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What clique and stereotype are you in high school and are you popular?


Replies to: What clique and stereotype are you in high school and are you popular?

  • RootBeerWriterRootBeerWriter Registered User Posts: 143 Junior Member
    Our school is funny, because it's like divided in half: the AP kids and the "regular" class kids. Seriously, our school is so huge that if you're not in mostly regular classes you never even meet anyone outside the 100 or so "AP kids".

    So I guess it's more divided into halves, then cliques. I think I'd be in the nice nerds-not the snobby kids, but the ones that enjoy school and mostly talk about stuff besides drinking and drugs :p
  • MeadowlandMeadowland Registered User Posts: 102 Junior Member
    In the UK, there is no cliques, we are all lifeless.
  • emorylegacyemorylegacy Registered User Posts: 825 Member
    I have, I guess, "main friends" who are mainly girls and are the AP types. But I have friends in all different groups. They all hung out with each other in middle school, but I moved right before freshman year, so I just... slid in. Ha.

    I have friends from all different groups. Stoners, anime geeks, recent Koreans, cool black kids, nerds.

    I am not popular by any means. Most people don't know me because of moving; I started at a 3000+ school. Then, they moved half of my class and half of the class above me to a brand new school, so most of my freshman year friends are at the old school.
  • AppleBeamAppleBeam Registered User Posts: 646 Member
    Cliques At My School:
    Cool Asians
    Band Geeks (although they are pretty popular, IM0)
    Anime Nerds
    Overachievers (a lot of AP students, all Well Rounded)
    Cool Black Kids
    Pot Heads
    Preppy White Rich Kids

    As for me I'm a High School Hermit. A loner. But I don't mind too much. I do well alone and in solitude. I'm a bit of an overachiever. I'm not very popular but a lot of people know me. I don't fit the norm. I'm the only Black Junior in AP classes, love to write, watch anime, listens to Rock, Alternative, and Pop Music, love Sci-Fi movies, etc. I have a lot of interest. And I pretty much get along with everyone.
  • early_collegeearly_college Registered User Posts: 2,866 Senior Member
  • NervusBreakdownNervusBreakdown Registered User Posts: 849 Member
    i dont' think i really belong to any one clique
    i'm pretty much unique
    i'm a nerd, i concede as are probably my closest friends but because i'm on the varsity tennis team and is arguably the most famous twin in our class (we're competing with another set for that title) i also have friends who are jocks (if you care to call them that)
    i'm also friends with other none nerds who are good students but like to be silly and have fun
    and just because i consider myself a nerd doesn't mean i have no social life, i love hanging with friends and have a lot of school spirit, etc.
    i most certainly AM NOT a goth, emo, geek, band geek (i was in band but quit), jock, etc.
  • cobftwcobftw Registered User Posts: 134 Junior Member
    Cliques at my school:
    Cool Asians
    Band Geeks
    The Kids that try desperately to be unique
    AP Kids

    I'm an AP Kid/Band Geek, but I'm in varsity soccer/tennis to try to tone my gigantic nerd-dom down.
  • hananahanana Registered User Posts: 2,312 Senior Member
    ^ "Cool Asians" remind me of Mean Girls, haha. Speaking of, do you have a nerdy Asians group then?

    It's funny because all those movies and books have the elite group of popular students who everybody idolises, my school doesn't have that. There are students who act a little like that, but to everybody else they're just another group of friends.
    I have a few different groups of friends from different classes and extracurriculars. The ones I hang out with most are the students that are the top students in our grade but that's mainly because we take a lot of classes together, as a 'muso' I'm friends with a lot of musicians from all grades, I'm also friends with those genuinly chill students in my art class. Basically I don't see the need to restrict myself, there's people who are likeable in different 'cliques'.
  • lullababylullababy Registered User Posts: 841 Member
    ^ LOL I was going to reference Mean Girls about that too.

    Our school is stereotyped by other schools as a nerd school, so the majority of us embrace our nerdness to the fullest! Me included.

    Besides that, we just have the potheads. Haha.

    Our school is not very diverse in stereotypes. We don't have a lot of EC's to offer like sports or drama so no jocks or the like.

    Everyone gets along well with everyone the majority of the time, too, so we don't have a "popular" group really.
  • WhatdoyouknowWhatdoyouknow Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    My school is 95% Preppy White Jocky Rich Girls.
    1% Nerds.
    1% Artsy
    1% Foreigners.
    1% Potheads.
    1% Other.

    Anything but preppy white jocky rich girls.
  • tcwest2012tcwest2012 Registered User Posts: 491 Member
    We have several types of geeks and intelligent people, I belong to the group with a social life. I also play football, so I am there, too.
  • randomazn14randomazn14 Registered User Posts: 1,051 Senior Member
    Depressingly and hilariously enough, more and more people on CC are becoming desperate to let the world know of their coolness. Recent posts would suggest that a startling majority will broadcast their unique and yet ideal blend of "smart" and "jock" to make it clear to all doubter noobs that they are in fact party-invite-receivers as well as party-invite-scorners.

