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What clique and stereotype are you in high school and are you popular?


Replies to: What clique and stereotype are you in high school and are you popular?

  • theReachtheReach Registered User Posts: 1,653 Senior Member
    i am the gangsta who sells weed to everyone and also lives in the hood and has been suspended 6 times once for bringing corona to school in a thermos and drinking it in algebra 1 class
  • rchhayrchhay Registered User Posts: 1,184 Senior Member
    I don't really have a clique. I hang out with a lot of different people. The funny thing is, my school is actually cliquish, but I'll usually move around during lunch to hang out with other people.

    Stereotypically, I view myself as a nerd. People that don't know me that well, or just talk to me a couple times, actually think I'm pretty "relaxed." To answer the last bit, I wouldn't say I am popular exactly, but I'm more of a "popular loser" due to the fact that I play volleyball so I meet a decent amount of people.
  • GirlieGurlGirlieGurl Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    I have been described as shy, endearing, clueless, frantic, ditsy, nice, and sweet and yet I sometimes consider myself a loner with no friends. No friends = no clique. Go figure.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 33,743 Senior Member
    There's over 6000 kids at my school so it's hard to be in one clique.
    Belonged to:

    -Geek (classes, not really friends).
  • HurtHurt Registered User Posts: 421 Member
    In my school, the 2010 nerds have branched off into four primary groups.. I'm in one of them, but I'm decently well known (mayhaps the same as popular?) throughout school. I am involved in many, many different things on campus.. ranging from swim team to AP anything; i've seriously got a laundry list of interests. This summer I've spent partying almost non-stop since June.. I've had some get-together or party to go to almost daily (at least 4-5 times a week).

    I kinda wanna go back to just studying. <_<"
  • early_collegeearly_college Registered User Posts: 2,866 Senior Member
    At my school, you see lots of the jocks in Honors but not AP. Most want to go to UGA I guess. When I was in AP, we mostly had gifted kids but it's funny because I wasn't gifted. When you take the Intro/Beginning Theater class, you get people from every clique including the preps/jocks. I am in the advanced class next year, so I probably will be with lots of the Theater kids. I know lots of the popular preppy cheerleaders and most are just in college prep classes.
  • zapzap - Posts: 489 Member
    I'm in no clique. I have a few friends in every "clique." Those aren't very existent at my school, though.
  • early_collegeearly_college Registered User Posts: 2,866 Senior Member
    Every school is different, I guess.
  • fairy_dreamsfairy_dreams Registered User Posts: 3,377 Senior Member
    Well, I have a group of friends and we don't really belong to any clique. We're pretty diverse in terms of ethnicities (1 Norwegian, 1 Asian, 1 Canadian, 1 Venezuelan/Polish).

    And I guess we're pretty diverse in terms of personalities/interests. One is on the school's dance team which has a slutty reputation, but she's not slutty...... :] The other is ranked second in the world for her age/sport (we never get to see her outside of school...). I'm the volleyball fanatic who actually cares a lot about her grades. And my other friend is the clown who is crazy about running.

    We're best friends, but we all have other different friends. Sometimes, the popular kids come over to talk to us, but we'd never become "part of them" because they strike us as unusually shallow and immature. Sometimes the dance/cheer team comes over and we manage to hold up a decent conversation. And once in a while, a nerd will pull me aside to ask a question.

    I honestly don't know what clique this could be considered as. As for stereotypes, if you ask anyone, the answer will probably be [fairy_dreams] is sweet/nice/smart :P I guess we're "popular" in a sense that each one of us knows a separate part/clique of the school. We're pretty well-known and people just refer to us as "those four".
  • KramKram Registered User Posts: 90 Junior Member
    I guess I'm in like three...

    -Theater Geeks
    -Smarties <- So serious, there are maybe tenish of us. lol
    -Crazies <- Okay this one has nothing to do with me really, but my best friend has cycled through every mental health professional in our school becasue she was *****y to her first one and now she lies and overexagerates everything to make it seem like she's really crazy. It's actually quite amusing becasue in general she's a sweet, smart, theater geek type girl. XD
  • PlattsburghLoserPlattsburghLoser Registered User Posts: 5,487 Senior Member
    I was probably in the "eccentric" group. Which is code for "weird as ****."
  • raideraderaiderade - Posts: 2,499 Senior Member
    Here's how my school goes:
    Slut moron partiers: not me
    Stupid jocks: not me
    Smartish jocks: not me
    Fairly smart, fairly average at sports: me
    Nerds: sort of me
    Geeks: not me
    Social rejects who all just sit by each other silently: not me
  • herestothenightsherestothenights Registered User Posts: 361 Junior Member
    I am not really one thing, but I'd say I am most like a jock and smart. I wouldn't say I am that popular, but most people know who I am...It's weird when 7th graders say hi to me and I have no idea who they are, but I remember when I was the 7th grader looking up to the juniors and seniors. Now, I'm the one being looked up to. But I would say I am generally well-liked by the people that do know me.
  • tmanneopentmanneopen Registered User Posts: 1,647 Senior Member
    Well, I'm kinda well known, well liked. I'm friends with some of the jocks, nerds, geeks, theater, and other groups. I don't base people off of the group they're in, but who they are, because not everyone fits in a clique exactly.

    If I had to give myself one, I'd say Nerd/Theater-ish, only because I hang out with those people and like musicals and theater as much as them =]
  • fizix2fizix2 Registered User Posts: 3,570 Senior Member
    well back when i was in high school,
    i didn't hang out with anyone because i was too busy schmoozing with the teachers,
    and i didn't even know what the cliques were,
    except it was a magnet school so there were black people cliques and white/asian cliques

    but somehow i got voted homecoming princess,
    i'm not sure why,
    i guess i was popular even though i had no friends
    and people definitely knew me/teachers talked about me,
    because i was that kid in advanced classes who was graduating early and was really smart
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