's clearly a racial undertone just in the way you wrote your whole story. It's similar to saying "A woman cut me off this morning" clearly implying that a sex or race would be stereotyped to do such a thing.

    Who the hell starts pounding on kids' backs when they are peeing. I'm really starting to think you are making this up.

    Trust me, no kid would ask you to smoke in the bathroom with him; it would clearly be his agenda to get stimulated really quickly. He would not want to try to make friends with you by offering you a cig. Do you really think another kid would threaten you with a swirly if you are 6'5"; they probably can't even get their hand up to your head.

    You need to chill out and get into the real world.

    And, there are really black people living in a city called "White Bear Lake"?
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  • InvoyableInvoyable 3525 replies57 threads Senior Member
    Invoyable, You have NO idea how ghetto my school is.
    I don't go to a real ghetto school anymore, but I used to, and I know many schools near my area, and so I think I'm well within my reason to know what you're talking about.

    I went to a ghetto middle school, with smoking, partying, graffiti, drugs, etc, in the restrooms too, but as long as you aren't one of those that appear really wimpy and not confident, it didn't matter. I know I was really short back then, 5'7 in middle school, and no one picked on me. Some of my friends at really ghetto schools do fine, and they're Asian/White/Latino/etc, some are even 5'4 and do fine.

    If you're 6'5, I cannot imagine you looking very wimpy, unless you're like a stick who's just tall because of genetics. I think you have your decent share of athleticism, and if those kids truly pick on you, that's pretty sad, it means either those kids think you're so wimpy enough to pick on you at 6'5 LOL, or those kids just are ****/weird like that in the first place (I'm guessing this is the case, in which case you could probably just beat the hell out of them).

    EDIT: I'm pretty much in loose agreement with kelper for the most part. Honestly, you could probably beat the living hell out of any one of them, with that much height difference (and I assume some degree of strength/athleticism that correlates), I don't assume those druggies are like jujitsu and kung-fu masters that can karate chop you and own you.
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  • WishWashWishWash 539 replies119 threads Member
    kelper, not lying.

    And I HAVE been offered cigarettes multiple times in the school bathroom. It's not that unusual.
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  • ModulationModulation 1785 replies92 threads Senior Member
    Not gonna lie, White Bear Lake sounds scary... =[
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  • WishWashWishWash 539 replies119 threads Member
    My school is actually in the city limits of Minneapolis. ; )

    White bear lake is quite diverse though.
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  • Janelle09Janelle09 250 replies31 threads Junior Member
    Doesn't WBL have two campuses? Like north campus and south campus or something?

    *Sorry for random, unrelated post.*
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  • WishWashWishWash 539 replies119 threads Member
    Yeah, North Campus is 9th and 10th grade, and south campus is 11th and 12th. I don't go there though, all though I might next year.

    I go to NCHS, which I hate.
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  • Gryffon5147Gryffon5147 3711 replies54 threads Senior Member
    Silly rabbit... they didn't even do anything to you... and you're 6'5 or something allegedly...

    I hate going to the bathroom because it's so um dirty... not just dirty, but really, really dirty. I'll spare the descriptions so everyone can keep their dinners in...
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  • INVENIAMVIAMINVENIAMVIAM 3698 replies92 threads Senior Member
    I would have pounded their heads into the wall and threatened to rape them, if I happened to be a 6'5" guy, of course. :]
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  • tomjonesisthemantomjonesistheman 2721 replies257 threads Senior Member
    At my school, you are most likely to:
    50% get the bathroom to yourself
    40% other people are in there, but ignore you
    9% some ghetto guy decides to stare creepily at you
    1% you see some smoker, drugger, illegal stuff
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  • ReySarReySar 31 replies8 threads Junior Member
    try walking into a bathroom where 8 guys are:

    -rolling dice
    -doing drugs
    -selling drugs
    -gambling w/ money + drugs

    I looked, turned directly around, and left.
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  • Grantl345Grantl345 103 replies34 threads Junior Member
    Stupid thread...
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