    While this tactic shows potential in the area of garnering a splendid reputation, a neutral reader may also detect traces of low self-esteem and desperation amidst these "I'm sooo smart...but I don't try to be and I'm REALLY cool, guys."-related posts. Observations closed.

    Onto, like, me!!!!!!

    Our school goes something like this, to continue the pattern:
    -cheerleaders/football team. Most of these girls had really bad self-esteem until seventh grade, when they mysteriously gained new wardrobes of Hollister-clad garments. Some, however, were the ones with indulgent dress-up-y moms who straightened their hair at six, bought them cute skirts, etc. Make good grades in regular classes, for most part. Mainly white girls who don't eat lunch as way of dieting.

    -anime/manga fan club. Generally people with half-decent grooming and not-very-tasteful clothes. Known for liberal use of PDA, ill-fittingly used swear words, and splitting binders stuffed with recent character sketches. Mainly white girls and guys with some acne and extra body weight.

    -preppy medium-level kids. Overall, are children of upper-middle class parents who surprisingly only aspire to attend state flagships, believe mistakenly that good grades alone will attract scholarships (facepalm), somewhat obsessed with grades though will not admit it, generally members of soccer team or swim team, well and trendily dressed, can be nice, can secretly aspire to become cheerleader. Medium to many honors classes, mediocre to good GPAs. Generally white girls with one or two Asian/Hispanic/black kids. Somewhat athletic but avoid eating lunch with a passion.

    -overgrown girly girls. Obsessed with hair, shoes, makeup, clothes, and boys. Desperate for boyfriends. Flaunt iPods and cell phones as if they are new unheard-of gadgets. Giggle annoyingly and love to gossip. Cheerleader leftovers. Frantic about grades but generally unable to maintain even good averages in mostly regular/few honors classes. White and black girls who juggle barely-there weight issues despite apparently never eating.

    -cool exclusively black (with exceptions) clique. Tall, lanky guys on basketball who have a few treasured Asian friends they love because he looks and plays like Yao Ming. Have one or two honors classes where their academic passions really lie. Sons of upper-middle class parents. Eat huge lunches.

    -shrilly-laughter unintelligent exclusively black (no exceptions) girl clique. Creep people out. Tendency to burst into cackles at unfortunate girl's A+ (nerd! nerd!) or non-Converse sneakers. Seriously. Regular classes, usually not-great grades. Eat lunch super-rarely.

    -AP kids 1. Well-groomed and confident, with touch of arrogance. Super ambitious and slightly more backstabbing than previous clique. Intelligent, not very nice, usually from upper-middle families. Consist mainly of underclassmen. Will poison best friend for Mu Alpha Theta presidency. Think Gossip Girl. Mainly female and white: eat tiny delicate finger-sandwich-and-fruit lunches.

    -AP kids 2. Relaxed, very diverse. Generally a mixed group. Seriously. Eurasians prominent (and good-looking), Hispanic/whites, black/whites, South Asians, ADHD success story kids, some form of autism success story kids, immigrant parent kids, intelligent, witty, confident. Care about grades, but also care about athletics, music, tutoring, ECs, large portion bilingual, large portion plays one/more musical instruments. May overlap with band geeks. Racially and in every other way diverse, mainly upperclassmen. What few perfect ACT/SAT scores and elite college acceptances come from here. Eat lunch. Some girls may be exception.

    -Band geeks. Obsessed with band. Tend to discuss band with stunning frequency. Flaunt iPods and cell phones as if flaunting unheard-of devices. Slight overlap with athletic teams (mainly basketball, swim, and tennis). Decent to great grades, honors classes, yet effort+time input vs.output= not very efficient. Black, white, and Asian for most part. Eats lunch.

    -Thugs/potheads/assorted-other-drugs-heads/loners, and *gulp*...JROTC people. Eh...usually very badly groomed. Eat lunch. Every race, really, but lacking on Asians. Every gender, actually, but lacking on females. No sports, no grades, no friends. Very pitiful until they threaten to beat you up.

    Really, the cliques start to die when kids enter junior year. By which time the remaining positions are eagerly snapped up by loserish freshmen.

    Uh, I mainly hang out with the upperclassmen AP kids. I'm not sure what I'll do when they all graduate lol. Probably band geeks. :D I like to eat lunch without feeling stared at.
  • hananahanana Registered User Posts: 2,312 Senior Member
    "I'm sooo smart...but I don't try to be and I'm REALLY cool, guys."
    Damn, that's me. Jokes. I don't try to be more un-smart than I really am. That would result in... extreme stupidity?!
  • Izzy Busy BeeIzzy Busy Bee Registered User Posts: 3,762 Senior Member
    ^^you seem a tad obsessed with whether or not people eat lunch
  • randomazn14randomazn14 Registered User Posts: 1,051 Senior Member
    ^It's actually a tad disconcerting at lunchtime to look around and see that you're the only person eating for miles around lol.
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