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How do you guys have 9 classes?

agjagj 148 replies20 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Junior Member
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Private schools or something?
At my school 7 is a full course load and school goes from 7:45 to 3:30 with 45 minutes for lunch and a 10 min break.
And my school only offers 18 AP classes, 7 honors classes, and 10 ROP classes... What's the deal?
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Replies to: How do you guys have 9 classes?

  • tmanneopentmanneopen 1563 replies84 threads Senior Member
    ^Mine is almost the same as yours. We have 7 periods in the day, going from 7:45-2:30 with 30 minutes for lunch and homeroom. We offer 14 AP's.
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  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze 5143 replies260 threads Senior Member
    Some students have many classes such as 9 due to school offering some of their classes in semesters, which would normally be a year for many. Also some students take classes at a local community college or university.
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  • AeroEngineer3141AeroEngineer3141 3579 replies28 threads Senior Member
    I don't =/.

    8 periods a day, including lunch. I self-study if I can.
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  • InvoyableInvoyable 3525 replies57 threads Senior Member
    6 is maximum for me, oh well, it would be nice to have 7, as I want to take baller electives.
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  • aigiqinfaigiqinf 3842 replies190 threads Senior Member
    Additional online or college classes that lead to more than a full schedule.
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  • rycole2009rycole2009 123 replies6 threads Junior Member
    4 hour and a half classes for me. only 32 total high school classes over 4 years.
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  • Secret Asian ManSecret Asian Man 2478 replies19 threads Senior Member
    4 periods a day, each an hour and a half, plus a 40 minute lunch, 8:00-3:00. Alternating days, so 8 periods total. I guess 32 classes over 4 years if you only take yearlongs.
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  • nunyanunya 479 replies70 threads Member
    8 period block schedule here (8:00 - 3:45). There is a 7 am period for the couple classes held off campus or that need 2 periods to complete but those students are given a free period or early release. Not included in the 8 period count is lunch and the required study hall. I would suspect small schools and those having less funding offer fewer periods.

    At one time we had 7 periods but we weren't getting in enough to compete with the big city schools so they went to block scheduling to add that extra 8th class. The students and parents freaked because of the extra workload, so the school dropped it back down to 7 periods. Of course, the students and parents freaked again because they couldn't compete so now it's back to 8.

    Block schedule means some classes meet every other day for 1 1/2 hours and some meet every day for 50 minutes. Core classes or electives doesn't matter to the length of the period because in the end it all works out to the same amount of time.
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  • toadstooltoadstool 1107 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Prep school:

    4 hour-and-20-minute periods, in which one can take three academic classes. Arts/sport/ecs outside of the 8:00 to 3:15 academic class time. May 6 classes per year, three in the fall and three in Spring.
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  • yourskyyoursky 682 replies29 threads Junior Member
    8 periods on block schedule (it's only 8-3 though), the classes are divided for four classes each on a schedule of two days which rotates.

    and then optional after school classes, but you can only take 1 and they're all music related.

    + edit; private school haha
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  • musicallylatinmusicallylatin 3593 replies221 threads Senior Member
    ^ I have the same minus after school classes.

    Public school.
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  • creative.name.1creative.name.1 3 replies0 threads New Member
    My public school has 9 classes in the day. We go from 7:30 - 2:04 each class is 45 minutes, and the passing period is 4 minutes. Sciences that are a lab meet 2 periods every other day. A typical schedule looks like this:

    Period 1- Science
    Period 2-Science(meets every other day and alternates with gym)
    Period 3- Language
    Period 4 - Math
    Period 5 - ELA
    Period 6 - SS
    Period 7 - Elective
    Period 8 - Elective
    Period 9 - Elective
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  • KelesoKeleso 342 replies2 threads Junior Member
    We have 10 40-minute periods a day going from 7:30 to 3:15 and 4-5 minutes in between classes. Then, students have the option of taking up to two classes at the local community college to supplement the curriculum at night. There are also cases where classes meet only once every two days, but that only applies to lab and PE for the most part.
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  • MillancadMillancad 5917 replies24 threads Senior Member
    We have seven 50 minute periods. If you take AP Chem, AP Phys B or C, or AP Bio, you have to have the class for two periods every other day, but all other classes are normal. 7:30 to 2:30.
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